Intuitive Messages From The Soul of Your Business

Start attracting the right clients!

What does the soul of your business have to say to you?

Maybe it would say that you should create this amazing new optin.

Maybe it would say to put more emphasis on the spiritual side of your business to make the profits soar.

Maybe it would say it’s time to speak to a new type of client.

Buttttt you aren’t listening. Because you don’t know how to tap into it yet.

And I’m going to change that.

Let’s spend 90 minutes together – I’ll have you open the door to the soul of your business so you can start receiving those insights for yourself. Then I’ll tap into your business myself to discover the answers to all the questions that have been keeping you up at nights.

I’m Kristen Jett, Profit Priestess, and business medium. Part of my natural skills are tapping into the soul of your business, to know what your business wants you to do next. To get the guidance that’s more powerful than any strategy…because who knows better what’s best for your business than your own biz?

And I’m opening up this rare chance to channel your deep questions for free!

90 minutes.

One introduction to the soul of your business.

Intuitive deep dives into your most pressing business questions. 

Are you ready to finally receive the intuitive insights you’ve been searching for?

Join us for this free event on July 3rd at 5pm EST !



She sees what’s ahead – often long before you do! Her witchslaps crack through what you’ve been missing, and her laser insights are above and beyond what most people are capable of.

Jessica Hill

Intuitive Coach, Jessica Hill Coaching


I totally owe it to Kristen for teaching me how to step back, stop ‘doing’ and start receiving!

Taiha Perron

Intuitive Coach, Creative Mystic

Kristen is like a message megaphone!

Shelby Melissa

Intuitive Coach + Reiki Healer, Shelby Melissa