Off the top of your head, can you name the BEST money you’ve spent in your business? I can – it was a course from Breanne Dyck on creating courses.

I KNOW. It sounds so meta, right? A course on courses? But I’ve taken those six weeks of knowledge and applied them to so much – from getting to know my clients to crafting services that light me up + satisfy my clients’s needs.

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Hey! Do pieces of this blog look familar? I’ve brought it over from my old blog  and given it a makeover for my life now.

I used to run my business from my phone. Seriously. In a dark room, with a baby sleeping on my lap.

See, the thing they don’t tell you about newborns is that like a business, each one is different. Each needs new things, and a different strategy.

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Hey! This post was originally on my old blog – I’ve brought it over and updated it with all the info I know now.

One of the “truths” we get told about running a business is that we have to hustle. We have to work long hours. We have to be stressed. I read at least a blog a day that says “If you’re just starting your business, you have to hustle. If you want clients,

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