What do you do when your business gets off track?

Hey! This post was originally on my old blog – I’ve brought it over and updated it with all the info I know now.

You had a plan – maybe even a great plan. But then something happens.

A big new client. A sick kid. A spontaneous holiday (isn’t that why you started a business anyway? For the freedom to do these things?) Maybe you simply forgot – life is hectic as an entrepreneur, after all.

It’s okay. Repeat after me: It is okay to get behind. It is okay to not meet my business goals. It is okay to miss a personal deadline. It is okay.  

Your business strategy doesn’t fit anymore – what do you do?

Forgive yourself.

Put plainly – shit happens.  It does you no good to dwell on it. You could feel terrible about it – or you can do something about it.

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When in doubt, shake it off. Remind yourself that you’re allowed a break, that you’re allowed to let life come first.

After all…what are you building your business for, if you can’t allow life to get in the way occasionally?

Confession #1 : This post was supposed to be posted yesterday.

Confession #2: This was going to be a post on sales funnels…until I realized when migrating from Mailchimp to ConvertKit, all my sales funnels died. All of them. I was left with two choices – I could write the post and feel like a phony (even though I’ve been creating funnels for million dollar companies for years) OR I could feel authentic, write something else, and…pick up the pieces.

Pick up the pieces.

What can you do to fix the problem now? Shoot for a quick win, something that shows you’re making progress now.

[clickToTweet tweet=”To get back on track with your biz, ask yourself: what can I do now to create the most impact?” quote=”To get back on track with your biz, ask yourself: what can I do now to create the most impact?”]

Did you get behind on blogs?  Write a blog. If you’re strapped for time, post a vlog. Make it simple. You’re looking for the simplest solution with the most impact. 

Look for insight.

Sometimes there’s a reason why you resist your plan – it’s not the right plan. Sometimes the Universe throws in a wrench so you can mull things out, or travel a different road.

Example: I was dead set on launching the full beta of my newest service last month – marketing plans with spirit built in. It’s in a small beta and going fabulously – and I’ve smoothed the system out a little to make it easier to get set up faster.

But every.single.time I sat down to write the sales page, something came up.

Wait for it though – it makes a lot more sense today when look at my obligations with very very large (but short term projects). There’s no way I could have accepted those projects, kept my existing clients, AND run a full beta – which requires creating custom lessons and workbook as needed – while keeping my business mantra of ease.

Improve your plan.

Now that time has passed, can you make your plan better?

Back to my confession, (you have Usher in your head now, right?) I’m using this as an opportunity to improve everything. Instead of solely a bunch of different funnels educating you on topics, I really want to make sure you get to know me – especially if you haven’t been reading the blog, or chatting with me on social media. So my first fix will be a set of emails introducing you to me.

Will I fix everything immediately? Ha. No. And I don’t have to. Business is about connection, not perfection.

Go back over your original plan and see if you can make it fit your life and business better.

Did you miss a deadline? Maybe you’re over-planning. Maybe you’re not allowing yourself downtime. Maybe you’re not aware how much time your to do list really needs.

Did you not want to do something? Think about if there’s a reason why you’re resisting this. It might be something you need to overcome…or it might be something that doesn’t feel right for you. If that’s the case, dig deep and figure out what doesn’t feel right.

Stop beating yourself up when your business gets off track – forgive yourself instead.

Kristen Jett

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