November Intentions

Since I started posting my monthly intentions, I keep hearing just how much of a difference people are noticing in their own businesses once they set their intentions.

Setting your energy + intentions for the month helps your business stay aligned with success.

What Happened Last Month

I was in the midst of website launch prep last month so I didn’t post my intentions anywhere, but oh hey I rebranded! Which you know. Because you’re here.

I’d also set intentions surrounding the business retreat I attended – to get great insights + map out my entire 2017. There’s definitely some flexibility (and I need to have Dee Fells run astrology charts on launch dates!) , but I feel pretty pleased with the general flow I have mapped out. It definitely feels like I accomplished a lot in those 5 days – on top of all the workshops and other planning that was done!

November Intentions

Word of the Month: Allow

This is totally going to be my word for 2017 too, but it keeps coming up this month. In the entrepreneurial world, we’re often told to push, push push. That we *have* to constantly sell. That we *have* to do X things a day to make sales. That we have to constantly do this and do that. It’s…a lot of masculine energy.

Yeah. I’m tired of that.

[clickToTweet tweet=”You can’t receive what the Universe is giving you if you are constantly in push push push mode.” quote=”You can’t receive what the Universe is giving you if you are constantly in push push push mode.”]

Oracle Card of the Month: “Prosperity’s sisters are happiness and joy” – from the Sacred Creator Oracle

I set my intentions before drawing a card…and this is spot on! This deck is especially for makers + entrepreneurs and I was curious how it would work for this.

I interpret this as:

  • Build your prosperity from a state of positivity.
  • Don’t diminish your success with shame, blame, or comparisons.
  • Keep looking for sisterhood.

Main Intention: Be Flexible

Confession:  this is a weird month for me. I’m planning to be flexible because there are all sorts of things happening at home, and I’m not yet sure how much help I’ll have with Baby…which means I’m not sure how many hours I have to split between two businesses.  So I’m giving myself the space to allow changes, and the space to be okay with everything not happening at the timeline I would want it to. (That’s when the magic happens after all.)

Lesser Intentions

Hire someone for the other business!

It’s time for growth – end of story. This one *should* be easy enough to fulfill – I’ve already spoken to someone whose energy is perfect. I mean, hello, she manifested her dream car recently! Something I can totally relate to.

Open up my new package: Aligned Abundance

So one of the things that came from the retreat is a fun new package – and it was entirely an accident! After dinner + drinks one night, Katya from Reach and Make Millions asked me a pivotal question: what’s the best manifestation tip that you have that isn’t the same thing I’ve heard time and time before? My answer? Ritual.

And from there…magic happened. Stay tuned – if my intentions come true, you’ll see the magic soon!

Let my light shine

So this may sound like a weird one, but it’s Scorpio season. This time of year I tend to get quieter than usual – lots of internal journeying. I’m still going to make my internal journeys and quests…but I don’t need to be quite so hermity about it!

What intentions are you setting this month? I want to hear about them!


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