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Ready to easily attract in your dream clients?


In order to manifest them in, you have to know who they are.


Because it’s really hard to call in your future clients if you don’t know who they really are. 

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Let’s spend 3 days getting to know who your dream clients are – and WHY they’re your dream client.

You’ll discover:

🔮 What your magical attraction power is  – and how that sets you WORLDS apart from anyone else in your sphere

❤️ Why Dream Clients will flock to you naturally – and how to keep amplifying your attraction magic

🦄How to define your Dream Clients + give them personality – because connecting with them starts by being able to tap into their energy

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Get clear + define your dream client in 3 days.

Your dream client is the foundation of any marketing strategy – so how can you make sure you’re talking to the right lady? By grabbing this 3-day Dream Client Clarity course.

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I’m Kristen Jett, Profit Priestess.

I help visionaries + entrepreneurs create more sales (and profits) through the use of aligned energy.

(Because it doesn’t matter how good your marketing strategy is, if your energy isn’t aligned with it!) 

I have fifteen years of experience creating million dollar marketing campaigns for the companies you know best: creating + facilitating marketing strategy, sales funnels, and launch campaigns so their dream clients can truly connect with them. 

I left that space so I can help entrepreneurs serve – and so we can dig into the energetic foundations behind your goals. I’ve helped clients 10x their income, call in their dream clients, and anchor in their legacy business – all with less work, less hustle, and a feeling of ease. Your success begins with two things: connecting with your dream clients and aligning your energy.