From $333 to 40k: The Evolution of Spellbinding Sales

Note: this post will be updated with the current info soon!

One of the things I’m constantly telling my clients is that it doesn’t have to be perfect the first time – and let’s be real, if you’re a Manifesting Generator or a Generator, it SHOULDN’T be perfect the first time. (What works best for those types is doing something once, seeing what works, and then repeating the whole thing while making changes to improve it. Think of it like walking up a staircase – there’s lots of steps, until you finally reach the top (mastery).

Regardless of your Human Design type, the first time you do something it likely isn’t going to be perfect. And that’s okay.

And just because something isn’t perfect the first time, doesn’t mean you toss it.
And just because something doesn’t sell out the first time also doesn’t mean you toss it.

Because it’s one thing to say it, and another to show it – I’m going to share the evolution so far of Spellbinding Sales. My intention is to update this post with each run of the program, so it can help you see how programs evolve, and what needs evolve with it. 

(For another example of how programs evolve, see Denise Duffield Thomas’s post.)

What I’m sharing:

  • The structure
  • What I was responding to at every turn and change
  • What I charged at every level
  • My own costs and investments
  • Details on my launches
  • What needed to change at each round
  • The top testimonial

Note: I’m currently not including 1:1 Spellbinding Sales clients in these numbers – if we include them, the program has made even more over the 41K mark.

Round One – November 2017

The first round of Spellbinding Sales was very knowingly a beta test.

What was I responding to when I created the course?

My clients. Nearly all of my mastermind clients had asked for some direction on selling, so after I channeled an outline of what to share with them. Instead of just running a crash course for them, I decided to open it up to the public as well. I wasn’t terribly worried about sales, but I figured if I was already doing something, I might as well be efficient.

At the end of the program, I felt good about it, but wasn’t entirely sure if I’d do it again or not. One of the women who took it told me she thought it would become my signature program “like Lucky Bitch Bootcamp.” Great compliment, but I wasn’t so sure I wanted that to be my thing at the time. (Funny how long these things take to sink in, right?)


It was essentially a month slammed pack of content – twelve days (in a row!) of lessons through Facebook lives, and two two hour-ish group calls for live Q + A. There was one main homework assignment: give us your pitch through FB video, and you’ll get feedback on it.

Investment: $333

I charged $333 for the first round, which seemed fair to me for a first run.

My Investment

Zero. I didn’t pay for anything specifically for this, and used what I already was using for other things.


I think launch was for roughly a month before the program opened – it consisted mostly of FB lives in my group Intuitively Wealthy,

What Needed To Change

Well….it was a LOT of info all at once. Some people were 100% okay with it because they had planned for it, but not everyone loved it. If you already had a busy schedule, it would be tough to squeeze in. I knew that if I ever ran it again, I would likely change the timing – and even asked about that on a exit form.

Personally, I noticed my ego showing up more than I’d like for it to. You know the stuff – “If I’m selling a course on sales, shouldn’t I have more people in it?” Ego dripped into small amount of fears, which made me really want to focus on what I know – launch plans. Following the launch plan to a T became my safety net, and falling off it became an anxiety trigger.

Real Talk: If you’re just starting off, I would 100% recommend this structure (but maybe shorter!) to test out what you’re teaching, and to give yourself momentum. However, the big thing: instead of stressing out over the numbers and what that means, just let yourself have fun with it.

Top Testimonial From Round One:

Spellbinding Sales made me a big believer of utilizing both energy and strategy in my sales.

Kristen helped me with the “woo woo” side of manifesting my ideal clients for my first launch. Just a couple of weeks into Spellbinding Sales and I officially began my journey as a coach with over 6 clients in my first group program! This has really helped me call in clients and connect with my audience!


  • Since there were no direct costs, it was nearly a couple thousand in profit.
  • I gained four new to me clients – and three of them continued to work with me in programs after Spellbinding Sales. (Two immediately bought the six month program I ran next!)
  • I learned a lot about showing up differently – and all my clients had positive feedback.

Note: I don’t have my list numbers or FB group numbers, as I’d have to dig in my records to find them. But -they were small!

The In-between

In between rounds, I got a really unique perspective on what happened AFTER the program. I was still working with several of the clients in various ways, and there were clear indicators that not of all of the lessons had integrated, that they didn’t fully know how to apply them to their business, or that some areas simply needed more attention.

I saw great successes – like Flora Ware’s first 5 figure launch (and first ease-filled launch!) – which truly showed me HOW transformational those lessons were. If they could shift things so much for clients, maybe I shouldn’t keep it on the shelf. I started playing with what a new version could look like, and waited for a sign.

As I started using Human Design even more with clients, we began talking about Human Design affected the sales process on both ends, and that became even more interesting.

Round Two – Winter 2019

What was I responding to when I decided to rerun it:

I’m sure there was an exact trigger that I can’t recall now, but I remember watching really talented women in my facebook group, and seeing them struggle to sell. Selling is serving. I WANT you to be able to sell, because you’ve got gifts, and you can’t better the world with them if you can’t sell your services.

So, I spent months restructuring it, considering tons of different options. My original plan was to make it evergreen, but after launch got pushed back due to life (namely, my husband getting in a motorcycle accident), I decided I wanted something more intimate with more of a personal touch from me.


This round was a six-month structure, with three lessons a month delivered through a private dashboard + 3 integration exercises with my feedback on them. Once a month, we’d have a mentorship call where everyone got together to celebrate what had shifted + get support.

Confession: It ended up running seven months (as it’s still going) – we took requests on some extra lessons, and made adjustments based on what I could see happening for people.

Originally the VIPs got 30 minutes 1:1 with me, a couple Hail Mary emergency calls, and some of the early-birds received group Voxer access for mentoring whenever they needed it. Voxer access quickly shifted to a couple intimate groups + 1:1 access, because people just weren’t talking in the larger groups. (That was my sign that the next round needed groups based on accountability pairings!)

There’s also a mostly unadvertised resource library with subliminal meditations, EFT scripts, strategy templates, extra lessons, and more depending on what people need as it comes up. (I’ve discovered I absolutely LOVE creating based on need, and knew I needed to create structure that supported that in the next round!)


There were two tiers. The base tier was $297/month for 6 months , or $177/month for 12 months. Pay in full was $1500.

The VIP tier was $497/month for 6 months, or $297 for 12 months. Pay in full for the VIP tier was $2500. (My first indicator that the price was too low when a prospective client said “That’s all? Well, of course I’ll pay in full!”

Technically there were 9 month payment plans, but nobody chose those, so do they even count?

My Investment

On the tech side, I don’t think there was anything new. I primarily used Access Ally, Zoom, Calendly, and Facebook – all things I was paying for already.

My team didn’t change, but I did bring in Shelby Melissa to provide Biz Magic Reiki™ for the launch, and honestly that was 100% worth it. We set up a system for reiki to support my launch + attract in the right clients, and with the two of us doing our thing, it was a damn near effortless launch.


This round, I was equipped with Human Design – and knew that I needed to RESPOND. So I didn’t do anything unless it was a response…even if it was on my launch strategy.

It was planned to be roughly a month, but ended up being 6-7 weeks. The main snag was there was a LOT of personal conversation happening – I like talking to everyone to make sure it truly is the right fit for them…but there were times that I felt like I couldn’t always keep up with the amount of people I was having deep conversations with.

I chatted with Kristen about Spellbinding Sales, and she gave me more clarity and more attention before having paid her anything, than coaches I’ve been in long term relationships have.

I knew by working with her that I would actually be seen and understood.

The launch was mostly focused on personal connection and invitations. I had a few Facebook Lives in my group, posted a bit on sales, human design, and related topics – and simply encouraged people to message me if they were curious. I was also lucky, and a few podcasts featuring me went live around launch time, bringing in new potential clients who were already excited about working with me. I didn’t use a funnel, but I DID have a series of love letters that got sent out if someone clicked the sales page link several times.

This launch was definitely different than I had expected – I had planned on the program being 8-10 people, and we surpassed that easily. I had more pay in fulls than I had ever had, which was a goal of mine – and a sign that the mindset work I’d been putting in was having a positive effect!

Top Testimonial From Round Two

After Spellbinding Sales

Wondering if maybe that was an one hit wonder? Flora continued to work with me and use everything she learned in Spellbinding Sales. Her next launch began with more income in presales, than all of her previous launches of the program total! She wasn’t hustling more. She wasn’t doing more. She had just learned how to call in clients energetically, and make sure all of her actions were truly aligned so they all created momentum. (Because none of us should be throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks!) Her launch of Goddess Dreamschool officially closed as her first five figure launch – and the magic was just beginning!

Since then, Flora’s:
✨ increased her 1:1 prices – receiving her highest amount yet so far!

✨ moved past blocks and stories like “People want to invest more when it’s focused on their business”

✨ called in clients from simply sharing who she knows specifically belongs in a container energetically

✨ created stronger boundaries with her clients – and greater successes for them because of it!

✨ hosted workshops so popular that she had to add in second and third runs to fit in everyone!

✨ created + filled her first Sister Circle Facilitator Training Program

✨… and she’s even successfully hosted her first international retreat!

I went from a space of despair to a fully successful high ticket launch in 6 months.

We’ve been learning, integrating and working with the materials from Spellbinding Sales and with Kristen for nearly 6 months now.

I am fully seeing the fruits of our work together. For the first time, EVER, I am launching a fully successful program, with more people flowing in to join before I EVEN LAUNCHED, than I have ever had flow into my previous programs.

I had initially played small, praying, hoping, that 8-10 women would join… Kristen helped me to think bigger! I invited in 20 women, feel really good with the prospect of 15+ (a whole new feeling for me), and currently already have 9 women that joined with ease! And the launch has just begun!

This has been the MOST aligned, easiest, and in flow launch I have ever experienced. And it all started 6 months ago, when I felt like a complete mess, and joined Spellbinding Sales in trust, having never before met Kristen!

I never would have imagined it would have such a dramatic positive effect on my work and service. I have Kristen to thank for it.


  • While not my biggest launch, in some ways this was my most exciting launch. It was definitely my easiest launch, and most joyous – and we closed with about 41K.
  • It was also my most successful launch with affiliate sales – which truly showed how people who believed so much in the program could share it. (And gave me ideas on how I could make it easier for them!)
    • Note: only current or past clients are allowed to affiliate for me, so they’ve truly experienced working with me.
  • My FB group was around 470-495 members during the launch. The amount of my email list that received promo emails was around 430. Both are very small numbers. I’ve never been super worried about it because alignment will get you further than list size. Most of my launches have been more successful than they “should” have been statistically – and alignment is entirely why.
  • This round of Spellbinding Sales, I’ve seen results in clients like
    • 16K sales days
    • First launch being over 16K
    • Going from inconsistent income to a nearly 30K launch!
    • Becoming comfortable having the “hard” conversations with clients
    • Creating practices and rituals that help them attract and sell from love, not fear
    • Creating businesses they truly love, that align with their design
    • Getting truly connected with the soul of their business
  • And I’ve gotten testimonials like:
    • It gave them more clarity than all the other programs they’d taken, including one that starts with B and ends with School.
    • It’s changed their life
    • They’re thankful for this program every single week. (We can just end with that mic drop, right?)

Round Three – Fall 2019

The next round is starting in October of 2019 – and the early bird options are open now! I’m super excited about this round, because of all the changes!

What’s Changing? Well, a bit.


This next round is going to be twelve months long – to give a little more breathing room. If you fall behind or life gets crazy, this gives you room to catch up.

We quickly realized that the structure lessons (what you’re selling and who you’re serving with those offers!) can get weighty because you want to get it right) and more room + more guidance on selling each offer is the solution.


  • 2 lessons a month
  • 2 integration exercises a month (and depending on tier, you can choose if you want feedback)
  • 1 group mentoring call a month
  • 1 coworking call a month – we added those in at the end and they were so much more helpful to get focused work done
  • 1 group Biz magic Reiki call a month – so you can get the same energetic boosts that I use myself
  • 4 guided cash infusion journeys – because this way even if you’re focused on integration, you’re going to get selling momentum evenly throughout the year.

I shifted some of the lessons, seeing where people needed more time to integrate + where they had more questions – and am also breaking the biggest lesson into multiple pieces so that you’re creating your product + offer line in pieces, gradually working up to your highest tier of client.

I also added in the 4 cash infusions – because so often we have experience selling one thing we do, and not all of it. This way, you’ll move down the line of selling from your intro offer to serving your highest level of client – AND have my support while doing it. Think of them as planned little bursts of momentum to connect with your clients deeper, while also fine-tuning your sales results. (This round, I’ve seen these help clients test out their methods so that they can later use them in their launches!)

There’s also more support! Instead of it just being my energy supporting the group, I’m bringing in facilitators to help keep things running smoothly. If you’re getting feedback on homework, that’s going to be with your personal facilitator (unless there’s a conflict of interest, because ethics!) – and how many facilitators are present will be dependent on how many people are in the program. Some things are better to be open ended, and I know this serves better even if I can’t quite predict it as easily.

Note: Every facilitator has run through the 6-month program, and has energetic gifts that can support us in various ways. Hint: The first one is Shelby Melissa, our Biz Magic Reiki Master. Facilitators will ALSO be receiving training from me on serving through facilitation to ensure that you are truly getting the support you need.

With more support, I can be more hands in – and also create more! Having seen which integration exercises are the most impactful, I’m going to add in some extras for lessons – plus link to the resources/meditations/Trello boards/etc that would be most helpful with that lesson.


Instead of two tiers, there’s three sister tiers: Prue, Piper, and Phoebe. (Because you’re making magic in your biz, of course. Also, because CHARMED!)

Prue is for the womxn who’s ready to implement on her own. She receives everything you’ve seen mentioned above – as well as an intimate accountability constellation to help keep her focused, a group Human Design call with her constellation so you can all understand how each other best works, and a group onboarding call to set her intentions.

Piper is for the womxn who desires something more to respond to. She receives everything mentioned above AND facilitator feedback on all of her integration exercises. (That means someone is literally in the energy of her business every week between the homework, and all the calls!)

She also receives a 30 minutes 1:1 Human Design call to know her design a little more intimately.

Phoebe is for the womxn who’s ready to be a VIP! (VI-Phoebe?). In addition to everything that Prue and Piper receive, Phoebe has tons of extra access to me! She receives 30 minute 1:1 calls each and every month to keep her on track, a 60 minute 1:1 Human Design Blueprint Session, and intimate Voxer access to me + her accountability constellation.

Another change for Projectors (and Reflectors) – Sometimes it takes Projectors (and Reflectors) longer to make changes, and that’s entirely okay – and right for their design. But I can’t tell you that progress may take longer without honoring that entirely – so Projectors and Reflectors get a special discount. Just use the code Projector11 at checkout!

My Investment

Investment wise, there’s not a ton of extra. The main difference is bringing the facilitators in, and they get an amount per person they’re working with.

I’m considering investing in new branding specifically for SS because I’d love for the energy to be elevated – but I may have waited too long to jump on that idea! Whether it’s created by someone else or myself, it’ll likely get upleveled though.

Do you want to be part of the evolution?

I’d love to have you!

Are you…?
✔️ ready for selling to feel a lot easier…and lot more like YOU?
✔️ not making your desired income consistently? (or doing it, but it’s draining you?)
✔️ open to approaching business in a new way?
✔️ tired of feeling stagnant or stressed out about making money in your business?
✔️ freezing or panicking during sales conversations?
✔️ tired of feeling like you’re not providing the best outcome for your clients because of this?
✔️ excited to evolve as a better coach, mentor, or service provider?
✔️ curious about your Human Design or your clients – and how it affects working with them?

If you’re nodding your head along to those, it sounds like Spellbinding Sales would be a great fit! Pop on over to the page to claim your spot or learn more – and remember doors for this round close on February 28!

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