Map Your Magic

Let’s create your profitable 2018!

are you ready to only take aligned actions in your business?

To get more done…in less time?

What if you knew where the magic will happen?

Map Your Magic: Aligned Action Plans

No, for once, I don’t mean divination! I mean being able to look at your 2018 overview – and know where the magic is happening. Knowing where sales are likely to come from, what packages and services are best for you to market on any particular month – and even knowing when you’re creating new things for your client loves.

Knowing how you’re creating all the big things you want to create, while increasing profits…and your free time. Taking only aligned actions so your time is spent on the best biz moves. More ease, less hustle. More joy. More profits.

For years, I’d spend half of January finessing my plan for that year – and feeling like I was already behind schedule. There had to be another way, right? Sure, I love those bazillion page workbooks (and I still do them!), but those don’t tell me what I need to know about my business in just one glance.

Things like:

  • ⭐️my most galactic, dreamworthy goals and intentions for the year

  • ⭐️the most important focus for each quarter

  • ⭐️whether it makes the most sense to focus on profits or visibility (or something else) on a particular month

  • ⭐️the best packages/products my clients will be interested in each month – and how I can help them in other ways!

  • ⭐️where my income should be coming from – and exactly how that ideally breaks downs

  • ⭐️the top 3-6 tasks for each month – you know, the ones that actually affect my BIG dreams and goals…so I know where to focus to create the most impact

There’s a better way to plan out your year – and it doesn’t involve months and months of preparation!

Craft Your Vision

How do you want 2018 to look? To feel?

It’s time to be purposeful about time, profits, energy, and joy. Let’s create abundance with ease. Let’s craft a 2018 business vision you can’t wait to step into!

Set Your Financial Goals

So you know what you *want* to earn next year….but do you know where that’s actually coming from? I’ll guide you through a deep dive so we can see where your focus should be – and if you’re reaching for high enough goals.

Map Your Vision

In 3 days, your vision + soul strategy becomes a full map for 2018 with directions for each quarter, and the big tasks for each month. Everything flows together to create your idea of ease + joy.

Map Your Magic



Imagine having the entire direction of your business mapped out for you – before 2018 even begins. Know your top focuses, when your big dreams will start to come to life – and even when is best to plan that paradise vacation!



How Map My Magic Works

I know, I know – you’ve struggled with planning your entire year in past. Well, I’m going to help you simplify it.

Before we dive into mapping magic, you’ll answer questions to give me all the insight I need to strategize for your business. From there, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Set Your Intentions

What do you even want to achieve in 2017? Your whole map pivots on this – so time to get dreaming! I’ll set you up with questions + spreadsheets to help you discover your greater vision, tap into the energy of success, and create strong intentions for the year.

By the time you’re done, we’ll have an idea of how much you want to earn each month – so we can map out exactly where it’s coming from.

Imagine a year of increased profits – with more time for pleasure, more joy, and greater feeling of stress. That’s the magic of an aligned year map.

Aligned Action!


In three days, we’ll team up in Trello + Voxer to map out the foundations of the year.  (Don’t worry – you don’t have to learn anything fancy. These are super simple tools – and I’ll walk you through it!) This will be your snapshot vision of the entire year – with goals and intentions broken down for the year, each quarter, and finally each month.

Each month includes:

⭐️An overview with your main goals, main focuses, and where expected income is coming from

⭐️ Important astrological timing – because you don’t want to find out last minute your launch is in Mercury Retrograde!

⭐️ Whether the month’s focus is visibility, profits, launching…or something else

⭐️ Room to put your monthly blog posts, emails, and visibility projects/submissions.

⭐️ Any new things you’re launching: services, course, opt-ins, anything!

⭐️Your 3-6 most important tasks for the month to reach your goals

3. Let’s Get Philosophical, philosophical

(Or maybe, we’ll leave that to Olivia Newton John.)

We’ll close out with three days of availability in Voxer – a walkie talkie app (phone or computer). You can text me – or send audio snippets! – of your thoughts, questions, and any brainstorming epiphanies you’re having.

Basically, this is three days of 1:1 time. Get the answers and insight you need to create your magical vision. To create joy, success, and ease – your way. 

Kristen’s ability to help me plan out my long-term goals in detail (with action steps and tasks) was a lifesaver. My business is more focused, and I have a killer plan to follow thanks to Map Your Magic!

Ardelia Lee

{Launch} Content Strategist , Ardelia Lee Strategies


Kristen is the key to all of my big plans becoming a realistic reality. Seriously. If you need direction in your business, you need her in your life.

Dee Fells

Intuitive + Transformational Coach, Dee Fells Tarot + Intuitive Coaching

Why am I the right person to guide you?

Hi, I’m Kristen.

Planning + profits are my BFF.

I’m going to be your business’s Profit Priestess – leading you to the success and goals in your visions through actionable steps + attraction marketing techniques.

I’m formally trained in attraction marketing and I’ve spent most of my life helping the corporate big guys hit their goals and targets. Well, why should they get all the help? Your business deserves the same attention and love (yes, even if you can’t pay $2 million a year on marketing!) – and I thrive on helping you create the freedom you long for through actionable marketing – and including in spiritual tasks to get your energy in the right place for success.

(The key to tasks that work = a damn good plan.)

I’ve always been that girl who’s really good at making things happen (ie: manifestation) – from attracting my soulmate in less than a year after leaving an abusive relationship, to Porsches, to meeting + working with my biz idols. It took me years to consider incorporating this into my business, and things changed instantly. A faucet of dream clients that turns on and off depending on my schedule and needs. Five figure months from clients who came directly to me – no selling involved! Ease. Joy. Success.

Does that sound good to you? Because it does to me – let’s work together to bring forth your business’s true vision.

Darling, let’s make marketing that manifests.

LET’S CREATE YOUR profitable 2018!

Why wait? Start the year ahead of the game. Feel more put together, look more put together, and get ready for the world to be your oyster.

Let’s make 2018 the year of all your big dreams.