Alchemy Ep58

7 Spooky Spiritual Secrets I’m Sharing This Halloween

We’re getting closer to Halloween! And anyone who’s ever spent time in my Facebook group knows that I’ve had some…unique life experiences.

You also know that I rarely talk about them. (Sure, I’ve mentioned the exorcism I performed, but I’ve never really talked about it.)

Well, all of that’s about to change. I was a guest on Afura Fareed’s Alchemy of Affluence Podcast to talk about some of what I’ve experienced in my life. These stories a great for Halloween…or even just with some hot tea (or chocolate).

We chat about:
– my first encounters with a spirit
– my first (and hopefully last!) exorcism
– things my Human Design probably could have gotten me out of it, if I’d known of HD then
– and a lot more

Ready to dive in? You can find the full episode here.

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