The Simple, Unexpected Reason You’re Not Selling

Welcome to 2020! It’s the time of the year when we’re all naturally thinking about how last year went…and how this year could improve on that. And if you’re coming in here at a different time of the year, hooray! It’s still the perfect time to get clear on what you really want…and how to make it happen. Chances are if you’re here, you have a business and you want to grow it. Which…often comes down to three things: knowing yourself/your business, selling your offers, and creating a sustainable structure (because if you can’t continue to do it, how can it grow?). So, how do you grow your business? How do you easily get more sales? No matter the size of your business, there’s one thing that smooths the road: alignment. (And alignment comes in a wide variety of things – and all of them are important.)

Alignment is the key to selling with ease.

I know – I know. Your initial reaction is “I’m aligned, aren’t I?” But are you? Are you really? Alignment comes in a lot of ways…and it’s easy to not think about it. In fact, we’re TRAINED to not think about it. We’re told to just get out there and create. To release things into the wild so they don’t stay within us. To test the waters, experiment, and just keep repeating the process to create traction. Which, it might create movement. And for awhile movement looks like momentum. Until you realize you’ve been spinning your wheels in mud and not actually getting anywhere.

Alignment With Your Offers

Quick – don’t think: on a scale of 1-10, how good do you feel about your offers right now? …because if you don’t feel good about them, why would anyone else? Sometimes it could be just a little tweak that isn’t right. Maybe you no longer love the structure. Maybe you want to shift the price. Maybe you need to close off your calendar to only be particular days a week. But you need to be aligned + excited about anything before you move forward with sharing it with the world. Okay, so you feel good about it – what next? Well…does it support your lifestyle? I touched on this a little above, but if you’re constantly busy and struggling to fit time into your structure, having offers that require lots of time – especially flexible time – mayyyy not be be the best fit. Or if you want to travel constantly to countries that don’t have consistent wifi, something that requires you to do a ton of calls…is probably not entirely aligned. But it could be simpler than that – for me, all my offers need to include lessons (because that’s where my energy naturally thrives) + a way for me to interact with everyone personally. I need to be able to communicate in both written form and video/audio form with my clients…and offers that don’t allow for that are hard to align with me. Need more to consider? Here’s a few questions to ask yourself + journal on. Go through one by one for each of your main offers/ways people work with you or your business. >And if you’re a Generator or Manifesting Generator in Human Design ask yourself the following questions, and answer uh-huh, or un-huh. Remember: if it’s not an immediate uh-huh, it’s not a yes.
  • Do you feel like [Offer name] best represents how to work with you right now?
  • Do you feel like [Offer Name] is the best way to get transformation from you?
  • Do you feel like [Offer Name] is aligned with your ideal lifestyle?
  • Do you feel like [Offer Name] is something that supports your energy?

Alignment With Your Prices

Admittedly, this is one of the issues I see a lot. So often you’re taught to price by looking at someone else’s prices and figuring out what’s in the right ballpark – or maybe your mentor/person you look up to even suggests particular prices for you. …but are you connected to those prices? Do you have any sort of energetic attachment to them? Because sure, prices that end in 7 may statistically do well…but if you feel like that’s manipulative and prefer angel numbers, guess what’s more apt to do well for you? The ones that feel good. The ones you can easily remember and be excited about. The ones that can roll off your tongue easily. (Which is why $1,111 works much better for things that are only on paper, and you don’t have to speak! 😂) And beyond that, are those numbers aligned with your offer? Does it appropriately represent the amount of time + energy you’re devoting to this? If something is going to take you five hours to create it and share it with a client, are you going to feel good just receiving $100 for it? I’m going to go out on a limb and guess not. (Especially as depending on how you sort your funds, that could be only $50 going to you after you take out money for business expenses, taxes, and business profit!) In general, I pay myself 50% of whatever an offer is – so for example if an offer cost $100, time wise, I need to feel good for the amount of time that goes to create something that only provides me $50. Are those numbers aligned with your clients? There’s two pieces to this: 1. Where are your clients energetically? 2. What can the clients you’re currently speaking to actually afford? This one is where it can get tricky. You can KNOW your clients need this, know it’s going to create something big in their lives…but it can still fall a little short of alignment. Why? Either because it’s not where their energetic focus is, or because it doesn’t fit into their budget. If it’s not aligned with where they are energetically – what are they aligned with? How does that correlate? Maybe they don’t realize that THIS is where they need to be focusing their energy on. (If so, now you educate them!) Maybe they have other problems that they need solved first. How can you start with that same program? (Sometimes this can be an indicator that your product profit map is really what’s out of alignment – your clients are simply starting with the wrong offer!). If it doesn’t fit into their budget…you could try to convince them that they should ignore their budget. But that may not feel good to you (and for good reason!). There may be a few people who can’t reach it, but if ALL of your community can’t, that’s a clear sign that something is out of alignment. Don’t worry – therE are other options open to you. Instead, consider:
  • How can you make this offer smaller and more focused? (Because maybe they don’t need the BIG picture all at once – a bunch of little wins that create momentum for them can get them on the right path.)
  • What is the first big transformation they’d receive in this offer? – How can you lead them to just that transformation?
Are those numbers aligned with the level of transformation they’re receiving? Because let’s be real – no one truly expects to get a magic cure for $297. They expect to get a focused amount of attention that will change one area of their life or business – but it’s not going to change everything. If it did, it would likely take more energy from both of you…and the cost would reflect that. There’s no magic trick to discovering what number is going to create that alignment – because it’s 100% personal to you. One of my first mentors liked to price her offers at a level where she expected her clients could make back the investment within six months (after implementing the program). I do something a little similar – but I instead like to base it on where the top earners from that client tier are already at. (If you’re curious more about that, I’ll be sharing more about that in closer detail inside of Spellbinding Sales!) Of course, there are other reasons why your sales might be slumping (or not getting off the ground). Alignment is only one piece of the energetic reasons why sales might not be popping (and the other reasons could easily be a full blog post by themselves!) – and then there’s the strategic reasons like not speaking to your audience in a way that resonates, speaking to the wrong audience, or simply not showing the transformation behind your work. If you want to transform both the energy and the strategy behind your sales, join us for the next round of Spellbinding Sales sisterhood! We’re spending our time fine-tuning your offers, how the most aligned clients flow into them, client attraction, and of course – the process of selling itself. If your main focus for 2020 is attracting in more clients (and the RIGHT clients), plus creating consistency in your business, this is exactly what your 2020 is looking for!

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