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Align with Scorpio Season
Energetic Marketing

Align with Scorpio Season

Are launches your big business nemesis? Launches terrify people. And I get it. They’re unpredictable. They’re the unknown. But a launch is just you helping the right people get on the same energy frequency as your program. So, how do you do that? Here’s a few pointers.

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It’s time to learn how to educate your clients, not just sell to them
Client Transformation

It’s time to learn how to educate your clients, not just sell to them

I watched both of my parents help teach students who society would have marked as uneducable, and again – those students rose. The common theme – in order to help someone find their success, you have to meet them where they are. Knowing how to serve your students/clients, how to educate them, and how to connect with them are crucial pieces of both your success and theirs.

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Hi, I’m Kristen

I help conscious leaders attract high level dream clients by mastering their energy + creating marketing that manifests.

When I shifted into the coaching industry, I was taught to question everything I was doing. Everyone had different advice for me…and none of it felt like me.

I decided to rebel a little – to go back to my background, blend in Human Design to truly know myself, and find what works best for me -and my clients.

Before all of this, I spent over fifteen years creating + facilitating million dollar marketing strategy, sales funnels, and launch campaigns for companies whose names you hear daily.

Before working with conscious entrepreneurs, I even owned a marketing agency focused on attraction marketing through content, sales funnels, and social media.

And through that process, I realized your success is really about this: mastering your own energy, and truly connecting with your clients.

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#CaseStudy: Creating 30K Launches With Spellbinding Sales: Safra Turner
Case Study

#CaseStudy: Creating 30K Launches With Spellbinding Sales: Safra Turner

Sometimes the mentorship and entrepreneurship space feels like a lot of smoke and mirrors. Are we really seeing what’s behind the walls – or just what they want us to see? I get that – which is why I love sharing case studies so you get a glimpse of real results and real progress. Today we’re taking a look at Safra Turner, Transformational Alignment Mistress + Coach

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