Selling should feel good – but why doesn’t it?

And shifting your energy and around selling should be easy – but it’s not.

And it’s not your fault.

Count the times you’ve been

😑 handed a script that was supposed to make selling feel more soulful
😑 told just to show up on social media more
😑 or worse – aim for as many Sales conversations as you can in a week, so that if even just a few buy, you’ve hit success.

…but are any of those actually working for you?

Nope. But that’s the best thing you’ve been given, right?

There’s a reason why people feel like sales are skeezy… because when you follow the old (patriarchal) way… they are.

How many times have you heard things like:

❓ Just talk to more people – the more people you get on sales conversations with, the more chances you have to hear yes.

❓ In order to get more sales, you have to focus on the (discovery call) numbers.

❓ You don’t need to know how to sell – just use this script!

❓ You have to sell every single day in order to grow your business. If you take a vacation, the energy fades away.

If all of that feels gross to you, well – it’s because it IS. #sorrynotsorry

It’s time for a witchslap: selling isn’t about numbers. It’s about connecting with future clients in an aligned way.

Aligned sales are about building connections with people – not seeing them as dollar signs in your bank account!


But before you put on an ill-fitting power suit, take a moment and breathe.

You’re here for a reason, and sharing that with the world is part of your purpose.

Sharing your gifts is sacred work – which is why selling should be sacred too.

It’s time to make it feel that way.

You don’t HAVE time to get on a million sales calls – what if you could just get on the RIGHT ones?

And instead of using an icky sales script (where they KNOW it’s a script), you lead people through a fun conversation?



WHAT IF making money felt magical for you?


WHAT IF you felt aligned energetically + spiritually when selling or launching


WHAT IF your dream clients flowed in naturally, all from just your energy?


Life would feel a whole lot more expansive + magical, right?


I know all of this is possible – and more – because I’ve lived it and watched my clients live it using these very same methods.


A 12-month experience to help you make sales sacred + aligned so that your business (and your bank account!) can receive more. A lot more.

Spellbinding Sales is about turning you into a spellbinding, magnetic, and confident seller – where you become a force of nature that beckons others to your business.

Doors for the live 2021 sisterhood with Kristen and the team close April 1st! If you want extra support shifting into easy sales, the sisterhood is your greatest gift.

I’m Kristen Jett.

I’m a Profit Priestess – bringing more than fifteen years of million dollar marketing campaign experience into the purpose driven community.

How did *I* get into this situation?

Grab your chair and get cozy.

Picture it: The East Coast, 2015.

My living room has turned into my office. There’s an eight-month-old baby cooing beside me, crying to be nursed every ninety minutes. All I want is a nap…or to take a call without fear of an infant meltdown.

The marketing agency I worked had closed its doors a few months prior. Kidlet wouldn’t take a bottle so I had one option – make my business work.  And I did. But it nearly destroyed my soul. Five figure months were great…but the fear that’s bred into the corporate world was not so great.

So I burned some sage, decided to get serious with my “fun business” and promised myself I’d make six figures within a year. The thing was…I knew I had to work on sales. In the corporate world, people knew me. Dropping 10K on a sales funnel from me was practical. In the spiritual entrepreneur space, I was a new name. Something had to shift.

But you know what happens when you ask how to improve your sales process? You get scripts or fill in the blanks.

I don’t know about you…but when someone’s reading from a template, it doesn’t make me feel like they care about ME. Just the sale. And I want my clients to know I care about them – not just my bank account.

So I decided to find a new way to do it, blending my million dollar marketing background with all the spiritual tools under my belt.  No scripts. No cookie cutter marketing strategies (even if they are proven to work). Focusing on what’s beneath the surface instead: connection, alignment, value. Working with the soul of my business + my prospective client’s Human Designs. Bringing all of me into the process.

Because if it doesn’t feel like you, why will it sell for you?


It’s not just a course.

It’s not just a community.

It’s an experience.

It’s a transformation.


Spellbinding Sales is about shifting all of those old, unaligned, and patriarchal ways of selling. It’s about transforming how you own your power, show up in the world around you – and connect to your clients.

It’s about looking at WHO you’re speaking to – and shifting how you connect to them every ninety days.

Truth: So many of the sisters in this program have commented how they have never had so much support before.

The lessons work to stabilize + scale your business foundations and the energy around them.

The Reiki meditations allow you to be extra supported shifting how you and your business energetically respond to selling, your offers, and your future clients.

Co-working calls help you use the energy of the sisterhood to get more done faster – and have access to me for support while you’re working. Mentorship calls put the spotlight on you and your business – and you get as much time as you need to receive insights from the sisterhood.

And in the in-betweens, the sisterhood, my team, and I are there to hold you accountable, stretch your vision, share new perspectives, and to keep you moving forward. Consider this a transformative experience.

This is twelve months of realigning your energy, rediscovering your truths, and putting magic into your sales process, in a way that you can do over and over again. Discovering a way that’s YOURS instead of 100% someone else’s process.

Because selling powers the heart of your business. If you aren’t selling, your business isn’t thriving or connecting in the way it wants to (or you want it to).

Spellbinding Sales is about peeling back the layers, looking at the energy + strategy that you’ve been putting forward, and shifting both in steps so you build momentum connecting with different levels of clients. It’s about discovering your aligned selling process on your own timeline.

Spellbinding Sales is about releasing the patriarchy, saying goodbye to the toxic influencer sales techniques, and truly connecting with your future clients.

Selling allows you to live your soul purpose, and create transformation in other’s lives – so it’s time to put a little more magic, and little less ick into it.


2 pre-recorded lessons a month

To help you understand new ways of doing it (all of it!)


Implementation Activities

To help you process + implement what you’ve just learned (Don’t sweat – these will be fun things like journal work, rituals, and meditations!)

1 Biz Magic Reiki™ call each month with reiki master Shelby Melissa

To help shift energy as you learn and implement

Monthly mentorship calls

To spotlight you and your biz and make sure you get the support you need

Monthly Coworking Calls

So you can utilize everyone’s Human Design energy

Full access to me + my team

To support you & get your questions anwered quickly

Library of bonus resources

Including everything from extra lessons, rituals, quantum meditations, and EFT videos + scripts

Quarterly guided cash infusions

So you can keep building momentum in your sales process

I really appreciated how much you went above and beyond for all of us! I definitely felt more supported in a multitude of ways than I have in past mentorship experiences.

Bria Alexandra

Intuitive Strategist, SoulRush

That’s: 24 lessons + 12 Biz Magic Reiki™ calls
+ Bonus Resource Library…. plus a whole lot of access to me!


Join the waitlist to be the first to know when the Spellbinding Sales Sisterhood opens again.




24 Pre-recorded video lessons
24 Integration exercises
12 Biz Magic Reiki™ calls
1 monthly hot seat mastermind call
1 monthly co-working call
4+ guided cash infusions
Intimate private community





24 Pre-recorded video lessons
24 Integration exercises
12 Biz Magic Reiki™ recordings
4 cash infusion walkthroughs
Private community

I went from a space of despair to a fully successful high ticket launch in 6 months.

We’ve been learning, integrating and working with the materials from Spellbinding Sales and with Kristen for nearly 6 months now.

I am fully seeing the fruits of our work together. For the first time, EVER, I am launching a fully successful program, with more people flowing in to join before I EVEN LAUNCHED, than I have ever had flow into my previous programs.

I had initially played small, praying, hoping, that 8-10 women would join… Kristen helped me to think bigger! I invited in 20 women, feel really good with the prospect of 15+ (a whole new feeling for me), and currently already have 9 women that joined with ease! And the launch has just begun!

This has been the MOST aligned, easiest, and in flow launch I have ever experienced. And it all started 6 months ago, when I felt like a complete mess, and joined Spellbinding Sales in trust, having never before met Kristen!

I never would have imagined it would have such a dramatic positive effect on my work and service. I have Kristen to thank for it.

It takes an incredible business coach to help me see that which is literally right in front of my face the whole time & she brings it together so smoothly.

Kristen is my favorite business investment ever!

Safra Turner, Human Design Generator

Transformational Alignment Mistress and Coach

Getting Started – Months 1-3

We’ll have 2 lessons each month focused around a central theme. Each month’s theme will build on the previous month to create a seamless sales journey for you so you can create one for your potential clients.


Clearing out old energy + filling the energetic void

Because you can’t build an empire on a shaky foundation. We’re clearing, and then filling the void with the energy we need to tap back in on who our clients are from a fresh space.


Creating a CLEAR product flow

Want return clients? When your products flow, it means your clients can keep coming back easier (and with purpose!).


Our first guided cash infusion

So you can start making money + adjusting your process to get clear on what your clients DO respond to and DON’T respond to. 


Human Design + Your Offer Alignment

What your Human Design means about creating offers that align with YOU.

Diving Deeper – Months 4-6


Calling In Clients BEFORE Speaking To Them

I’m sharing my signature process of using signifiers to draw in aligned clients (even ones I don’t know yet!) + what to do before chatting with them.


Leading potential clients through an aligned sales conversation

 (No icky sales scripts or persuasion techniques!)


Our second guided cash infusion

This time we’ll be calling in a very specific type of client to help build your foundation.


Attracting in clients with JUST your energy

And how to call in the core clients who will be the majority of your service


Calling in aligned clients through content

So you have extra support as you process + integrate what you’re learning

Aligned Energy – Months 7-9


My personal must do client attraction rituals

(The ones I rely on time and time again!)


Our third client alignment

This time we’ll be calling in your core type of clients to make sure you’re feeling fully sustained.


How your clients’ Human Design affects the sales process.

So you can start making money + adjusting your process to get clear on what your clients DO respond to and DON’T respond to.


How to get high level clients

We’ll also be breaking down what your full client pyramid looks like, from your smallest client to your most VIP client (and how to best serve them!) 


Client Alignment + Objections

How to handle ALL the sticky stuff!


Clear the energy of your offers

Because no one likes when things feel stagnant, stuffy, or just plain ol stuck.

Wrapping It All Up – Months 10-12


How to follow up with ease, grace + strong morals


Determining how to speak to each level of client you have through sales pages that shine.

Because each type of client needs a different TYPE of energy to call them in.


Fixing the #1 hidden thing that can be affecting your sales numbers

This time we’ll be calling in a very specific type of client to help build your foundation.


How to truly serve your clients

Because your relationship with your clients only BEGINS with the sale.


Our biggest cash infusion yet – calling in your highest level clients

so you have extra support as you process + integrate what you’re learning


Creating (and participating in!) affiliate + referral programs to continue your momentum

Because if YOU are all the energy behind your sales, when do you get a vacation?


Creating healthy boundaries so you don’t overgive

(And defining what overgiving IS for your energy specifically.)


  • 24 pre-recorded lessons (Value: $7200)
  • 24 integration exercises to accompany each lesson (Value: $1200)
  • 12 Biz Magic Reiki™ calls (Value: $1700)
  • 12 hot seat mastermind calls (Value: $12,000)
  • 12 co-working calls (Value: $2400)
  • 4+ guided cash infusions (Value: $400)
  • Intimate private community (Value: $3100+)

VALUE: $28,000

Your investment? SO, SO MUCH LESS.

Spellbinding Sales helped me catch the blind spots.

I was absolutely convinced that I was showing the real me until I discovered my blind spots.  So very grateful to have had Kristen & Spellbinding Sales Sisterhood to help me catch these!

Kelci Cannady,

Transformation Guide + Healing Facilitator


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24 Pre-recorded video lessons
24 Integration exercises
12 Biz Magic Reiki™ calls
1 monthly hot seat mastermind call
1 monthly co-working call
4+ guided cash infusions
Intimate private community





24 Pre-recorded video lessons
24 Integration exercises
12 Biz Magic Reiki™ recordings
4 cash infusion walkthroughs
Private community

Spellbinding Sales changed the way I approach sales.

(No big deal, right?) My entire perspective has changed – because sales conversations can be more than “Hey. Wanna buy this? No? Ok. Thanks.”

Ardelia Lee, Human Design Projector

Human Design Mentor, That Projector Guide


Good question!  To get you started, Reiki is an energy healing technique where the practitioner ‘lays their hands’ on the client and allows for the Reiki energy to flow through them. It can be done in person, but it doesn’t have to be.

Biz Magic Reiki™ begins the Reiki process, taps into the soul of your business, and then directs the energy where it needs to go to best benefit your business.

I’ve used it to expand how much I can receive (and get more clients in a launch!), to help attract in the right clients, to help clients know if a program is aligned for them and flow into easily, to clear outside energy from my business and about a million other things.

In our group calls, Shelby will be leading all of us through a Reiki embedded meditation that’s aligned with our lessons for the month – one month we may magnetize our offers so our cash infusions get lots of attention, another we may do some energetic healing and expansion on our business bank accounts + our money room in the soul of our business. These are really powerful sessions – and I am immensely excited to include them with Spellbinding Sales! Let’s let the energy do the work for us.

I use Biz Magic Reiki™ in all my launches – because sure, I can do the energetic lifting…but what if I didn’t have to? How much more could be accomplished? During the last launch of Spellbinding Sales, I asked that question precisely – and by allowing Biz Magic Reiki™ Master Shelby Melissa to hold the energy for me, I doubled the amount of women flowing into the program.

And if I wouldn’t sell without Biz Magic Reiki™, why should you?

About Biz Magic Reiki™ Master: Shelby Melissa

The History of Biz Magic Reiki™

Biz Magic Reiki™ began in 2017 with an experiment – if Reiki, an energy work method, could be applied to businesses, how would it work?

Well, it does work and beta testers including myself saw: shifts in mood from stressed or worried to relaxed and confident, increase in ideas and creativity, unexpected invitations that helped open doors in our businesses, sudden increases in email lists, positive responses to social media and email content, receiving more correspondences from potential clients, more testimonials flowing in, and of course came the sales.

Since this question, I’ve performed over 170 Biz Magic Reiki™ sessions in which I’ve worked with clients to optimize and nourish the energies of their bank accounts, the energies of their offers, which client energies were present and leading them into the offers, and the energies of sales pages and social media accounts. And the testimonials are still rolling in.

Meet Shelby Melissa

So who is this person behind Biz Magic Reiki™?

I’m Shelby Melissa – Reiki Master, Master of Social Work, and energy mentor for passionate entrepreneurs of all genders. I bring the social work understanding of systems and environmental influences on people to energy work – understanding systems of energy and how those influence individual energies as well as collective energies.

This creates a unique perspective that bridges social justice with energy and spirituality, where the realities of people’s lives are not bypassed but recognized, acknowledged, and validated as we work to reprogram systems of thinking and energy, nourish energies and ourselves, and thrive.

Want Bonuses?

earlybird bonus

Join Spellbinding Sales by February 27th to receive

2 x Sacred Profits VIP Voxer Days (Value $994)

Imagine a day where we explore the energy and strategy of your business while you’re in your pajamas. A VIP day where you don’t have to do anything besides text (or talk!) to get the monumental quantum shifts you’re looking for. ⁠

To find the best ways to shift and amplify your profits, we’ll take a look at your:⁠
⚡️ marketing strategy⁠
⚡️ visibility plan⁠
⚡️ Human Design⁠
⚡️ quantum energy⁠

You’ll leave our day together with a clear and personalized plan on exactly what aligned actions will move you towards your business goals – whether it’s your next five figure launch, filling your 1:1, or shifting your offers to be truly aligned with your Human Design zone of service. ⁠

The Client Prescription (Value $197)

What if one offer is all you need to book out your business? Let’s magnify your client attraction without increasing your work. This mini-course will walk you through how to create a product flow your business. In just a few hours, you’ll be crafting your own personalized flow to help book out your business with the addition of one new offer.

program bonuses

joining spellbinding sales? You’ll receive these goodies

The Quantum Selling Experience (Value $147)

Love quantum work? Great – here’s six days of powerful quantum meditations to help you get clear on what’s next, connect to your future clients, attract in clients with ease, own your power, and more!

Past clients have doubled their sales just from this!

Generator Trello Board (Value $44)

Here’s the thing about Generators and Mani-Gens – they need to respond. Which means creating content can be tricky…if it’s not from a response, it’s likely not going to have energy. This handy board walks you through planning out your month’s content to promote yourself and your offers while having something to respond to along the way. Trust me, it’s a life saver!

Soul of Biz Meditation Bundle (Value $44)

This meditation bundle will guide you as you connect with the soul of your business (something that is one of my greatest tools for success). In this bundle, you’ll receive six meditations to help you create a safe space for money to enter your business, and open up the doors to receiving it, create designated space for clients in your business – and send out the energetic beacon to help them find their way in, and make more room in your business for growth + receiving (plus so much more!).

Projector Trello Board (Value $44)

Invitations are super important for Projectors, and this Trello board will help you keep track of the invitations that you want to receive and the ones that you have received. It also has a list just for self-care and nourishing activities (because fun is essential to a Projector’s health).

The dream client pyramid is game-changing for me (and my clients)!

I realized that a lot of womxn who are interested in working with me are groundwork clients. I’m recognizing that in my marketing in the past that I’ve been focusing on what is likely either the core or crown, which has made it hard for my community to understand that they need my services, because I’ve been starting at c, rather than a  – and not connecting all of the dots or pieces for them.

I’m excited to bring this into my biz plan, because I can already see how my most recent launch has been creating an energetic pathway that can meet the groundwork clients where they are and each piece helps to prepare them for the next. Thanks for laying it out for us and showing the way.

Meghan Lockhart, Manifestor

Spellbinding Sales made me realize that selling could be easy and FUN!

I know that this will be a blessing that I come back to over and over again.

Neha Jha, Human Design Manifesting Generator

Astrologer + Human Design Guide

Meet Spellbinding Sales Alums!

Remember Shelby Melissa?

Yeah, she’s a Spellbinding Sales Alum!

And she’s happy to chat with you about Spellbinding Sales.

Have questions about what it’s really like inside Spellbinding Sales? Reach out and let Shelby know. She’d love to talk through any questions or concerns you have about the program. Feel free to reach her through one of the platforms below.

In 2017 , I passed up Spellbinding Sales (SS). But at the end of 2018, I knew I couldn’t let it pass me by again. And I am so glad I jumped on taking SS instead of letting my worries and fears keep me on the sidelines, again.

Through Spellbinding Sales, Kristen has given me new perspectives on ways to organize my business, creating clarity and focus. The access I gained to Kristen as a VIP was exactly what I needed.

I feel more confident in my ability to communicate the value of my work and that there is an appreciated place for what I do. Oh, and to add the cherry on top, overall my biz is up 132%!

Shelby Melissa, Human Design Projector

Reiki Master

Truly, working with Kristen has been a game-changer for my business. I am now enrolling clients at much higher rates than I had thought possible for me, and they are getting incredible results! I love integrating my magic and my marketing savvy, which I had kept kind of separated before.

Kristen has challenged me, witch-slapped me, and inspired me to step into my power like no other mentor I’ve ever had. She has given me tips and tools and strategies that have helped me create passive income streams, explode my sales, and deepen my impact. Kristen is the real deal. And this biz witch is forever grateful.

Flora Ware, Human Design Manifesting Generator

Spiritual Life + Business Coach

Why Am I The Right Person To Guide You?


I’m an online marketing strategist, Human Design aficionado, writer, and mama. 

I’ve spent the early half of my career (15 years experience to be exact!) creating + facilitating marketing strategy, sales funnels, and launch campaigns for nation-wide known companies. The things that scare some people are the things I LOVE about marketing: launches, sales funnels, and sales pages – because those are all the things that help us connect deeper to our future clients.

In just the last two years, I’ve helped over 100 women better understand themselves and their business, while increasing their sales results up to tenfold.

spellbinding sales clients have

Doubled and tripled their income

Had their first five and six-figure launches

Booked their first top tier clients

Created new more aligned offers

Discovered how to receive bigger results…while doing less

Filled their signature offers

Created their own certification programs

Stepped deeper into the work their soul is truly here to do


Frequently asked questions


Because change takes time.

The last round was only 6 months – but we discovered that there were lessons + activities that people needed more time to integrate…and there were more things everyone wanted to add in!

With more time, I can help you make sure everything is anchored in, and that you can sustain the momentum you make when you’re outside of my energy. We’ve added in extra lessons – and the four cash infusions are scheduled to make sure you’re making money throughout the year, to keep both the energetic and financial momentum going steady!

Plus – want one of those cash infusions to be a promoted event in my community? You’ll have the option to run a week long take over of my group – that we’ll plan together!


While change takes time, this is structured so that you should be seeing tangible results + shifts at a minimum of every three months. 

In month two we’ll be running through the first guided cash infusion – you should see an uptake in sales then, if you haven’t already. If you don’t get results during your initial cash infusion, then you and I will explore it together to see what needs to shift.

The magic here is that you’re becoming spellbinding to your audience – which Google defines as “holding one’s attention completely as though by magic; fascinating.”

In the program you will find quantum heartwork exercises, soul of your business work, essential oil references, and rituals to perform. But we’re not calling down the moon or chanting, and everything can be done by people of any faith or spiritual belief.

If you’re uncomfortable by anything during the program, you can always reach out and we’ll come up with a way that IS aligned with your beliefs to get the job done – because really, that’s what the program is about – aligning your beliefs through action + upleveling your strategy to naturally attract in aligned clients. 


Yup! If you’re not sure and need to talk things out….or maybe you’re a ManiGen who needs something to respond to, feel free to message me on Facebook or Voxer (@KristenJett).

If we need to setup a quick chat, we can.


Most calls will be in between 11am-5pm EST. Depending on the groups’ schedule, there may be some outside that timeline.

We’ll have a poll in the group to check on availability for everyone!

All calls will be recorded and the replays will be uploaded into our private member’s circle. If you’re missing a coaching call, you can always ask your question in the group and you’ll get a response or mini live.

Absolutely. Alumni (and our resident Biz Magic Reiki™ Master!) Shelby Melissa is ready to chat with anyone who has questions – just message her on Facebook, or find her on Voxer (@ShelbyMelissa).

She’s a Projector, so if you’re a Projector or Reflector, her insight will be helpful.


Projectors have a special kind of magic – and sometimes it takes y’all longer to integrate, which is OKAY. (Promise!) I want to honor the space that you need, so all projectors receive a 11% discount.

Just use this coupon: PROJECTOR11.  Yes, it’s even good on pay in full payments!


Yes! If you don’t want to pay in full, both versions (self-study and live) have a 12 month plan.


Self-study: You start as soon as you enroll in the self-study! You receive immediate access to lesson1, and the lessons are available bi-weekly. (You’ll receive an email notification when a new lesson is ready.)


Sisterhood: Our time together begins on January 21st. Your first lesson will arrive on the 25th!


Currently the live sisterhood is only for womxn and those who are non binary.

The self-study is open to all!


Join the waitlist to be the first to know when the Spellbinding Sales Sisterhood opens again.




24 Pre-recorded video lessons
24 Integration exercises
12 Biz Magic Reiki™ calls
1 monthly hot seat mastermind call
1 monthly co-working call
4+ guided cash infusions
Intimate private community





24 Pre-recorded video lessons
24 Integration exercises
12 Biz Magic Reiki™ recordings
4 cash infusion walkthroughs
Private community