Spellbinding Sales

6-month mastermind to help you make sales sacred, aligned, and easier

WHAT IF making money felt magical for you?

WHAT IF you felt aligned energetically + spiritually when selling or launching?

WHAT IF you could overhaul your sales process to be more of you, more ease, andddddd more profitable?

You can have it all.

It’s not just about framework. It’s not just about ritual. It’s not just about strategy.

Sales are about connection. About alignment. About value.

And Spellbinding Sales is about tapping into your OWN power to create aligned connections with the right clients, and bring them in easily and authentically. 

You’re ready for it to be easy.

You’re ready for it to feel good.

You’re ready for it to feel like ALL of you, instead of someone else’s system or strategy.

Imagine this: 6 months of adding magic into your sales energy – with equal emphasis on the spiritual and strategic sides. (Because both are important, you know?)

For  6 months, you’ll have 3 lessons and one mastermind call each month (so 18 lessons and 6 calls total). There will be recordings, so if you can’t make a live call, I’ve got you covered. If you have questions in-between our calls, you can ask them in our private Facebook group. You’ll have full access to me through our community, and I’ll be in there to support you as you work through the lessons.

These will be easy to digest trainings – with things you can move forward with immediately, not the kind of stuff that ends up living in your Dropbox as a “resource”.

What we’ll cover in Spellbinding sales

We’ll have 3 lessons each month focused around a central theme. Each month’s theme will build on the previous month to create a seamless sales journey for you so you can create one for your potential clients.

Month 1 – getting them to the sale

We’ll kick things off by taking inventory of your beliefs about sales and clearing out the ones that aren’t supporting you (you know you have them). During this time, we’ll also look at your content and messaging to make sure that it’s bringing in potential clients. Finally, we’ll focus on creating or tweaking your product flow, because you need to have a clear path laid out for your clients and potential clients.

month 2 – calling in clients

It’s ritual time! In month 2, we’ll focus on calling in and attracting clients using rituals, meditations, and strategy (because sales is a blend of everything, remember?). We’ll talk about what to do BEFORE sales calls to engage your energy so that you can show up as your most confident, aligned self.

month 3 – sales conversations

It’s time to dive deeper, and we’re doing so with human design. We’ll talk through sales conversations by your human design type and strategy and support you as you begin working with your design. We’ll also talk about structuring sales conversations without following a script or asking really awkward questions. (How’s the weather over there? That’s nice. Do you want to work with me?) *shudders*

month 4 – Closing out conversations

What happens when a client objects to your offer? What happens when they’re overcome by fears? That’s what we’re covering in this month. We’ll work through how to energetically lead clients away from fears and objections and how to follow up with soul. We’ll also talk about energetically closing out people who are in limbo so you can clear up space for new + aligned clients to come in.

month 5 – tweaking your skills

Ever feel like your offers get stale? Then it’s time to clear their energy, and that’s what we’ll be doing in month 5. We’ll also cover how to set boundaries and still sell in a way that’s aligned + easy. Human design comes into play again this month as we talk about how to create content that’s aligned with your strategy and your sales goals.

month 6 – human design + other elements

Our final month together will focus on outside elements that influence how you perceive and handle sales. We’ll revisit your human design type and strategy to ensure that your sales strategy, rituals, and structure works with your design.

Let’s make your sales magical!

Want to be a VIP?

VIPs get 1:1 access to me each and every month!

Maybe you want to chat about your launch plan. Or how to bring in more clients into sales conversations. Or how your sales page can convert more. Or about what you’ve been doing with your lessons.

Whatever you want, this is YOUR time to get my eyes, strategical mind, and energy into your business.


Why am I the right person to guide you?

Kristen Jett, Business Profit Priestess

I help conscious women (like you!) amplify their power to grow their business (and their profits).

I’m an intuitive strategist who uses attraction marketing + Human Design to help women prosper + profit.

Basically, I help women figure out who they truly are + what they’re here to do using Human Design. Then I bring Human Design, ritual, and million-dollar attraction strategy to help them LIVE that story. Which means attracting the dream clients, selling and launching sacredly, and living their 10 of Cups life.

Consider me a business High Priestess – leading you to the success and goals in your visions through actionable steps + attraction marketing techniques + energy work. I’m formally trained in attraction marketing… but I got tired of helping million dollar businesses hit their goals and targets.  I wanted to work with clients who were soulful, conscious, and out to change the world, not just make a profit.

Your business deserves the same attention and love as those million-dollar businesses  – and I thrive on helping you create the freedom you long for through actionable steps – that aligns you with the energy of success – soulfully + strategically!

I’ve always been that girl who’s really good at making things happen, whether you call that magic or manifestation.

From attracting my soulmate in less than a year after leaving an abusive relationship, to a Porsche Cayenne at an unbelievable price, to meeting + working with my biz idols.

It took me years to consider incorporating this into my business, and things changed instantly. A faucet of dream clients that turns on and off depending on my schedule and needs. Free photoshoots. (Say what?!) Five figure months without hopping on one sales call!

But what if you could learn how to harness your own energy and use it in your business? In your sales process?  To know what to do to clear blocks energetically. To attract clients in through ritual, to build that energetic relationship months before you even launch.

Does that sound good to you? Because it does to me – it’s time for you to step into the magical world of spellbinding sales.

I’ve helped my clients:

Double and triple their sales numbers 🙌🏼

Create + launch their own passive income line 🗝

Get super clear about what the soul of their business wants them to create 🦄

Discover how to receive bigger results…while doing less 🙏🏼

Ready for those results in your business?

Darling, Let’s create spellbinding sales for you.

Spellbinding Sales will officially start in January 2019! Save your spot today.


BONUS: mystic money quantum activation

If you join by November 30, then you’ll receive a bonus Mystic Money Quantum Activation with me. This is a 30-minute 1:1 call with me where we run through an energetic activation to clear your money blocks and make things flow.

What do others say? see for yourself!

Kristen has challenged me, witch-slapped me, and inspired me to step into my power like no other mentor I’ve ever had.

Kristen and I immediately clicked when we first connected through Facebook. It helped that two other coaches I admire had recommended her to me, but as I engaged more with her work I knew I wanted to work with her. No, that I NEEDED to work with her.

So when doors opened for her Spellbinding Sales program, I knew that was IT. And as soon as I said Yes to joining, I immediately started making more money. It was wild. It wasn’t “strategy”, it was all the energy work and rituals. Even though I had been doing that stuff previously, I hadn’t harnessed the full potential of it, or focused my intention around it. I then decided to continue working with her in the 6 month mastermind – which completely changed my life and business for the better.

Truly, working with Kristen has been a game-changer for my business. I am now enrolling clients at much higher rates than I had thought possible for me, and they are getting incredible results! I love integrating my magic and my marketing savvy, which I had kept kind of separated before.

Kristen has challenged me, witch-slapped me, and inspired me to step into my power like no other mentor I’ve ever had. She has given me tips and tools and strategies that have helped me create passive income streams, explode my sales, and deepen my impact. Kristen is the real deal. And this biz witch is forever grateful.

Flora Ware

Spiritual Life + Business Coach

Kristen has the special ability to talk to the soul of your business, and to help you to do the same.

From here there is unlimited access to the exact (unique for you) guidance you need to: -create sold out offerings at the perfect price point – feel confident raising your rates – know what to write in your copy – What strategies to focus on Her in depth knowledge of effective business strategy and genius intuition will support you in growing your business with total alignment and true magic.

Allison Braun

Business & Lifestyle Success Coach

Kristen always leads me exactly where I need to be.

I totally owe it to Kristen for teaching me how to step back, stop ‘doing’ and start receiving!

Taiha Perron

Creative Mystic

Kristen is so great that it would have taken me a decade to get to where she put me in just a couple of months!

I get so much great insight every time I talk with her. If you’re looking for a biz coach, this is the one. She’s been heaven sent for me & Vannasana. Straightened all the chaos & made me profitable! 💕

Savannah S. Blake

Intuitive + Chakra Coach , Vannasana Intuitive Coaching


Kristen has been a great teacher for saying yes to abundance. I have to remember that my work is valuable and I’m worth it. She’s really good at helping me with that.


Soulful Copywriter, Lucky Penny Solutions

Why wait? let’s make sales magical!