How to Have a Magical AF Launch

Are launches your big business nemesis?

Launches terrify people. And I get it. They’re unpredictable. They’re the unknown.

But a launch is just you helping the right people get on the same energy frequency as your program.

So, how do you do that? Here’s a few pointers.

Get in the Frequency

Truth is, I was a little intimidated by this launch of Spellbinding Sales. The number the soul of my business gave me would be my biggest personal launch yet. (It’s somehow way less intimidating when it’s for a client! )

I also had these stories in my head – no one wants a twelve month sales program. People who want sales programs want results NOW. Six months was already probably pushing it – why would I make it longer?

And I grabbed my big girl panties, played some Eminem, and reminded myself the number one thing about creating – you have to be in the frequency. (There’s a reason why I used to have a special playlist to prep for dates, after all!) And As Eminem says – success is my only fucking option, failure’s not.

Because Spellbinding Sales is different than just a sales program. It’s a kickass community with tons of trainings, energy work, and huge growth – there’s a reason why the first ladies to join this round were current members, after all!

It’s also more than just learning how to sell and attract clients. Those are great – but we all have different frequencies of clients…and they may not be attracted to the same thing, need the same program, or have the same needs from you. Which is why we focus on building up your energy and momentum through cash infusions quarterly to connect to with each frequency of client, and anchor them in.

By the end of the twelve months, you’ll have three distinct offers. If this round tells me anything, they may be your signature offers – or your top signature program and the two offers that flow clients up to it. You’ll be creating momentum speaking to each frequency of clients – from your lowest priced offer to your top VIP client. You’ll have created a sustainable, thriving business – not just a flash in the pan that you struggle to recreate.

Are there situations where it might be a little slower? Yes – if you’re just coming out of a toxic mentorship, really open in your Human Design, or a Projector, we’ll approach your year a little differently. And that’s okay, because this is about building your own process to reuse – not giving you a cookie cutter template.

Tap Into Your Excitement

Here’s a secret: no one buys what you’re not excited to sell. Because if your energy is womp womp womp around something, it’s not really going to beckon people in.

Which means you have to put aside all the things you think you SHOULD talk about, and SHOULD do to focus on what’s really exciting you.

Which means you need to be creating content from your design + strategy…instead of just forcing words together to try to siren call people in. (Unless you’re a siren, don’t do that.)

Which means you have to know:
🌟what makes you fucking passionate + excited about this offer/program/whatever
🌟 which pieces of it excite you the most + why
🌟why you know it’ll create big transformation
🌟why’re your passionate about the clients who will be coming into this
🌟if there’s anything that could make you even MORE excited about it

The last round of SS was hands down one of my easiest launches ever – we nearly doubled my goal, not counting the 1:1 clients who came in afterwards. Why? There’s a few reasons I can pull out quickly, like having reiki energetic support for my business so I wasn’t holding all the space by myself, but also – I made sure I understood why I was excited.

I knew that if you followed the lessons, did the work, and asked questions, you WOULD get results. I knew structuring it based on how people learn was also important – because while it shouldn’t be, creating a program/course based on how people are most likely to get the best results isn’t always talked about. (If you think I’m wrong, go check out some sales pages on course creation, and hold your breath until you find one that mentions how to educate your clients in a way for them to get results, and how to serve them. Because do you know how many I’ve seen in the past few years? Zero.)

Your passion is the root of your launch. It’s the torches lining down the path the soul of your business is creating to bring clients in. No passion, dark path.

Discover What You Need to Embody

One of the first questions I ask at the beginning of every launch isn’t about my goals, my intentions, or money. (I know, you’re often told to start there.)

It’s: WHO DO I NEED TO BE IN ORDER TO BE ALIGNED WITH THE CLIENTS FOR THIS? Who do I need to be in order to attract in clients?

Which is essentially – what do I need to embody for this message to resonate? Where do I need to grow before I can allow myself to receive an aligned program?

(Hint: these are also great questions for a stuck launch, or for when your sales slow to a slump!)

I’ve found that my answers are different nearly every single time, no matter how many times I’ve run a program – and even shift regularly for 1:1 offers. Sometimes I have core desired feelings. Sometimes there’s bullet points of words to embody “phoenix, confident, vulnerably brave, aligned”. Sometimes there’s song lyrics, gifs, or memes. Trust how your intuition speaks to you on this. Then use it.

If you’re stuck, let’s reframe the question. ⚡️Who do your clients need to be to succeed in this program? ⚡️

Because, really, your answers are the same thing.

The women for this round of the SS Sisterhood?

🔮 Are rising out of old versions of themselves, old patterns, and into the power of who they really are + their soul legacy -> Phoenix

🔮 Are being called to express themselves deeper and create more ripples -> This often starts with your own stories, which means vulnerably brave

🔮 Are getting more connected with their Human Design + understanding how it affects all levels of their life -> aligned

Which means I have to be aware of where I need to rise. Where I am being called to honor my soul legacy more. To share my own stories, even when it’s uncomfortable or unexpected. (True fact: I just did a podcast where I share that seldom known story about that time I did an exorcism.) To reconnect with my own Design, and use my sacral to check in with every single step of my launch plan, instead of forcing myself to honor something I created months ago.

Mirrors. We reflect what our clients need on some level. (Yes, even if our clients are “way ahead” or “way behind” us, because neither of those truly exist.)

So, what am I fucking excited about right now? Well, thanks for asking! For literally over a year, I’ve been itching to work with a group of women on amplifying your mentor + facilitation skills – becoming that mythic type of mentor that everyone raves over, and that truly creates monumental transformation. I even have a certification program around that nearly entirely mapped out…but somehow the timing for that just never clicked.

Interestingly enough, it DID want to get included in Spellbinding Sales…which makes sense, as it always bugs me how sales programs seldom help you serve after you make the sale – so right as soft launch rolled into full launch, we fully changed the VIP tier (Phoebe) to include aspects of this, like:

✨A Human Design assessment of your mentor skills

✨4 Mythic Mentoring workshops – think things like honing in on your mentor strengths + shadows, quantum activations for rising into your highest mentor capabilities, and moving clients through resistance and their own shadow keys.

✨2 three day in person events to further explore your mentor messages, how to lead others through transformation

✨1:1 Voxer access to me for 13 months so we can explore what’s showing up in ALL levels of your business (and let’s be real, life) as you rise

✨More, because anyone who’s worked with me knows I mani-gen and pivot to add in new things based on what I see the container needing specifically.

  • How you serve affects how your clients succeed.
  • How you serve affects how you sell.
  • How you serve affects the energy around you.
  • For me, everything begins with service – so, here lies that passion.

What are YOU excited about right now? How are you most excited to serve?

Comment below- I’d love to hear about it! (Tell me your HD type if I don’t already know it!)

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