Biz Confession: Resistance or a hell no?

Also known as why I decided to shut down a launch after just a week

You guys know how I like to be open about business – well today is REALLY open.

Recently someone asked me how to know whether you’re just feeling resistance to something (and need to work through it) or if the Universe is telling you no. Super good question…especially since as she asked, I realized I was going through exactly this at the time. Whoops.

I’m going to go through my story – see if you can tell where I slipped up! – and then give you ways to help you tell the difference between resistance or a big hello no from the Universe.

I’m a planner by nature. You guys know that, right? Like…one of my favorite things to do with clients is to plan out their year and figure out how to make all their BIG ideas flow together.

So I’d had the Cosmic Roots launch planned for awhile. I’d run the full concept by people and they LOVED it. Six months of working on success from both the business side and the spiritual side? Yes please. I’d roped Dee Fells in to provide extra mindset love. I was ready.

I even knew I’d need extra flexibility as I figured (rightly) that resistance would come up as it’s the biggest launch I’ve ever done for myself, personally. And doing things for yourself is waaaaay different than doing it for other people. I felt funny for a little bit – but I figured it was because the end of the year was exhausting me spiritually – then I adjusted my plan to be even more spacious and ease-filled thanks to some intuitive pulls.

I launched Woo Your Wealth (22 day challenge helping you transform your relationship with money). I created half of a really fun quiz that’ll be revealed later. I felt really really really good.

Until a couple days before launch.

And then I suddenly got hit with “You should launch Profit + Soul instead.” What. What even is that. That is crazy talk. There was no sales page for that. I hadn’t talked to the person that I intuitively *thought* was the second host. There was no preparation for it whatever. There was no way I could launch something else. I didn’t even have a plan for that!

I thought about running it by my mastermind group. But I didn’t want to seem like I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m the strategist – I’m not supposed to not strategically know what I’m doing! What if they thought I was making beginner mistakes? What if they thought I was a phony?

Can we say: Hello, ego led fears?

I told myself it was just resistance. I launched on Thursday. It was exciting. It was freeing. Yet…it still didn’t feel complete.

By Wednesday, I was confessing to my mastermind sisters that I just wasn’t as excited about it as I thought I would be. Something just felt…off.

Pivotal moment: on that weekly mastermind call, my sisters asked me “Would you still feel this way if the course was completely filled? My immediate answer was yes. Then it dawned on me. Completely filled…was a lot of people. That would be six figures. Six figures and I would STILL feel like this was the wrong move right now.

Bottom line: Cosmic Roots wasn’t quite ready to be birthed.

So, Cosmic Roots is returning energetically to its home for now. Dee and I will mull it out to see what needs to be shifted – and it may not even be anything. It may just be one – or both of us – need to experience something else first. It may be as simple as the Universe doesn’t want me doing it at the same time as the Next Big Thing I’m bringing loose. (Hint: My work with me page has a revelation.)

What to do now? I went back to meditation. Let myself travel down the energy cords of all the potential projects Starlit Strategies has open to see which was the strongest, the most joyful, and which was calling to me the most. Jumped energetic possibilities with my coach. And came back to the same thing – Profit + Soul, a group class I wasn’t planning on even looking at for months! Basically, if you loved Woo Your Wealth, you’ll love this! Same setup, but spaced apart more, and even more guidance and love there.

Imagine: weekly spiritual + business lessons with a mixture of rituals, affirmations, prompts, and EFT to help actually clear away any blocks, fears, or resistance. An accountability group to cheer you on, keep you working, and form new bonds with. Two coaches. 9 months. Under 2K. Stay tuned! (Or if you want to grab your spot like omg immediately, send me a message and I’ll hook you up with an early bird price + some extra love!)

So, how can you know if it’s just resistance, or the Universe is telling you no?

Pay attention to your first reactions.

Where are they coming from? Do they feel like fear? Nerves? Or something more.

If you feel generally unsettled, it could be resistance.

If you feel drained, or like you’re hitting a wall – it’s more likely to be the Universe trying to send a message.

Use intuitive tools.

I always use tarot cards for my clients’ launches…but I didn’t do a read right before launching for me. I went solely with my February read and that was all. (In case you were curious, my Feb read was about shifting the way to a new potential. 😂)

Speak up about it.

Ask your mentors. Ask your coaches. Ask your biz besties. Get feedback. Don’t bury it all down.

I do wonder if I had spoken to my mastermind earlier, if I would have released Cosmic Roots or all – or if it would have been Profit + Soul. We’ll never know.

Is your ego getting involved?

Ask yourself WHY you want to continue. If your answers include things like “So people don’t think I’m a failure” or “So I don’t look wishy washy” – that’s your ego talking. That’s a good indicator that you need to give everything a strong second look.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How would I feel if I didn’t do this?
  2. How would I feel if I did something else?
  3. How would I feel if I came back to this later?
  4. How would I feel if this sells outs completely?
  5. Would I still feel the same if it made 5K? 15K? 50K? 100K? Note where any changes happen for you.
  6. What are my goals around this? Can I reach them another way?
  7. How could I feel better about this?

Personally, I think the Cosmic Roots launch was a great thing for me. I moved through a lot of resistance. I learned new lessons. I got clarity on what energetically seems aligned for me to support right now. I’m not diving into working with a group yet…but maybe the Universe can get me back on the same or better timeline.


Kristen Jett

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