Spellbinding Sales

13 days of spiritual + strategic sales sorcery

WHAT IF making money felt magical for you?

WHAT IF you felt aligned energetically + spiritually when selling or launching?

WHAT IF you could overhaul your sales process to be more of you, more ease, andddddd more profitable?

You can have it all.

It’s not just about framework. It’s not just about ritual. It’s not just about strategy.

Sales are about connection. About alignment. About value.

And Spellbinding Sales is about tapping into your OWN power to let your energy guide the flow.

You’re ready for it to be easy.

You’re ready for it to feel good.

You’re ready for it to feel like ALL of you, instead of someone else’s system or strategy.

Imagine this: thirteen days of adding magic into your sales energy – with equal emphasis on the spiritual and strategic sides. (Because both are important, you know?)

For 13 weekdays, there will be a live class or interaction workshop every day, either in Facebook or Zoom. And no worries, if you can’t make it at the live time, there will be recordings and you can leave all your questions.

These will be easy to digest trainings – with things you can move forward with immediately, not the kind of stuff that ends up living in your Dropbox as a “resource”.

Why am I the right person to guide you?

Kristen Jett, Business Profit Priestess

I help conscious women (like you!) amplify their power to grow their business (and their profits).

 To grow their profits – by blending spiritual and strategic energies.

Consider me a business High Priestess – leading you to the success and goals in your visions through actionable steps + attraction marketing techniques + energy work.

I’m formally trained in attraction marketing… but I got tired of helping million dollar businesses hit their goals and targets. Well, why should they get all the help? Your business deserves the same attention and love  – and I thrive on helping you create the freedom you long for through actionable steps – that aligns you with the energy of success – soulfully + strategically!

I’ve always been that girl who’s really good at making things happen, whether you call that magic or manifestation.

From attracting my soulmate in less than a year after leaving an abusive relationship, to a Porsche Cayenne at an unbelievable price, to meeting + working with my biz idols.

It took me years to consider incorporating this into my business, and things changed instantly. A faucet of dream clients that turns on and off depending on my schedule and needs. Free photoshoots. (Say what?!) Five figure months without hopping on one sales call!

But what if you could learn how to harness your own energy and use it in your business? In your sales process? 

To know what to do to clear blocks energetically.

To attract clients in through ritual, to build that energetic relationship months before you even launch.

Does that sound good to you? Because it does to me – it’s time for you to step into the mysterious world of spellbinding sales.

I’ve helped my clients:

I call in Coven sistersdouble and triple their sales numbers 🙌🏼

I call in Coven sisterscreate + launch their own passive income line 🗝

I call in Coven sistersget super clear about what the soul of their business wants them to create 🦄

I call in Coven sistersdiscover how to receive bigger results…while doing less 🙏🏼

Ready for those results in your business?

Darling, Let’s create spellbinding sales for you.

Yes, let me in now!

Classes take place from: November 1st – November 17th

Sit back  – We’re going to take your sales from meh to magical!

What we’ll cover in Spellbinding sales

We’ll have three focuses during our time together: getting (the right) people to your sales conversations, the actual conversation, and wtf you do after it.

Getting them to the sale

I call in Coven sistersGetting clarity on who is aligned for your offer/product

I call in Coven sistersHow to use ritual to call in your clients

I call in Coven sistersUsing the soul of your business to call in clients continuously 

The talk (Sorry, not the birds and the bees)

I call in Coven sistersWhat to energetically do before your call – and how to engage your chakras for sales 

I call in Coven sistersHow sales conversations can feel spiritual 

I call in Coven sistersUntraditional methods to sell – cause NO, you don’t need to hop on a call all the time

I call in Coven sistersFeeling into alignment of perspective clients 

after the talk

I call in Coven sistersHow to gracefully + strategically respond to objections 

I call in Coven sistersHow to spiritually lead perspective clients away from fear 
I call in Coven sistersAuthentically following up (ya know, without being pushy, clingy, or desperate!) 
I call in Coven sistersEnergetically closing out energy drains

Let’s break that down, shall we?

Here are your spellbinding options:

Spellbinding Sales: Just the course

Ready to dive in? You’ll get the 13 days of Spellbinding Sales lives, all bonuses, and a full energetic + strategic overhaul of your sales process.

Investment: $333 – or two payments of $177.

(Just choose one of the buttons below!)

Spellbinding Sales + Aligned Abundance

Want a little 1:1 attention to accompany this energetic + strategic overhaul?

In addition to the full Spellbinding Sales Course and allll bonuses, you’ll receive:

  • spellbinding sales courseOne custom abundance alignment ritual
  • spellbinding sales courseThree 1:1 calls for strategy, energetic clearings + spiritual support (I recommend one a month)
  • spellbinding sales courseThree months Voxer access for support  + advice in between
  • spellbinding sales courseGoodie box of high vibe surprises in the mail
  • spellbinding sales course 25% credit towards any program if you continue working 1:1 with Kristen

Investment: 1 payment of $1997 OR 4 payments of $555 OR  5 payments of $444


BONUS: Overcome Your Fear of Selling EFT Video Series

If your throat feels tight when you go to talk about what you actually do and what you charge, these tapping videos from Jackie McDonald is exactly what you need to start shining your light. Clear the blocks around feeling confident, calm, and aligned before you hop on a sales call (or a Facebook live!).

BONUS: Extra lessons, what?

For every 7 women who join, an extra lesson will be added, up to 7 extra days! Lessons will be customized depending on what exactly YOU need.

What do others say? see for yourself!

Kristen has the special ability to talk to the soul of your business, and to help you to do the same.

From here there is unlimited access to the exact (unique for you) guidance you need to:
-create sold out offerings at the perfect price point
– feel confident raising your rates
– know what to write in your copy
– What strategies to focus on

Her in depth knowledge of effective business strategy and genius intuition will support you in growing your business with total alignment and true magic.

Allison Braun

Business & Lifestyle Success Coach


I owe so many changes of my business to Starlit Strategies.  Before her? I’d LOL at me trying to put these giant ideas together – and actually finishing them? No way. I am on fire now. Seriously. If you need direction in your business, you need Kristen in your life.

In less than 3 months, I’ve launched two new projects, gained 15 new clients, more clarity about how to use my gifts – and a hell of a lot more focus.

I have never felt more grounded or more confident in what I do.

Dee Fells

Intuitive Coach + Tarot Reader, Dee Fells Intuitive Coaching

KRISTEN IS a visionary.

She sees what’s ahead – often long before you do! Her witchslaps and laser insights are above and beyond what most people are capable of.  She’ll tap into your true power and amplify it, all in a way that gives you more purpose, more power, more magic.

You’ll never believe that business – and your own gift – could be so effortless.

Jessica Hill

Intuitive Coach , Jessica Hill Coaching

Kristen always leads me exactly where I need to be.

I totally owe it to Kristen for teaching me how to step back, stop ‘doing’ and start receiving!

Taiha Perron

Creative Mystic

Kristen is so great that it would have taken me a decade to get to where she put me in just a couple of months! I get so much great insight every time I talk with her.

If you’re looking for a biz coach, this is the one. She’s been heaven sent for me & Vannasana. Straightened all the chaos & made me profitable! 💕

Savannah S. Blake

Intuitive + Chakra Coach , Vannasana Intuitive Coaching


Kristen has been a great teacher for saying yes to abundance. I have to remember that my work is valuable and I’m worth it. She’s really good at helping me with that.


Soulful Copywriter, Lucky Penny Solutions

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