On Knowing Your Own Value

Hey! Do pieces of this blog look familiar? I’ve brought it over from my old blog  and given it a makeover for my life now.

I used to run my business from my phone. Seriously. In a dark room, with a baby sleeping on my lap.

See, the thing they don’t tell you about newborns is that like a business, each one is different. Each needs new things, and a different strategy. Mine? Well, the best strategy I figured out was to keep him sleeping on my lap, and work around him. See, if he didn’t get enough sleep, he got night terrors. Horrible moments of him screaming and flailing with absolutely nothing you can do. Him getting enough sleep quickly became my number one priority for every day – equals he slept on my lap, stays warm and cozy, and I tapped tapped tapped my biz on the go.

What does this have to do with anything? I want to talk about value. The value I bring to my clients, the value of Starlit Strategies.

Knowing your own value is intrinsically linked to your own success.

I’ve been in marketing for over fifteen years now – but I knew I’d be in business long before that. I grew up in the South  – where if a girl expresses interest in having the finer things in life she’s quickly told, “You better marry rich.”

My go to reply? Was always “Oh, I plan on making more money than my husband, but thank you.”  I was going to have it all – the family, freedom, the money, the 10 of Cups life – I just didn’t know how.

When you think of value, you often think of numbers, right? The monetary value.

But value comes in more than one way. There’s different types of value – including both the value in helping someone’s business grow, and the value in helping someone grow.

I work with both marketing agencies (and their end clients), as well as soulful entrepreneurs – and it’s a great fit as I can bring something from both worlds to their marketing and business strategies. The corporate world gets a little out of the box thinking, and my clients here get corporate strategy applied to their not so corporate business. Actionable woo woo. Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean your strategy has to be small – or what everyone else is doing. The key to a great strategy is finding what fits best for each brand personality, and regurgitating someone else’s plan isn’t that.

Just because you’re a small biz doesn’t mean your strategy has to be small – or what everyone else is doing.”

It’s easy to list the monetary achievements. They’re black and white. Graphable. Chartable. Spreadsheetable.

  • My biggest client ever estimated their marketing budget at 2.4 million a year.
  • I’ve taken clients from being hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to making $100K in a day.
  • My digital marketing agency soared past my last corporate job in its first month.

But there’s more to value than just business growth. What about the soul?

The women I work with usually come in with similar reasons as I first did– they want their freedom. Or they want to be able to support their family. Or they just want to feel independent. Or all of the above. And it’s my job to help them find that core reasoning, even if they haven’t admitted it. To figure out what success looks for like specifically for them – because it’s different for every single person.

Whether they want to learn how to create their own marketing strategy, or just want a strategy that works for them, every soulful entrepreneur I work with wants freedom: the ability to make their own educated decision about their marketing moves – without second guessing them each and every time.

It’s my job to lead ladies into confidence around their marketing strategy – and the passion to commit to their goals.

Sure, growing your business is great – and something you’ll do. But what’s most important is the ability to go from feeling lost in your own biz to feeling like you’re the one drawing the map. And that’s more value than money alone.

Kristen Jett

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