Profit + Soul? Yes, please!

Imagine feeling SO connected to the spirit of money that you could release the insecurity & fear that is holding you back or keeping you stuck? Imagine waking up in the morning with unshakable confidence and courage that you have what it takes to make it happen and succeed.

On the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship it can be easy to get sucked into uncertainty and fear while when some months are quieter than others.

We want to change that.

Are you ready to add Profit + Soul to your business? Get in for just $1111 or $216 a month until May 25th!

What’s Included?:

::  Not 1, but 2 AMAZING coaches at an AMAZING price!

Kristen Jett ~ The intuitive marketing expert, who teaches you not only how to set soulful strategies for your biz, but sprinkles in the spiritual goodness your SOUL needs to really expand in your biz. She takes errrrrthing she’s learned over the past decade of working with million dollar corporate clients plus her love of soulful goodness for a powerful combination of coaching your soul has been dreaming of!

Jackie McDonald ~ An amazing success coach and highly gifted certified advanced EFT practitioner, who helps you not only figure out where your blocks are in your life and your biz, she will help you tap right through them allowing you to BREAKTHROUGH all of your blocks, so you can finally start manifesting your heart’s true desires.

:: 6 Months of support

In this program, you’ll receive love and support for 6 full months, from both coaches as well as your Profit + Soul sisters! Talk about sisterhood! Breakthroughs and Biz dreams coming true, and a full support system to share ALL of it with throughout your journey!

::  Weekly Lessons + Action Steps

Because we’re ALL about taking inspired action, and mapping the steps out for you, so you’re not only learning, but ready to implement these steps so your business can expand even more!

:: Weekly EFT Tapping Videos

EFT videos that help you conquer any fears that might come up as we work through each module together. So if for example, we’re talking about sales conversations one week… and you’re soaking in all of the knowledge shared but you still freeze up when you start to think about asking for money, let’s move past that fear.  Instead of spinning in that negativity, you can go to this week’s video with Jackie and tap it out to release that block immediately!

:: Monthly Group Calls

Each month we’ll gather together for our group call to connect even further. We’ll go over the new lessons, as well as any questions or areas you may be struggling with, to be sure we can support you even more. We want this to be a special time of connection and sisterhood, a call that you can’t wait to hop with us on every month!

:: Monthly LIVE Tapping Experiences

Throughout your journey, we’ll have LIVE tapping experiences with Jackie! These are such a special experience where she’ll lead you through a tapping session to help you clear the blocks that have been holding you back. You’ll experience some powerful breakthroughs that set you free to expand your business and fully manifest all of those big biz dreams on your heart. Tapping is the secret sauce to truly experiencing emotional freedom, so you can connect to your highest vibration, your highest version of yourself, and truly start manifesting in a super powerful way.

:: Special Secret Guests

How FUN right? We have some amazing special guests lined up just for you!  They were chosen not only for their expertise, but also because we just know they all add something really special and who doesn’t love BONUS secret guest appearances?

Soulful Strategic Business Support + EFT + Manifesting Magic + 2 Intuitive Coaches

= Profit + Soul!   

The Total Soulful, Strategic Package for your Biz!

Does this sound like a dream come true? Are you ready to add Profit + Soul to your business? Get in for just $1111 or $216 a month until May 25th!

Pay full price and you get a virtual retreat of marketing + tapping day with both Kristen and Jackie!  

Some of the topics we’ll be covering include:

  • Connecting with the Spirit of Money.
  • Allowing yourself to truly receive.
  • Aligned goal setting + planning
  • How to show VALUE to your potential customers.
  • Building trust with your dream clients.
  • Infusing Love + Soul into your marketing.

It’s not just about strategy, it’s about connecting with the spirit of money.

Are YOU ready to add some  Profit + Soul for your Biz?

How do I join?

Just click the buttons below! You can choose to pay all at once to get an extra special bonus – or take it easy and go month by month.

Remember: earlybird pricing will be flying out of here on May 25th! 

I'll pay monthly, thanks

  • 6 Months Soulful Biz Support from Jackie + Kristen
  • Weekly Biz Action Tips + Lessons
  • Weekly Tapping Videos
  • Monthly Live Tapping + Marketing Sessions
  • No Live Retreats

How can tapping help you earn more?

If you haven’t tried EFT yet, it’s also called tapping – you tap along points along your body while connecting to how you feel about fears/feelings/doubts/affirmations.

I know. It sounds entirely woo – but it uses the same points as acupuncture and allows you to clear those fears out of your body. To unblock yourself fully. To sink positive energy further into your body.

The first time I tried it…I wasn’t sold on it. I didn’t even try again for years – until I met Jackie! After seeing her tap for just a few minutes I knew there’s something to this EFT thing after all.

I’ve used tapping in so many ways – here’s a few:

  • before sales calls to help me connect more confidently + feel my worth
  • to lose fear before recording videos
  • to amplify my affirmation + intention setting practice
  • before reaching out to someone for an interview or a special proposal
  • to lessen anxiety during transitions in my business
  • …and when I’m coming straight up against fear in spiritual situations. (Yeah, it works here too!)

What’s been holding you back in your business? What if you could move past it in just a few moments?

Basically, EFT has helped me earn more  – and more easily.

What could it do for you if you had weekly guidance on it to amplify the business moves you’re making?

Let's grow your business soulfully!

Claim soul for your business now and get 6 months of soulful business guidance for as little as $1111 or $216 a month! Earlybird pricing ends on May 25th, so you don’t want to wait!

PLUS, if you pay full price you get  a BONUS virtual retreat of marketing + tapping day with both Kristen and Jackie!

Marketing + EFT