Launching Sacredly

Are you ready for a launch that feels like magic?

Let’s cast a spell on your marketing.

The thought of launching makes you want to hide.

It’s exhausting.

It’s time consuming.

(And that’s assuming it works!)

And if one little thing slips out of alignment, it seems like the entire thing comes crashing down.

But that’s not what a launch is actually supposed to feel like.

What if instead it felt sacred?

What if it was perfectly aligned with your specific energy?

What if instead of being this exhausting rush, it felt like freedom?

For me, a good launch feels like an orgasm.



You build energy so you connect. The energy builds and builds and rises and rises, until finally…

fireworks, magic, oh my god, YES!

Hi, I’m KJ!

Hi, I’m KJ, Launch Queen. 🚀

I’ve been crafting launches for years (decades!) – for myself, for my clients, and for giant corporations as part of the million dollar marketing campaigns I’ve run. I’ve made magic happen in BIG places – but yet, I didn’t always turn launches into the sacred art that they now are.

In fact – confession time – I closed down my first “big” launch after just three days because the energy was wrong. Of course it was! The whole thing was planned entirely against MY energy – I just didn’t know it yet! And why was it? I was following the patriarchal system of launching -you know, the one all the experts tell you to follow. Which looks good in theory – but we all know there’s plenty of things that look better on paper than in reality. Statistics proven strategy is great -but where’s the soul?

My next launch? Over 100K.

What changed? I stopped following the patriarchy’s way of doing things, and focused instead on alignment. I focused on finding my own path to launching, and blending aligned strategy with the energetic techniques needed to make the entire experience one beautiful ritual.

My last launch? Over double what my goal was.

With clients having results like the first (ever!) launching closing at over 15K.

You can do it the old way – or you can start creating your own magic.

Running unaligned launches is burning you out – and costing you thousands (and tens of thousands!) of profits.

What if instead of doing all the things and hoping something worked, you only did what was aligned for you?

What if you had the space to focus on the transformation you’re helping your clients create, rather than just on the art of selling?

Imagine a launch where you feel calm and peaceful. Where your baseline emotions are joy and trust. Where you have time for yourself AND your family. Imagine you launch you actually enjoy.

It’s time to take that vision and drop it into the now.

It’s time for a sacred launch to be your reality.


It’s time to shift into a new way of launching, one that allows both you and your profits to rise.

You don’t need perfection.

You don’t need to show up 25 times a day.

You don’t need a funnel or a two-week email push.

And if you want those, that’s entirely fine – IF they’re aligned with you.

All you need is alignment – and that’s truly what the heart of Launching Sacredly is about. Discovering your alignment and creating a strategy around that.

So, how can we create this alignment?

(Hint: You + Aligned Strategy = Launching Sacredly)

Let’s spend a Launching Sacred VIP Day together!

There’s a lot of different ways to launch – and you could try including them all together.

OR you could focus on the strategies that best fit your own energetic design, and the energetic needs of your clients.

We’ll start by exploring your own unique Design, and how that connects to how you sell + serve.

In this time we can:

  • explore your Human Design to see how to best support your natural attraction skills
  • map out your entire launch – including every piece of content you’ll be creating!
  • create the flow for your sales funnel so you can sell and convert with ease
  • build the foundation for a multi product launch to create a profitable flow from smaller offers to your top offer
  • create the automation map for an evergreen program and launch
  • and more!


VIP Day Breakdown

Intention Journal Assessment

Before we begin, we need to be crystal clear on what you truly want, what might get in the way of that, and where your business is.

4 hour VIP session

 This session is specially designed to help you get crystal clear on what your launch needs to hit your next level goals. (No cookie cutter launches here.)

30 days of Voxer support

Have 30 days of text and voice mentorship to help you implement with ease and full momentum

Launching is an art.

Launching sacredly is a science.

Luckily, I’ve got my science down to a T.

You know how someone people hate launches every step of the way? That’s never been me.

Not because I’m a masochist, but because I could see the art in it. A smooth running launch has to be about three things: alignment, connection, and service. Without any piece of that puzzle, the launch will fall flat even if your budget is endless.

I’ve been launching for years. Lots of years. (A lady never tells, right?). I’ve mapped out + run launches for companies you’ve likely seen commercials for on your tv, local companies who could pour millions into their marketing budget, and small businesses + entrepreneurs in your Instagram feed.

I’m formally trained in attraction marketing (which means I can basically map out sales pages + sales funnels in my sleep! ) – but the thing that I’ve discovered is there’s something even more important than all of that. Yup – you guessed it – aligning your launch to your design, then aligning your launch to your audience.

Launching isn’t about just getting your course or offer out there and getting it filled.

It’s about educating + connecting with your client.


Fill their first launch

Turn a 4K program into a 30K program

Stabilize + scale a repeating launch process

Triple their last launch numbers

Reach their first 5 figure launch

Create 50K+ programs

All while doing less + aligning more! 

Darling, let’s make your business feel sacred again.

What if I'm not launching immediately?

The more time we have before your launch, the more flow and momentum we can create. 

Can we customize my package?

All packages are customized based to your own Human Design, where you are in business, and what energy your business needs right now.

Beyond that, sure, we can talk about it!

My launch is next week - what do I do?


Two point. 

Clear your energy.

Take notes on what is working, what isn’t working, what feels good, what doesn’t feel good – and come back here afterwards!


Can you help me with launch implementation too?


If you’re interested in this, we can talk about what makes sense for you, and my team can handle as much of the heavy lifting as you want!

If you’re looking for a biz coach, this is the one.

Kristen’s  been heaven sent for me & my business. She helped me straighten up all the chaos, make sense of all the ideas I’ve been getting…. and she made me finally profitable! 💕

It would have taken me a decade to get to where she put me in just a couple of months! I get so much great insight every time I talk with her. If you have the chance to work with her, you definitely want to grab that opportunity!

Savannah Blake (S.S. Blake)

Intuitive Mind, Body, Spirit Warrior + Coach

Kristen is the best thing to happen to my business!

Seriously, if you need direction in your business, you need Kristen in your life.

In less than 3 months, I’ve launched two new projects, gained 15 new clients, more clarity about how to use my gifts – and a hell of a lot more focus. I have never felt more grounded or more confident in what I do.

Dee Fells

Mindset Coach + Tarot Reader

Let’s Make Launching Sacred!