Are you ready to make the world (and your business) your oyster?

What magic could we create?


Working with Kristen is like working with a quartz crystal.

She’ll tap into your true power and amplify it, all in a way that gives you more purpose, more power, more magic.

You’ll never believe that business – and your own gift – could be so effortless.

Jessica Hill

Intuitive Angel Coach/Channeler


Seriously, if you need direction in your business, you need Kristen in your life.

In less than 3 months, I’ve launched two new projects, gained 15 new clients, more clarity about how to use my gifts – and a hell of a lot more focus. I have never felt more grounded or more confident in what I do.

Dee Fells

Mindset Coach + Tarot Reader

Ready to transform your business from just good to GREAT?

Ready to feel more alignment between your business + your goals? Let’s create some magic!

What do joining sisters of Constellation Coven have to say?

I joined Constellation Coven because I’ve been trying to figure out strategy + systems on my own and I know I need help to speed up the process. Plus, with her intuition Kristen guides me in what to do when, which is like a secret weapon!

The truth is you need systems in your business at every stage. You’re going to be so much more successful if you have them at the start (I wish I did) –  it would’ve saved me time and money. In my eyes it’s equally as important as attracting ideal clients.

I’ve been spending time with Kristen for the last 6 months and we have so much fun together! Since tapping into the soul of my business I now know where I need to be investing my time and energy effectively (which is super important to me as a sensitive person). I can’t wait for CC to start it’s truly going to be magical!

I can’t wait to meet all the new members!

Jackie McDonald

Kristen’s  helped make my life more magical!

Kristen is an amazing business strategist. She blends spirituality and strategy so seamlessly. It’s truly magical. And the transformations I’ve seen, both personally and professionally, since working with her are amazing. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today without her guidance.


Ardelia Lee

Copywriter, Ardelia Lee Strategies

Let's create magic, darling!

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Kristen has the special ability to talk to the soul of your business, and to help you to do the same.

From here there is unlimited access to the exact (unique for you) guidance you need to:
-create sold out offerings at the perfect price point
– feel confident raising your rates
– know what to write in your copy
– What strategies to focus on

Her in depth knowledge of effective business strategy and genius intuition will support you in growing your business with total alignment and true magic.

Allison Braun

Business & Lifestyle Success Coach

If you’re looking for a biz coach, this is the one.

Kristen’s  been heaven sent for me & my business. She helped me straighten up all the chaos, make sense of all the ideas I’ve been getting…. and she made me finally profitable! 💕

It would have taken me a decade to get to where she put me in just a couple of months! I get so much great insight every time I talk with her. If you have the chance to work with her, you definitely want to grab that opportunity!

Savannah Blake (S.S. Blake)

Intuitive Mind, Body, Spirit Warrior + Coach, Vannasana


I totally owe it to Kristen for teaching me how to step back, stop ‘doing’ and start receiving!

Taiha Perron

Creative Mystic

Thank you for all the magic!

Kristen is SO gifted and such a blessing! If you need a soul business and marketing coach, she is absolutely amazing!

Jill Galano

Soulful Sales Leader

Let's find profitable alignment!

If you’re feeling the little nudges of your soul, discover all the ways we can work together.