You Could Do It Alone – But Why Would You Want To?


Gather close – discover your new sisters

Walk within the inner circle

Get support under the falls of the moon

By stone, by star, by strategy,

It’s time to accept the abundance waiting for you.

**Returning Fall 2017**

Business – and business growth – doesn’t have to be scary.

The thing about normal biz lessons is they teach you what to do…but not how to handle the (entirely natural) emotions that come with it. Or how to move past any blocks you have preventing you from growing (spiritual, mental, whatever!)

What you need is a little Profit + Soul. I’ve paired with up the amazing success coach Jackie McDonald to bring you six months of biz guidance AND EFT energywork so you can stop blocking yourself – spiritually and strategically. We’re ready for you to make friends with the Spirit of Money – and bring profit and soul into your biz.

I swear for shit Kristen is the best thing to happen to my business. In just three months, my clients grew by 3x. I now have an strong client base. Clients & peers actually refer new clients to me. I have never felt more grounded or more confident in what I do. Seriously, if you need direction in your business, you need Kristen in your life. Dee Fells

Intuitive Mindset Coach, Dee Fells Tarot + Intuitive Coaching

Ready to join the Coven?

I got new ideas from our work together about how to reach and build relationships with other authors and with readers that never would’ve occurred to me otherwise. You’ve taught me to think a little differently about my approach to social media and marketing, and I’m super excited to get (re)started! Jeanie Grey

Literary Erotica + Romance Author