December 2016 Intentions + Goals

Every month, I reflect on what I accomplished the previous month, what I wanted to accomplish, and feel out the energy for how I want this month to feel.

This month? Especially important. We’re approaching a Mercury Retrograde – and we’ll be ending the year on a Mercury Retrograde. If that isn’t the perfect time to start clearing out what isn’t working, what you’ve outgrown, and what no longer is working for you, I don’t know what is.

What happened last month

The biggest intention I had for November was to be flexible. Because Thanksgiving + election is enough on its own, but throwing in Mr. KJ’s wacky schedule made it impossible for me to keep a regular schedule.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Sometimes you need to give yourself a little space in order to be able to create.” quote=”Sometimes you need to give yourself a little space in order to be able to create.”]

While I didn’t knock out as many physical tasks as I’d have liked (like launching that new service), there was a lot of internal work. Clearing. Letting go of old mindsets.

I DID end up hiring someone to help me out with the (more corporatey) inbound marketing business, and it did end up being exactly who I thought it would be when I wrote the last post. Funny how that works, yes?

December Intentions


Confession: I really want to make the word of the month sleep. Cause, want.

The thing that keeps coming up repetitively for me – and my clients – is that this is the time of the year to clear ourselves of our burdens. Of old versions of ourselves. Of the stories and mindset we’ve outgrown . Let go of the anchors that are holding you back. Get ready to soar. 

ORACLE CARD OF THE MONTH: Nemetona (Goddess Guidance Oracle)

Per usual, this is perfect timing. Nemetona is a Celtic Goddess tied to sacred space. The message here: get clear + get connected. Over November, I’ve been thinking about more areas of my life (besides business) that I can infuse more spirituality in. (All of them.)

[clickToTweet tweet=”Message of the month: Get clear. Get connected to Source. #oracle #soulpreneur” quote=”Message of the month: Get clear. Get connected to Source. “]

MAIN INTENTION: To close out the year with grace

What do I not want to bring into 2017? This is the question I’m pondering the most.

Who do I want to become in 2017?

I’ve been working a lot on money stories + mindset and that’s just one small piece of this. Clearing. Letting go and becoming more. Letting myself shine.


Help at least 6 soulpreneurs through Map your Magic

I’ve been having a blast helping my private clients map out their 2017 in a way that works for them – so I opened it up to everyone! Making lists of everything you want to accomplish is great (I’m still doing that for myself), but that doesn’t tell you how you’re working towards your goals.

My approach is to first start with intentions, break that down into what those mean in profits, and create stepping stones for you to work through all throughout the year.  If you’re looking for a new way of planning for the next year, this might be the perfect fit!

What intentions are you setting this month? I want to hear about them!

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