Three Things Every Manifestor Needs to Know

Manifestors are about 8-9% of the population in the Human Design system. And despite their being the minority, many of us are taught to be manifestors.

Manifestors are here to initiate, so following through isn’t their strong suit. And that’s ok.

When you think of manifestors, think about all the cliche saying that you heard growing up. “Work hard, play hard” and “seize the day” perfectly sum up what it is to be a manifestor. However, things aren’t always rainbows and unicorns in manifestor land, especially when misalignment comes up.


And you’ll know who manifestors are. They’re the people who are doing so many things and you find yourself struggling to keep up. They’re always trying something new.

Ready to learn three things manifestors need to know? Watch the video!

“Manifestors are here to initiate things. They’re not here to finish things or to see them through. And that’s ok. Follow your inspiration and start what lights you up.”

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