Shift Your Fear Into BIG Impact

Spring is supposed to be a time of birth. Clearing. Cleaning. Renewal.

And while the world is a mess right now, who’s to say that’s not what’s happening?

First: Let’s explore your feelings.

Whatever you’re feeling, know that it’s okay. There is a lot going on in the world right now, and it’s all brand new. Regardless of if you get sick, there’s a million ways you, your business, and your family can be affected. It’s okay to feel whatever you’re feeling. (That doesn’t mean you have to DWELL in it though – we can explore what needs to be explored, and shift it.)

✨ What emotions are you feeling?
✨ What’s underneath those emotions? What’s the root beneath the surface?
✨ What type of support do you need around this?

I’ve had to sift through my own feelings, and look at my Human Design to see what was at the base of my energy. The biggest things popping up for me have been storing things. I have a LOT of food/chemical sensitivities (no surprise- many of us who are energy sensitive do)… which means I can’t just buy most of the food or personal care supplies in the grocery market and be okay. There’s the question of do I stock up on a couple of staples in case this continues for months, and people keep buying everything out? Do I buy my own wheat mill so I can grind my own flour and oat bran?

And for me…the root beneath the surface is my business’s prosperity profile is what seems the most prominent right now – Accumulating and Solid. For my business to feel energetically secure, I need energy flowing in + a reserve of security. As right now security is quite literally “If we stay on this trajectory, will I easily be able to get things that don’t make me sick?”, of COURSE energy would be directing me to the nagging feeling that I need MORE to be secure. (Don’t get me wrong – I buy in bulk anyway, so I’m good on food for at least a few weeks!)

I’m ALSO very curious what Baby Starlit’s prosperity profile will be, as that could add further depth…but we’ll be waiting until August for that. 😂

Second: Let’s shift whatever energy is stirring.

Now that you know what you’re feeling, it’s time to MOVE it.

The predominant things I’m hearing from people are questions about how this is going to affect your business, or how it already is. (Which – it will. It doesn’t matter how secure your business is,

So, first- take a step back from whatever is happening. Is a client late? Take a deep breath. Is your in person work canceled for a few weeks minimum? Take another breath. Not sure how to launch your thing now? Keep breathing.

Breathing isn’t going to fix everything – but it CAN put your energy back into alignment. What’s happening is happening. Our job is to shift with it. You can lead, or you can be lead. And right now is the call for all of us to anchor into our mission, into our energy, and spread it further (and YES you can still do this while acknowledging whatever fears, doubts, concerns, etc that may be shifting for you right now). If we’re the changemakers, the ripplemakers, the light shining in the dark – this is our time to SHOW that.

Which business wise, means lean in. Where do your clients + future clients need support on the most right now? Where do they need help shifting, adapting, or maybe even surviving?

Note: In order to know this, this means you DO have to know who your clients are, what they need, and how to speak about your offers to them in a way that connects. Stay tuned – I’ll be releasing + rereleasing some freebies and low cost work specifically around that in the next couple weeks.

If you don’t already have a really clear product flow in your business, this is what I’m recommending the most to help stabilize income, especially for the long term. (Ironically, this was my big goal for 2020 – revamping ours!)

What this could look like:
✨ Intro single session offer → Group support → 1:1 offer

✨ Freebie → Small product → Mini course → Group program

(If you’re struggling with this, lemme know so I have something to respond to! This is another thing that I’m leaning towards talking about in April + maybe doing a super special beta of the thing I’ve been semi creating on the downlow, because creating flow in our business that doesn’t require us to be ON all the time + automating ways of working with us are going to be big for probably at least the rest of 2020 with all of this going on.)

Want Some Extra Resources?

🌟 Shelby Melissa is hosting a free series on Creating Impact In Turbulent Times. (

🌟 If you want to take it a little easy + write, National Novel Writing Month is doing a Stay Home Writing Month. (

🌟 Feeling overwhelmed by all the information out there? Carrie Mallon wrote a handy post!

🌟 Lori Robin has been hosting a #CommutetoCommunity series on little ways to shift your energy, the weekly energy, and more.
(Hint – you can find her on Instagram and join in!)

🌟 Want to know how to better mentally survive working from home if it’s new to you? Check out this from Deborah Beckwin.

🌟 Curious how Human Design transits are affecting what we’re moving through right now? Pam December did a video here:

🌟 If you’re parenting while working, here’s a great resource for educational activities/resources to keep your kids learning AND busy.

🌟 …and virtual storytime ( and zoo + aquarium videos (

🌟 And if you’re also pregnant, Motherly has made their birthing class free.

Need Some Energy Healing?

🌟 Anna Rude has been hosting some live events in her facebook group

🌟 Safra Turner is also doing drop in blue ray healings in her facebook group

🌟 If you’re an overwhelmed mom, you can find healing sessions for you + your littles in Heart Centered Healing with Danica.

🌟 The Expansion Principle + Dr. Alexis Edwards are hosting a series of healing transmissions for the collective.

🌟 Kelci Page has opened up Realign + Shine chakra alignment sesisons + sliding scale HeartSpace sessions to help you process and shift what’s stirring right now.

Whew! I think that’s everything. Stay safe. Stay centered into yourself. And wash your damn hands.

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