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All the planning fun (yes, it can be fun) will begin on December 18, 2018 in Intuitively Wealthy. Come and introduce yourself before we start!

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Kris Oster

Brand Mystic + Marketing Coach, Mythic Rhythm

Start 2018 with a soulful plan

Start the year with a soulful plan. Let’s map your magic 1:1 to make 2018 the year all your big dreams come true.

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Love and light doesn’t fix it all. #Charlottesville

It was an ordinary night. Until I scrolled through my Twitter feed. One word stood out to me: Charlottesville. And my heart sank. UVA. And my heart sank some more. UVA is one of the few places that’s ever felt like home to me. And better yet, it’s one of...

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Biz Confession: Resistance or a hell no?

Also known as why I decided to shut down a launch after just a week You guys know how I like to be open about business – well today is REALLY open. Recently someone asked me how to know whether you’re just feeling resistance to something (and need to work...

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