Meet the Goddesses

Curious what other Goddess options there are? Maybe what Goddess your clients might be?
Meet the other Goddess archetypes to understand who is ruling the soul of other businesses. You may even see mirror pieces of yourself in another archetype!

Haven’t taken the quiz yet? Take a stroll over here to discover which Goddess your business is – and what that means for your client manifestation, productivity, and your goals.


Connecting with your clients is the most important piece of the puzzle – if you aren’t connecting, it’s not working. Everything about your biz oozes beauty and attention to detail—from the extra flourish in your graphics to the soft palette of your website. You’re excellent at attracting traditionally feminine clients and projects that require an artistic flare.


Everything about your biz screams “freedom!”—from your smooth automated systems to your cabin-in-the-woods set-up. Women looking for a one-to-one connection totally vibe with your biz, and projects that allow you to hang onto your freedom are likely to show up on your doorstep.


Calling all high-achievers—that’s what vibe your biz is giving off. You’ll never be short on powerful, business-oriented clients who are in it to win it. Projects that are logical and focused on building a structure will win you over when they show up in your inbox.


Your gentle, Mother Earth vibe seeps through your business and the projects you attract—think guest posts on prominent mommy blogs and products and services to ease the stress of working mothers. Your specialty is children, so it’s no surprise that most of your clients have families of their own.

No children of your own? No worries – you’re still a nurturer at heart, whether you’re nurturing your clients’ growth in their field, or coaching someone to success.


All things mystical and mysterious are right up your alley, and your business is proof of it—from your alluring copy language to the soulful vibe you inject into every project you work on. Be willing to lend a listening ear to the vulnerable and spiritually-inclined who always seem to come your way.


Your biz is all about displaying and upholding the sanctity of relationships. For a literal example, think elegant wedding photography and interior design projects. You’re not going to be your client’s BFF, but they’ll respect and honor your guidance. Home is your haven, and your clients often look to you to for advice on how to balance home and marriage while pursuing their passions.


You may just be getting started in the biz world or going through some big changes, and you feel like you haven’t quite figured out your brand—do you want to project power or innocence? Bolster your website with bold typography or soft colors? Listen to your intuition and don’t be afraid to cross the threshold to solidifying your dreams.