Business Goddess Archetype: Quiz

Flow with the Goddess energy of your business.

Discover what goddess rules your business.


Connect with the spirit of your true business + know what clients are naturally drawn to you.


Goddess Archetype Quiz: Business

Are you an elegant leader like Hera, or a fierce warrior like Athena?  What sort of clients are naturally drawn to you? How do you get your BEST work done?

Take the quick quiz and discover what Goddess energy your business is naturally aligned with – and how to tap into that for greater success!

Hekate has influenced much of my creative expression for years and it was officially made known to me when I took Kristen’s quiz.

Erica Alex

Author, Erica Alex

I love the Goddess Quiz! I completely 100% agree with who I got,  and I’ve got a designer working on ways to incorporate it already! I’ve had a problem getting my brand finalized and I feel really confident about this new approach your quiz has given me.

Savannah Blake (S.S. Blake)

Intuitive Mind, Body, Spirit Warrior + Coach, Vannasana