Tapping Into the Soul of Your Business

How do you know when something is aligned?

Well…everything starts falling together. I had to giggle last year when Natalie from Soulshine Astrology messaged me to invite me to be on The Cosmic Calling podcast.

…because I had meant to message her for MONTHS to see if there were openings, but I just never got around to it.

Turns out she was in the same vortex and had been meaning to message me.

Finally alignment happened (right before my birthday!) and we made this magic happen.

We cover:

  • A sneak peek at my own astrology + cosmic calling
  • How I help spiritual entrepreneurs transform to the next level by tuning into their soul gifts and working in alignment with who they truly are deep down
  • How I combined my experience working in corporate marketing with a more spiritual way of selling through starting my own business
  • What is the “soul” of your business, how does it differ from your own soul, and how can you tap into it to reconnect with what you’re truly meant to do?
  • What Human Design is and how it can give you the energetic blueprint of yourself and your business similarly to astrology so you can work in alignment with your natural energy flow
  • How I use Human Design, energetic rituals, and attraction marketing techniques to help my clients create greater clarity around selling their offerings with greater success
  • A sneak peek discussion at my upcoming project around manifesting through fictional writing

Listen to the podcast here: http://soulshineastrology.com/episode27

Try out the soul of the business meditation we discussed here: http://starlitstrategies.com/bizsoulmeditation/.

To learn more about selling your offers with cosmic success, take a peek at Spellbinding Sales.

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