Let’s shift your relationship with selling in just 5 days.

Let me guess. You want more sales, but no matter what you do, you get the same results.

You’ve used all the scripts. You’ve tried all the strategies. You even followed that one uber-popular sales guru’s program. And you’re still not seeing the sales you need.

It’s not you boo – it’s the system. Learning how to sell better isn’t ENOUGH. You have to focus on realigning your energy and your sales strategy. You need to dig up the roots of your old sales pattern, before adding layers of new strategy over top.

Let’s make sales feel easy in just 5 days with the free Shift Your Sales Party!

We’re working with BOTH the energetic + strategic shifts you need to make your relationship with sales easy, breezy, your way.

On Monday, February 8, the Shift Your Sales Party will open! But make sure you really dig in while you can, because everything will go poof after 21 days!

Our sales shifting party is going to look like this:

Day One: Quantum Work: Your New Energetic Minimum

Ever feel like your income has just plateaued? Before we dive into the ins and outs of selling, we have to shift your relationship with receiving from selling. This meditation will help you feel into what you’re allowing yourself to receive and majorly turn up your receiving dial! – from this alone, some of my clients have created 20K months!

Day Two: Discovering Your Foundation: Who You Serve + How You Serve

Here’s the thing – if your business revolves around two main elements: who you serve + how you serve. And either of them feels a little shaky, your entire business is shaky.

We’ll be exploring:

  • what you really need to know about your clients to connect with them
  • one of my favorite ways to tap into the frequency of your future clients
  • the three tiers of the dream client pyramid – and to start working with them
  • what an irresistible offer looks like
  • and what’s the one thing people often leave out when crafting offers + services

Day Three: Opening Up to Client Attraction

If you’re not calling in your future clients BEFORE you start selling, you’re already starting off a few steps behind. I’m sharing my favorite energetic processes to call in clients, as well as the tangible actions you can take to attract aligned clients before you launch or open up your doors.

Day Four: Connecting Deeply With Clients

To connect with your clients, you have to know who they are – and you have to show them that.
Today we’ll be exploring the process of selling through connection. If you’ve ever had a sales conversation (or been on the other side of one) that made you feel a little icky, THIS is the day you’ve been waiting for!

We’ll cover:

  • forming that connection with your future clients
  • leading potential clients through a conversation that feels good
  • how BOTH of you can gauge alignment of working together

Day Five: Tapping Into Your Business

It’s hard to grow your business if you’re not TAPPED into your business and building a relationship with it. On day five, you’ll be exploring the soul of your business through meditation – noticing what needs more attention, releasing some energy, and helping it anchor in business intentions for you. (Because you shouldn’t be holding ALL the efforts of your business yourself!)

You’ll receive one of my favorite soul of the business meditations to help you start tapping in!

Ready for sales to start feeling good?

The party starts Monday, February 8!

After working through the Shift Your Sales Party, I felt so energized and joyful!

I feel like it had a lot to do with the quantum meditation. I felt so CLEAR and grounded after! I’m getting so much out of this – and it’s only five days!

Quinn Downie, Human Design Projector

Hey y’all, I’m Kristen Jett!

I work with entrepreneurs who want to make both an impact – and a profit.

I believe that you should feel safe in your business. I believe that it should be aligned with your personality, your values, and your energy levels. You’re not a cookie-cutter – and your business shouldn’t be one either.

I created a signature sales program – Spellbinding Sales – that helps visionary entrepreneurs realign their sales (and whole business!) to themselves, their energy, and their vision of success. Your business isn’t a sugar cookie – how you sell shouldn’t feel like a template either. This series is built on the same pillars that lead my clients to successes + big wins like 40K+ launches, booking out their business, and more inside Spellbinding Sales!

Before switching to work with more conscious entrepreneurs, I spent over fifteen years creating + facilitating million dollar marketing strategy, sales funnels, and launch campaigns for companies we’re all familiar with. But underneath it all, it’s really about two things: connecting with your clients, and creating massive + recognizable transformation for them.

And if we can build it in the way that’s most aligned with your energy? That’s the glue that holds everything all together.