4 Ways To Profit During Mercury Retrograde

So, it’s Mercury Retrograde…what does that mean for your business?

If you’re not familiar with Mercury Retrograde, this is the time when you’ll hear people complaining of broken computers…or losing all their data…or having those pesky exes mysteriously showing up.

Mercury retrograde is when Mercury appears to be going backwards in the sky. Since Mercury rules communication and travel, anything related to this can go a little…haywire. Don’t fret  – it’s NOT solely a bad thing.

But what does Mercury Retrograde mean for your business?

You’ll often hear “Don’t sign contracts. Don’t make big plans! Don’t travel.” Well, that’s fine and dandy, but what CAN you do?

Take a deep breath. It doesn’t have to be as bad as everyone makes it out to be. All you have to do is flow with it – instead against it. Sign those contracts – just read them twice beforehand. If you’re the one sending the contracts, make sure they don’t go to spam or go forgotten. Check that you have clauses for things like returns or how to end the contract if either of you want to. Make sure all the little things are covered.

Want your business to profit during #MercuryRetrograde? Learn how to flow with it – not against it.

Here’s how to profit during #MercRx

Reach out to old clients and potential clients.

Instead of letting people only get messages from their exes, why not let them get some love from you?

Check in. Remind people that you care about them. Send that gift you’ve been meaning to send. Ask them how they’ve been doing. Tell them how you can help them. It’s a time to reconnect.

Use the Force for good. Profit during Mercury Retrograde by reconnecting with past clients.

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Offer a beta program.

You know that idea you’ve been sitting on – well, now’s the time to get people in it and work on the kinks. Get validation that your clients WANT this. Return to the original vision and make this the class/package/program that you envision.

What didn’t you like before? What didn’t work before? Are there areas you’re not sure if they flow? Figure out your main concerns – and use this time to have someone go through and experience this, while helping you address them.

And yes, you CAN charge for your beta programs. You’re getting insight and maybe a testimonial. They’re getting the material for a lower cost – and likely extra attention if they have questions! It’s a great energy exchange.

Bonus points if this a program you’ve offered before or are in someway revising.

Review your packages.

If you’re like most people, your set your packages and leave them. But the magic happens when you transform them as your business transforms.

Take a look at what is bringing in the most profits. Can you determine why these are connecting so well with your constellation of clients? What do they love about this? How can you infuse MORE of that into your business?

Now, what’s bringing in the least profits? Take a good long look at this.

  • Is this something you’re not promoting as much?
  • Does it need a new name?
  • Is it the wrong price? (Wrong price can be too low just as much as it can be too high. Your price creates trust, after all!)
  • Does it not include enough to fulfill everything your clients need? – If so, is this something you can fix simply by adding a bonus on?
  • Do your clients just not want it?

Map Your Profits

Oh, not sure where your profits are coming from? Well, it’s a good thing this is a fabulous time to map out your profits too.

Get really clear on what months are profit months for you – and what is bringing in those profits. From there, you can figure out how to make your profits more consistent from month to month (and how to increase those profits).

Plan, plan, plan

I’ve said it before – Mercury Retrograde can actually be a REALLY good thing when it happens at the end of the year. You’re already planning and reviewing anyway – why not have the stars support that? Figure out what worked for you this year…and what didn’t. Figure out how you can address what didn’t work. Create a new detailed plan for the next 90 or 180 days. Map out a new foundation and vision for the next twelve months.

(Hint: If you don’t want to do it alone, I can help you with both of these! ❤️ )

(And if you read this at another time of the year, it’s still a good time to review, analyze, and reposition your plans!)

Kristen Jett

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