#CaseStudy: How Spellbinding Sales Helped Flora Ware Reach Her First Five Figure Launch

Ever wonder what working with me is really about?
Or what kind of results you can actually have with Spellbinding Sales?

In the words of Aerosmith, talk is cheap – but instead of dancing, I’m going to tell you a story.

Meet Flora Ware, Sacred Leadership Coach. 

Before Spellbinding Sales

When I first met Flora, I knew we were going to work together at some point – and I was curious how that would play out!

Flora knew for months that she wanted to work with me, but it just wasn’t aligned. She was just starting to go full time in her business, and knew she wanted support in solidifying that move… but she’d looked at both my 1:1 and my high-level mastermind, but her income just wasn’t at a place where either of those options felt comfortable.

To solidify her business, she knew a few things needed to shift – she needed:

  • money coming in consistently without having to do draining launches all the time
  • to fill her 1:1 spots…and to raise the prices
  • for her single sessions to sell so that new clients could get a taste of her
  • to continue to fill her programs and membership group

When Spellbinding Sales opened, she knew that was exactly what she was looking for – a way to work with me at a lower price point, AND something that would help her reach her the growth she needed in her business to be able to afford the mentoring she truly desired. Win, win, right?!

Once she checked in with her soul, she was a little nervous, but she felt a big YES. After joining, I urged her to celebrate herself – and she decided to celebrate by accepting women into single sessions – one that hadn’t been selling previously, but somehow it felt right this time. She turned on my subliminal client meditation, wrote up some posts…and made back her entire investment before the program even began.


It was an exciting way to start a program – and we hadn’t even dug deep into anything yet!

As soon as I said Yes to joining Spellbinding Sales, I immediately started making more money.

It was wild. It wasn’t “strategy” – I hadn’t had time to implement anything yet! It was all the energy work and rituals. Even though I had been familiar with some of the concepts previously, I hadn’t harnessed the full potential of it, or focused my intention around it.”

During Spellbinding Sales

We spent Spellbinding Sales focused on BOTH the energy and the strategy behind connecting with clients. Energetic clearings. EFT scripts to work through blocks. Practice with the “tricky” areas of sales conversations, and pitches that connect with clients.

…but we also dug deeper than that. Looking at how to make onboarding clients more magical, and more of an EXPERIENCE – less of a hassle. How to create profit maps with your offers so that her clients got what they needed most, and were led to the most appropriate journey for them.

The question we kept focusing on: What little changes can we make to deepen the connection with your clients + make the experience more profitable for you?

In the last few weeks of working with Kristen, I’ve seen it happen again! I’ve had my most profitable non-launch month in my business. Ever.

After Spellbinding Sales

Wondering if maybe that was an one hit wonder? Flora continued to work with me and use everything she learned in Spellbinding Sales. Her next launch began with more income in presales, than all of her previous launches of the program total! She wasn’t hustling more. She wasn’t doing more. She had just learned how to call in clients energetically, and make sure all of her actions were truly aligned so they all created momentum. (Because none of us should be throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks!) Her launch of Goddess Dreamschool officially closed as her first five figure launch – and the magic was just beginning!

Since then, Flora’s:
✨ increased her 1:1 prices – receiving her highest amount yet so far!

✨ moved past blocks and stories like “People want to invest more when it’s focused on their business”

✨ called in clients from simply sharing who she knows specifically belongs in a container energetically

✨ created stronger boundaries with her clients – and greater successes for them because of it!

✨ hosted workshops so popular that she had to add in second and third runs to fit in everyone!

✨ created + filled her first Sister Circle Facilitator Training Program

✨… and she’s even successfully hosted her first international retreat!

Working with Kristen has been a game-changer for my business.

I am now enrolling clients at much higher rates than I had thought possible for me, and they are getting incredible results! I love integrating my magic and my marketing savvy, which I had kept kind of separated before. I simply couldn’t recommend Kristen or Spellbinding Sales more!

If you want to make more money consistently, Spellbinding Sales is exactly what your business needs.”

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