Spellbinding Sales

It’s time for selling to feel magical (and prosperous)!

Money is just energy…so shouldn’t MAKING it feel a whole lot easier?

Ever caught yourself muttering one of these?:

“But, this is what I’m made to do…shouldn’t sales just come in?”

“If I was spiritual enough, sales would flow more.”

“Maybe I’m just not supposed to own a business.”

**Record Scratch**

**Freeze Frame**

Yup, that’s you. So, how did you get into this situation anyway? You embraced your gifts. You created a business from nothing. You’re putting yourself out there…so why does it sound like crickets when you share your offers?


It’s time for a truthbomb and witchslap:

Are you focusing on sales? Or are you focusing on connection?

It’s not just about framework. It’s not just about ritual. It’s not just about strategy. It’s about all three coming together to create the Captain Planet of sales powers for you.

It’s about alignment. About value. About infusing that into every piece of strategy and action you take. Marrying all of that together so instead of your audience thinking “Oh, that’s cute” when you offer your heart up to them, they squeal “OMG, that’s going to transform my life!”

Because it will…they just have to know it. 

How did *I* get into this situation?

Grab your chair and get cozy.

Picture it: The East Coast, 2015. 

My living room has turned into my office. There’s an eight-month-old baby cooing beside me, crying to be nursed every ninety minutes. All I want is a nap…or to take a call without fear of an infant meltdown.

The marketing agency I worked had closed its doors a few months prior. Kidlet wouldn’t take a bottle so I had one option – make my business work.  And I did. But it nearly destroyed my soul. Five figure months were great…but the fear that’s bred into the corporate world was not so great.

So I burned some sage, decided to get serious with my “fun business” and promised myself I’d make six figures within a year. The thing was…I knew I had to work on sales. In the corporate world, people knew me. Dropping 10K on a sales funnel from me was practical. In the spiritual entrepreneur space, I was a new name. Something had to shift.

But you know what happens when you ask how to improve your sales process? You get scripts or fill in the blanks.

I don’t know about you…but when someone’s reading from a template, it doesn’t make me feel like they care about ME. Just the sale. And I want my clients to know I care about them – not just my bank account.

So I decided to find a new way to do it, blending my million dollar marketing background with all the spiritual tools under my belt.  No scripts. No cookie cutter marketing strategies (even if they are proven to work). Focusing on what’s beneath the surface instead: connection, alignment, value. Working with the soul of my business + my prospective client’s Human Designs. Bringing all of me into the process.

Because if it doesn’t feel like you, why will it sell for you?

There’s a reason why people think sales are skeezy…because when you follow the old (patriarchal) way…IT IS.

 But before you put on an ill-fitting power suit, take a moment and breathe. You’re here for a reason, and sharing that with the world is part of your purpose.

Sharing your gifts is sacred work – which is why selling should be sacred too.

It’s time to make it feel that way.

Imagine this:

You start your day with excitement and lots of energy. You see that you have clarity calls or  sales conversations on your calendar and you’re excited. Scratch that – you’re ecstatic. The people who sign up to chat with you are qualified and aligned for what you’re offering – and you know exactly where to place them, thanks to the quick spiritual check in you did the day before. You KNOW what they need to reach their goals, you KNOW precisely how you’ll help them with it…and you even KNOW they’re a perfect fit for you. 

Now, all you have to do is have really great conversation with them, get to know them and their big dreams better, and explain what you see transforming for them in your time together. 

Now you can let it be fun. Which is awesome…because it shows them exactly the same experience they’ll receive working with you.


WHAT IF making money felt magical for you?

WHAT IF you felt aligned energetically + spiritually when selling or launching?

WHAT IF you could overhaul your sales process to be more of you, more ease, andddddd more profitable?

WHAT IF you could put your offers out there freely, KNOWING that they’re going to sell with complete confidence?

Life would feel a whole lot more freeing + magical, right?

I know all of this is possible – and more –  because I’ve lived it and watched my clients live it using these very same methods.

Say Hello to Spellbinding Sales


A 6-month mastermind to help you make sales sacred + aligned so that your business (and your bank account!) can receive more. A lot more.

Spellbinding Sales is about turning you into a spellbinding, magnetic, and confident seller – where you become a force of nature that beckons others to your business.

(No magic needed – remember, the magic was in you all along, my dear, you just had to learn it.)

Spellbinding Sales made me a big believer of utilizing both energy and strategy in my sales.

Kristen helped me with the “woo woo” side of manifesting my ideal clients for my first launch. Just a couple of weeks into Spellbinding Sales and I officially began my journey as a coach with over 6 clients in my first group program! This has really helped me call in clients and connect with my audience!

Afura Nefertiti

The Wealthy, Wise Witch

Spellbinding Sales made me realize that selling could be easy and FUN!

I know that this will be a blessing that I come back to over and over again.

Neha Jha

Astrologer + Human Design Guide

What Is Spellbinding Sales?

It’s not just a course. It’s not just a community. Consider this a transformative experience. We’re coming together to clear away all the stuff that’s not working around selling + connecting to your audience, and put into action a new way to do it. This is six months of putting magic into your sales process, in a way that you can do over and over again. Discovering a way that’s YOURS instead of 100% someone else’s process. 

Because selling powers the heart of your business. If you aren’t selling, your business isn’t thriving or connecting in the way it wants to (or you want it to). Selling allows you to live your soul purpose, and create transformation in other’s lives – so it’s time to put a little more magic, and little less ick into it.

This isn’t just teaching you techniques and leaving you to experiment by yourself. You’ll have individual feedback from me every step of the way, the support of the entire circle, and a smaller sister-group to connect with intimately.

Because newsflash: people don’t learn best by simply watching someone on video (even though that may be tempting!). You have to get into the energy of it.  

We’re creating actionable transformation here – with things you can move forward with immediately –  not just getting another set of resources to sit on your Dropbox.


So, What Does This Look Like?

✔️3 pre-recorded lessons a month (one a week) to help you understand new ways of doing it (all of it!)

✔️Activities to help you process + implement what you’ve just learned (with my feedback on ALL OF IT! Don’t sweat – these will be fun things like journal work, rituals, and meditations!)

✔️1 live group call a month to process + integrate (your time to get me all up in your energy!)

✔️Full access to me in the bonus Facebook group – so you can get feedback and help AS things are coming up for you

That’s: 18 lessons + 6 group calls total….plus a whole lot of access to me!

Can’t make a call? I’ve got you covered with recordings stored in your member’s only sector.

Have questions in between calls? Get to posting or hop on a live in Facebook and I’ll be there.

Want other opinions? You’ve got the community to step in and share how they see it.

What We’ll Cover In Spellbinding Sales

We’ll have 3 lessons each month focused around a central theme. Each month’s theme will build on the previous month to create a seamless sales journey for you so you can create one for your potential clients.


Month 1 – getting them to the sale

Let’s bring the clients in, shall we? We’ll kick things off by taking inventory of your beliefs about sales and clearing out the ones that aren’t supporting you (you know you have them). There’s a reason why your sales aren’t flowing as well as you’d like…and let’s FIGURE THAT OUT FIRST.

We’ll dive into your content and messaging to make sure that it’s bringing in potential clients…and the right ones! (Because there’s nothing worse than attracting in TONS of people…but none of them are the people you want to work with.)

Finally, we’ll focus on creating a profit pathway for clients to come in, using your offers as an energetic beacon. Because not all of your clients are going to be coming from exactly the same starting place – and that’s okay! But does their growth and evolvement end after a single offer with you? Maybe…but probably not.  (And if you’ve ever asked the question “Well where do they go now?” after a client has finished a program or session, this one is for you!)



month 2 – calling in clients

Ready to turn on your business’s green light? Hell yeah, you are. So let’s DO IT. 

We’ll be focusing on calling in and attracting clients –  using rituals, meditations, and strategy (because sales is a blend of everything, remember?). And if you’re worried that your energy won’t be able to connect with all these clients coming in, don’t fret. We’ll also be talking about what to do BEFORE sales calls to engage your energy so that you can show up as your most confident, aligned self. Because sales start BEFORE you get on the phone or in a conversation with someone, and it’s time to prepare for that.



month 3 – sales conversations (Better than the birds and the bees!)

So, you attracted them in…now what? You have a conversation. 

Seriously. Which is why we’ll be exploring all the nuances of amazing sales conversations…with no scripts or awkward questions. (How’s the weather over there? That’s nice. Do you want to work with me?) *shudders*

And so you know your clients and their problems more intimately, we’re going to dive deeper with human design, because yes, your own human design type can affect how you want to communicate! 



month 4 – Closing out conversations

Every conversation has to come to a close – so how do you do that gracefully? What happens when a client objects to your offer? What happens when they’re overcome by fears?

You LEAD THEM – and I’m going to show you how. We’ll work through how to energetically lead clients away from fears and objections …and how to follow up on open conversations with soul. 

There’s also one CRUCIAL mistake in the close that could be preventing any new sales coming in – and we’re going to dive into that one energetically + tangibly. (Trust me, this is a game changer)!

If you’ve ever panicked on how to shift the conversation from well…just conversation to dollars and cents, this month will be a giant relief!



month 5 – tweaking your Energy

Ever feel like your offers get stale? Maybe you love it, everyone loves it…and then all of a sudden, it’s just there. Taking up space, time, and hope…while no one buys it. Yup, it’s time to clear some energy!

There’s a million ways icky energy can get into your business, your offers, and well…you. So we’re going to clear everything out, create new boundaries (Yes, Virginia, you can have boundaries and still sell), and tap into our human design to create new energetic pathways to our business with every piece of content we share!


month 6 – Putting all the jigsaw pieces together

Ready to see it alllll come together? Our final month together will be putting all the pieces together in a way that…works. We’ll be exploring ways to amplify what you’re now doing, like launches + mini sales funnels using love magnets. (Launches and funnels don’t have to be scary – and you can use ritual to amplify them even more!) If you’ve ever wondered how to get new eyes on your business that actually want to buy, this is where you’re going to want to pay really close attention.

Love Note:

In these final months, we’ll also be discussing how to serve your clients – because more sales is great…but if you can’t provide transformation and truly help your clients, you can’t truly connect with your clients. (And it certainly makes it harder to get repeat clients! Or referral clients. Or… I think you’re seeing my point.) 

And let’s face it – I’d be doing you a disservice if I taught you how to create more connection with your audience, how to attract in aligned clients…and then didn’t help you continue to create a magical experience for them. Experience is everything.

Spellbinding Sales changed the way I approach sales.

(No big deal, right?) My entire perspective has changed – because sales conversations can be more than “Hey. Wanna buy this? No? Ok. Thanks.”

Ardelia Lee

OBM + Business Strategist, Featherwild

Let’s make your sales magical!

Want that broken down some more?

✔️18 video lessons

This is where the magic begins! These no fluff videos will be a resource for you to come back to time and time again.

Each video is between 30-45 minutes, focusing only solely what you need to know to start creating immediate changes.

And if you prefer to take your lessons with you on the run, cool – there’ll be an audio version handy for you too. ($5500 value)

✔️18 hands on Activities

Because these six months aren’t just for you to memorize new ways to do things.

It’s to start making the changes in your energy AND strategy, while getting feedback from me the entire time

Let’s dive in and truly IMPLEMENT our lessons.

 ($7200 value)

✔️6 Group Calls

These are where ahas are bound to happen. We’ll get together, ask questions, and share feedback, and opinions as a sisterhood.

This is individualized time to get my intuition in your business + craft some aligned strategy together.

Show up, share your journey, expect transformation. It’s that simple. ($3000 value)

✔️Big Bonus: Facebook Community for support!

This is always one of my favorite ways to get connected with my clients, and turn this into a magical experience.

Think I’m kidding? My clients say that they’ve received more 1:1 attention from me in my groups, than in other, more expensive programs.

Consider this your new safety net – the home you’ll come to when you need to celebrate, vent, or ask for feedback. You’ll have my eyes on you, as well as my team and the rest of your sisters! ($2400 value)

Total value: $18,100

Your investment? so, so much less.

(Yes really!) 

And there are bonuses!

I’m a big believer that the more you give, the more you receive. Sooooo – if you join the magic before January 15th, 2019,  you’ll receive these goodies!

Mystic Money Quantum Activation (valued at $222)  – This 30 minute 1:1 call will start shifting your energy in ways you can’t imagine! We’ll dive into the quantum heartspace together to shift your blocks, release anything holding you back from receiving, and activate your ability to be a money magnet. This is the most powerful method I’ve EVER used to help clients clear blocks + align their energy!

Spellbinding Sales goodie bag! (valued at $99+)  – Want to get your hands on the exact spiritual tools I use to make my sales process magical? This goodie bag will wind up at your door with allll the tools we’re going to use in the mastermind. Oracle cards to use as signifiers. A gemstone pendulum – intuitively chosen for you, and charged on the quantum field by yours truly. My signature Queen of Sales essential oil blend (I put it on before every sales conversation!).

Kristen has challenged me, witch-slapped me, and inspired me to step into my power like no other mentor I’ve ever had.

Kristen and I immediately clicked when we first connected through Facebook. It helped that two other coaches I admire had recommended her to me, but as I engaged more with her work I knew I wanted to work with her. No, that I NEEDED to work with her.

So when doors opened for Spellbinding Sales program, I knew that was IT. And as soon as I said Yes to joining, I immediately started making more money. It was wild. It wasn’t “strategy”, it was all the energy work and rituals. Even though I had been doing that stuff previously, I hadn’t harnessed the full potential of it, or focused my intention around it. I then decided to continue working with her in the 6 month mastermind – which completely changed my life and business for the better.

Truly, working with Kristen has been a game-changer for my business. I am now enrolling clients at much higher rates than I had thought possible for me, and they are getting incredible results! I love integrating my magic and my marketing savvy, which I had kept kind of separated before.

Kristen has challenged me, witch-slapped me, and inspired me to step into my power like no other mentor I’ve ever had. She has given me tips and tools and strategies that have helped me create passive income streams, explode my sales, and deepen my impact. Kristen is the real deal. And this biz witch is forever grateful.

Flora Ware

Spiritual Life + Business Coach


I get so much great insight every time I talk with her. If you’re looking for a biz coach, this is the one. She’s been heaven sent for me & my business. Straightened all the chaos & made me finally profitable! 💕

Savannah S. Blake

Intuitive Chakra Coach

Ready to join Spellbinding Sales?

We begin on February 13th! 

Are there Other payment Options?

Hell yeah.

And hint hint, there’s bonuses for payment in full. 

Pay in full for the base tier to receive: one 30-minute call to use whenever in the six months. (Value: $277)

Pay in full for the VIP tier to receive: one 60-minute call with me + 5 days private FB Messenger/Voxer access. Hint: those five days are perfect support for a launch or a flash sale!  (Value:$700)

What’s a VIP?

These are the women who want to dive in deep, and really create big momentum! You know that you can do it alone…but you also know that leaning in and getting support will help you amplify your results…and the ease. 

As a VIP, you’ll receive a 30-minute call with me each and every month so we can get specific, align your energy, and craft your personalized plans together!

Maybe you want to chat about your launch plan. Or how to bring in more clients into sales conversations. Or how your sales page can convert more. Or about what you’ve been doing with your lessons.

Whatever you want, this is YOUR time to get my eyes, strategical mind, and energy into your business. And if you get stuck in a tizzy, there’s even emergency time with me so we can smooth out whatever’s causing a panic – whether it’s an energetic thing, or a strategic thing. 

Why am I the right person to guide you?

I help conscious women (like you!) amplify their power to grow their business (and their profits).

I’m an intuitive business strategist who uses ritual, attraction marketing, and Human Design to help women prosper + profit.

Basically, I help women figure out who they truly are + what they’re here to do using Human Design.

Then I bring Human Design, ritual, and million-dollar attraction strategy to help them LIVE that story.

Which means attracting the dream clients, selling and launching sacredly, and stepping into living their dream life.

Kristen Jett, Business Profit Priestess

 Consider me a business High Priestess – leading you to the success and goals in your visions through actionable steps + attraction marketing techniques + energy work. I’m formally trained in attraction marketing… but I got tired of helping million dollar businesses hit their goals and targets.  I wanted to work with clients who were soulful, conscious, and out to change the world, not just make a profit. And let’s be real – those clients were taking a toll on me! My own energy had to align in order for my business to grow, and the shift was working with conscious entrepreneurs.

Your business deserves the same attention and love as those million-dollar businesses  – and I thrive on helping you create the freedom you long for through actionable steps – that aligns you with the energy of success – soulfully + strategically!

I’ve always been that girl who’s really good at making things happen, whether you call that magic or manifestation.

From attracting my soulmate in less than a year after leaving an abusive relationship, to a Porsche Cayenne at an unbelievable price, to meeting + working with my biz idols.

It took me years to consider incorporating this into my business, and things changed instantly. A faucet of dream clients that turns on and off depending on my schedule and needs. Free photoshoots. (Say what?!) Five figure months without hopping on one sales call!

But what if you could learn how to harness your own energy and use it in your business? In your sales process?  To know what to do to clear blocks energetically. To attract clients in through ritual, to build that energetic relationship months before you even launch.

Does that sound good to you? Because it does to me – it’s time for you to step into the magical world of spellbinding sales.

I’ve helped my clients:

Double and triple their sales numbers 🙌🏼

Create + launch their own passive income line 🗝

Get super clear about what the soul of their business wants them to create 🦄

Discover how to receive bigger results…while doing less 🙏🏼

Ready for those results in your business?

Darling, let’s create Spellbinding sales.

What do others say?

Hear from these magical ladies.


From here there is unlimited access to the exact (unique for you) guidance you need to:

– create sold out offerings at the perfect price point

– feel confident raising your rates

– know what to write in your copy

– What strategies to focus on

Her in depth knowledge of effective business strategy and genius intuition will support you in growing your business with total alignment and true magic.

Allison Braun

Business & Lifestyle Success Coach

Kristen is a badass when it comes to all things business done soulful, soulful strategy, and soulful marketing…

and she’s also got this AMAZING gift of being able to see into the soul of your business to really see what your business wants right now, and how it wants to grow.

Sessions with Kristen often confirm what I’ve been feeling lately, show me new paths, and get me SO excited for ALL that is already on the way to me right now, and all that is still to come!

…And after only two, I connected with my first millionairess client!

If you’re needing to connect with the soul of your business in an intimate way that’s really fun, Kristen is your girl.

Jill Galano

Intuitive Mentor

It’s time to make the next year different from all the years before.

It’s time to let your gifts shine.
And it’s time for your bank account to benefit from that.

And…above all, it’s time for you to FEEL GOOD about it.


Why Wait? Let’s Make 2019 – and your Sales Magical!

Now’s the time – we begin February 13th, 2019.