Have you ever wished there was a manual for life?

Surprise – there is! It’s just embedded in your Human Design.

All the answers? Within you. Truly.

How to best interact with the world to achieve your dreams.

How your energy best works with prosperity (of all types! Not just $$$!)

Your soul purpose.

How to attract in clients.

Why your kid just isn’t listening.


They’re just tucked away in your Design waiting to be understood.

Hello love!

I’m Kristen. (You probably know that.)

What you may not know: Human design changed my life – literally.

I discovered it entirely by happenstance, where in the closing hours of a retreat someone asked “What’s your Human Design type?”

I filled it out, discovered that I’m a Manifesting Generator…and had no idea what that meant. After several signs led me to research and fully go down the rabbit hole, it was the cliche lightbulb going off moment.

What if I didn’t have to push? Or try to spark creativity? Or…do any of the things mentors and all the articles said I should be doing. What if BEFORE I followed strategy or advice (You can take the girl out of corporate, but you can’t take the strategy out of the girl!), I followed my design? What would happen?

Well, I’ll tell you what happened: happier relationships, more clients, launches that fill without even doing the “work”, manifesting desires in what is nearly eerily easy ways, and a whole lot more.

 What’s my Soul Purpose?


I’m literally here to create breakthroughs, direct you to your best strengths and aligned energy, and to help bring lasting transformation

I’m here to teach. To guide. And to mentor.

Someone one described me as a quartz crystal to amplify people’s gifts + energies – and in a way, that’s quite true!

What’s Human Design about anyway?

I consider Human Design to be your energetic blueprint, explaining how you interact with the world around you, your natural talents, and what’s apt to show up in your life.

It’s a channeled science that blends I-Ching, Kabbalah, chakras, and astrology all together to really tap into our individuality best thrives. If you’ve ever wondered why someone can do something and have massive results…and you do the same thing only to receive crickets, well your Design and not being aligned to it is likely part of it.


Ready to get clear? Let’s explore your design!

There’s so many ways we can work with your Human Design, but these are my best recommendations of where to begin.

Your Blueprint Session

Ever wondered why you get so many random and sporadic ideas (that you may not follow through with)?
Or why you keep repeating that particular pattern?
Or why sometimes it seems like you just can’t be heard?
Or why sometimes it’s super easy to complete a project, and why other times they fizzle out no matter what you do?

Let’s satisfy that curiosity and realign you to your own energy. After all, before you go deep, you have to understand the core of YOU. I always recommend starting with this session – even if you’ve received a human design read before, each person is going to have different things that stand out to them as important.

We’ll sit down for 60 minutes to go over what makes up the core of you. If there’s anything specific you want to look into, we’ll take a glance at that too. You’ll have a recording to listen to time and time again – I recommend at least once when you’re outside my energy to see if any ahas appear!



In full transparency: this investment is intentionally low for two reasons – so more people can understand their own energy and start aligning with it, and to allow a low commitment way to experience working with me.

Design a Magical Launch Date

Are the dates you’re launching or opening your program supporting you?

Well…maybe. Maybe not.

Every date has its own energy, and it’s own design. With each Design comes inherent gifts, skills, and energy patterns.

On one date, your launch date may naturally attract people to your message. On another, it may give you some lessons to overcome. One one date, your program may help your clients see perspectives that they don’t usually. On another, it may amplify their patterns that need to be broken. All of these options are good…but one may be better for the specific goal you’re creating.

Wouldn’t you love for it to be aligned with your intention and goals?



This way, you answer some questions [via Google Docs!] about your specific intentions about your product/offer launch, or the program opening date. We get a clear look on how you want your clients to feel, how you want to be them supported, and what kind of energy will be best supported in that.

Once I know the 30 day frame you’ve been considering launching during, I’ll dive into the energy, pick the three best days for your aligned launch + record a detailed video explaining my choices and what each one brings to you and your clients. Easy peasy.

Working as a Generator allowed me to break through in my biz in a whole new way.

I just had the best month since 2015 – and the best month EVER of my coaching business. I’ve spent the last few months working with Kristen on how to respond as a generator, and now things are flowing so much better!

Sonya Highfield

Wealth Mindset Coach

Have questions? I’ve got answers.

What information do you need from me?

Your name, birth time, and birth place. If you have any specific areas of focus, those are great too!

What name should I use?

Whatever name you feel most connected to is just fine – maiden name, married name, nickname, whatever.

Can Human Design help me with my business?

Absolutely. Instead of doing ALL the things, you’ll be able to gear everything you do to how your energy flows, manifests, and creates. I’ve seen huge shifts happen simply by working WITH your energy, instead of trying to be like someone else’s energy.

How are these sessions done?

All sessions take place on Zoom through video chat. A recording is provided after the session for you to return to.

Are projectors special?

Projectors have a special kind of magic – and sometimes it takes y’all longer to integrate, which is OKAY. (Promise!)

I want to honor the space that you need, so all projectors receive a 11% discount on intensives and 1:1. Just use this coupon: PROJECTOR11.

Do I really need to know my birth time?

In an ideal world, yes! We can work with estimates, but there will be some variables – I’ll be upfront on what is murky, and which pieces of your energy are crystal clear.

If you’re not sure of your birth time, you can try using a natal chart rectification online.

If you want to be fully thorough, I can direct you to an astrologer who can help you discern your exact time. (She’s also my personal astrologer, so I trust her immensely!)

Can Human Design help me with my love life?

Human Design can help you with ALL of your relationships. It may not create instant miracles, but imagine knowing what motivates your partner, how to best communicate with them, and how to truly be heard by them. If that’s not help, I don’t know what is!

Can Human Design help me with parenting?

Human Design can help you understand things like: why your children do particular things, how to best communicate with them, what their natural talents are, etc.

For example – my son is a Generator…which means he doesn’t always listen if you just tell him to do something, because that’s informing. But if you give him something to respond to, suddenly you have his attention. 

Can you read my business's design, or soul purpose?

Sure can buttercup. I strongly suggest you know your OWN design and soul purpose clearly, but once you do, understanding your business’s energy can be so insightful!

Ready to explore your Human Design? Grab your flavor below!

Blueprint Session

One payment of


Design a Magical Launch Date

One payment of


With the help of Kristen and guidance on my Human Design, I was finally able to give my ideas time to fully form, expand, be shared and create impact within my communities.

And therefore, I wasn’t praised for simply acting on inspiration (as had previously occurred from coaches/mentors), and I was actually able to receive new connections, new clients and money, by following through and working off longer timelines. The action was aligned, but still challenging, and yet the receiving was very easy. I no longer feel drawn to the hustle. I rest and still receive.

Sonya Highfield

Wealth Mindset Coach