Matchmaker: Find My Dream Client


Ready to discover who your dream client is, where to find her, and how to best connect her? Just call me the Matchmaker and prepare to find The One!


Matchmaker: Find My Dream Client is a 35 page workbook designed to help you figure out just who your dream client is, WHY they need your help, and WHERE to find them.

It’s everything you need to start connecting with the right clients. 

Why is knowing who your dream client is important?

Would you talk to a crowd of teenage boys the same way you’d talk to a crowd of bikers? Probably not.

Knowing who you’re talking to means you can give the most value. You can solve your dream client’s problems + have conversation that truly interests them.

Can’t you just make it up?

One word: no. Your clients aren’t imaginary – so why would the details about them be?  Knowing who you’re talking to means knowing real details: things they can relate to, what their pain points are, what their budget is.

Sit down. Grab some wine. Get ready to think, dig deep (yes, we look at your data!), and discover all the information you need to know to understand your audience + make more sales.

Want to take the workbook on the go? You can print it… or throw it in your Dropbox. It’s fully editable so you can type it in on any device that lets you fill in pdfs.

What do other entrepreneurs say?

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Ardelia Lee, content strategistKristen’s Dream Client Workbook was a lifesaver. When I started it, I had a vague idea of who my dream client was, but I hadn’t taken any steps to really solidify my foggy mental image. Matchmaker: Dream Client asked me incredibly detailed questions that really made me think about who my ideal client was and examine my content to discover what resonated best with my audience. If you’re struggling to determine who your dream client is, you need this workbook.

  • Ardelia Lee, Content Strategist



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