Constellation Coven


Magic. Ease. Freedom. Profits.

Sisterhood. Sacred Energy Support.


Constellation Coven: magical mastermind

12 women. 13 months of magic + mystic marketing.

Ready to tap into your inner magic to transform and grow your business?

To have the support + magical energy of other women to help you manifest your big dreams faster?


You’re yearning for more freedom. To create your own rules. Your own independence. To work your own hours…from where ever you want. Your couch. The beach. Bali.

You’re craving expansion – in all areas of your life. To grow. To uplevel. To metamorphize. You’re ready to give up the belief that you have to work long hours to reach your goals. You’re ready to accept ease into your life, only doing what feels right, only doing what feels aligned with you and your dreams.

You’re wondering how to bring more magic into your life – and your business. You know the Universe will support you…but how can you give the Universe a helping hand?

You’re ready to see more – especially in your bank account. You’re dreaming of bigger profits with less work. It’s possible. You know it is. You’re just not entirely sure how to get there.

And why would you want to do it alone?  Sisterhood calls to you. The idea of having a supportive coven to rely on. To give you advice when you get stuck. To cheer you on. To be your JV team sharing with the world what you do. To send your intentions sacred support through focused energy work. Because thirteen women manifesting is more powerful than just one.

I’ll be your Coven leader, guiding you through thirteen months of marketing strategy, custom trainings, and powerful energy work. You’ll get a sneak peek into my business, and access to my systems and templates . You’ll get everything you’ve been longing for.

Is your soul whispering yes yet? Do you feel the nudges?

Constellation Coven will be invite only. If you’re ready to be the first to get exclusive details, fill out the form below.