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your energetic empire Podcast

Combine energetic alignment with easy to implement marketing to create the business empire of your dreams.

What you’ll hear

Quantum Energy Work

You can’t build an empire on a shaky foundation – which is why each month we’ll be addressing the energy of our businesses – and ourselves!

Aligned Actions

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one thing to do each month that brings you closer to your goals? Well, wish come true! Each month I’m sharing one shortaction that’s aligned with the area of success we’re talking about.

Real Insights from Empire Builders

Successful entrepreneurs of different energy types and Human Designs will be dropping by to chat how they adapt their empire building to their own energy. (Because sustainable success is never cookie cutter.)

Hosted by Kristen Jett

I help conscious leaders scale their business to six figure energy.

I’m a business strategist, and mentor for leaders who want to create more impact in the world around them while becoming financially and energetically secure.

I’ve been in the marketing world for over twenty years, with a focus on client connection. Before working with conscious entrepreneurs, I even owned a marketing agency focused on attraction marketing through content, sales funnels, and social media.

My business began with the question of “What if I could help purpose driven entrepreneurs with their marketing, while also considering their energy?” That question has been driving me ever since.

I believe your success is dependent on your energy – and to build your physical empire, we have to build your energetic empire.

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