#CaseStudy: Creating 30K Launches With Spellbinding Sales: Safra Turner

Sometimes the mentorship and entrepreneurship space feels like a lot of smoke and mirrors. Are we really seeing what’s behind the walls – or just what they want us to see?

I get that – which is why I love sharing case studies so you get a glimpse of real results and real progress.

Today we’re taking a look at Safra Turner, Transformational Alignment Mistress + Coach. Here’s what she does in her own words:

“I’m Safra, and I help you return to yourself.

I work with you to clear all the energetic blocks and physical symptoms that prevent you from being who you were born to be.

You have a purpose – and I’m going to help you reclaim it.”

Before Spellbinding Sales

I met Safra at the tail end of the Winter Spellbinding Sales launch – another sister who had just joined the program thought it would be a great fit for her, so we were chatting. She had no knowledge of me or the program before joining my group and messaging me – nothing at all to bias her!

When we met, her business was in fluctuation. Everything she offered felt very separated…and hard to market because of it. Her audience was responsive and engaged…but they just weren’t buying, and when they were, it was very low budget.

She had TONS of programs, workshops, and offers – somewhere to put her clients wasn’t a problem. It was solely getting them to flow in.

Quite frankly, the business wasn’t paying the bills – but she knew she had a greater mission to serve. She came to Spellbinding Sales to align her mission with a business that profits.

I knew our focuses would be: getting really clear on where Safra’s clients truly were + what they thought they needed to achieve first, so we could make it really clear how all the pieces flowed together.

Hint: what your clients think they need to tackle first isn’t always what’s going to take them where they need to go – but you have to guide them through the journey.

Other focuses I marked for us were: client attraction, and conceptualizing what she does in a way where you can understand it and be intrigued by it.

As soon as I said Yes to joining Spellbinding Sales, I immediately started making more money.

It was wild. It wasn’t “strategy” – I hadn’t had time to implement anything yet! It was all the energy work and rituals. Even though I had been familiar with some of the concepts previously, I hadn’t harnessed the full potential of it, or focused my intention around it.”


During the course of Spellbinding Sales, through the natural evolution of the program, we discovered several of her offers truly wanted to blend together into a deeper way of approaching: Integrative Ascended Healing. The way to reclaim your connection to yourself, deepen your healing work, and become the powerful miracle worker you always knew you were.

The Integrated Ascended Healing Mastery Certification wanted more depth than previous ways of working with Safra – making it clear that healing begins with you and your connection to yourself, before bringing it up to the energetic tools, the physical tools, and giving you practice using all of those elements with clients.

We sat down together to map out how to honor her responses + what her audience was desiring, while also flowing the right clients into the new program.

  • What did her audience need to prepare them for change?
  • What education did they need to be ready for Integrated Ascended Healing?
  • What were the energetic pillars of the program that Safra could talk about + educate on?
  • How do we tie in all the things she does in a way that it makes sense, AND flows them into the program?
  • What stories could she tell to show the difference that working on each of these pillars would bring into their lives?

Between the energy work and the content planning, before her launch had even officially opened, the right clients were flowing in effortlessly. The energy was right. The content was right. Everything was in accordance with her energy – no more rushed plans, way more listening to the sacral and trusting that.

The question we kept focusing on: What little changes can we make to deepen the connection with your clients + make the experience more profitable for you?

For the first time, EVER, I launched a fully successful program, with more people flowing in to join before I EVEN LAUNCHED, than I have ever had flow into my previous programs.

I had initially played small, praying, hoping, that 8-10 women would join… Kristen helped me to think bigger!

This was the MOST aligned, easiest, and in flow launch I have ever experienced. And it all started 6 months ago, when I joined Spellbinding Sales in complete trust. I never woulda thunk it would have such a dramatic positive effect on my work and service – and I am so grateful.

I went from a space of despair, to a fully successful high ticket launch in 6 months.

After Spellbinding Sales

After Spellbinding Sales…well after THIS round of Spellbinding Sales, Safra is coming back for even more magic!

In 2020, we’ll be focusing on fine-tuning her connection with clients, opening her up to receive more, and setting up flow into the courses she’s already created. (Because if you’ve already done the work, it’s time to use it for the benefit of all! It’s not serving anyone sitting on a shelf!)

Automation is going to be a really important piece of the puzzle – when you have a lot of offers, you want to find ways to flow people in without you having to promote them all the time. (Plus with as many open centers as Safra has, rest time is super important – but we still want to have a consistent and steady income!)

Interested in learning more about the program that Safra is launching? Check it out here!

There is no doubt that the most powerful shifts between this launch and all the ones that came before were connecting to the energy of the specific women who belonged in my program, connecting with the soul of my business , and of course Kristen’s support and guidance with all of that!

Ready to be one of my next case studies? Ready to shift how you look at selling, launching, and your business? Join us for the next round of Spellbinding Sales – it’s going to be even more magical than the last!

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