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Ever wonder what working with me is really about?

Or what kind of results you can actually have with Spellbinding Sales?

In the words of Aerosmith, talk is cheap – but instead of dancing, I’m going to tell you a story.

In this post, you’ll meet Flora Ware, a Sacred Leadership Coach. You’ll get a first-hand look at her business before Spellbinding Sales and what changed for her during and after the program. 

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Align with Scorpio Season

Align with Scorpio Season

Are launches your big business nemesis? Launches terrify people. And I get it. They’re unpredictable. They’re the unknown. But a launch is just you helping the right people get on the same energy frequency as your program. So, how do you do that? Here’s a few pointers.

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Shift Your Fear Into BIG Impact

Shift Your Fear Into BIG Impact

SHIFT YOUR FEAR INTO BIG IMPACTSPIRITUAL BUSINESSSpring is supposed to be a time of birth. Clearing. Cleaning. Renewal. And while the world is a mess right now, who’s to say that’s not what’s happening?   First: Let's explore your feelings. Whatever you’re...

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7 Spooky Spiritual Secrets I’m Sharing This Halloween

7 Spooky Spiritual Secrets I’m Sharing This Halloween

We’re getting closer to Halloween! And anyone who’s ever spent time in my Facebook group knows that I’ve had some…unique life experiences. You also know that I rarely talk about them. (Sure, I’ve mentioned the exorcism I performed, but I’ve never really talked about it.)

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What does a healthy mentor relationship look like?

If you’ve never actually thought about this before, you’re not alone!

We’re taught how to look for healthy romantic relationships – and the red flags associated with it, but what does that look like when you’re hiring a mentor?

Check out this video to learn more about how you can establish healthy boundaries in your mentoring relationship.

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Healing From a Toxic Mentor Relationship

Healing From a Toxic Mentor Relationship

If you’re here, chances are that you’ve experienced an unhealthy mentor relationship and you’re at the WHAT NOW stage. You need to stop engaging with their energy. That’s the first and most important step, because everything else that follows won’t be as impactful if you’re still in contact with them.

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Defining a Healthy Mentor Relationship

Defining a Healthy Mentor Relationship

If you want to grow and succeed in business, chances are you’re going to hire a mentor at some point. But the thing is, not every mentor or mentor relationship is the same. And that makes sense when you think about it – people are unique, and so are the relationships we have with them. However, it’s crucial that you ensure you’re in a healthy mentor relationship.

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Three Things Every Manifestor Needs to Know

Three Things Every Manifestor Needs to Know

Manifestors are about 8-9% of the population in the Human Design system. And despite their being the minority, many of us are taught to be manifestors. Manifestors are here to initiate, so following through isn’t their strong suit. And that’s ok. When you think of manifestors, think about all the cliche saying that you heard growing up

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Tapping Into the Soul of Your Business

How do you know when something is aligned? Well…everything starts falling together. I had to giggle last year when Natalie from Soulshine Astrology messaged me to invite me to be on The Cosmic Calling podcast. …because I had meant to message her for MONTHS to see...

Behind The Scenes of a Spiritual Upleveling

Confession: This message has been trying to evolve out of me since August - and if you're on my mailing list, you'll recognize pieces (and see new things) - but the whole message needed to be expressed. August was me busting out of the chrysalis, and realizing that...

Love and light doesn’t fix it all. #Charlottesville

It was an ordinary night. Until I scrolled through my Twitter feed. One word stood out to me: Charlottesville. And my heart sank. UVA. And my heart sank some more. UVA is one of the few places that's ever felt like home to me. And better yet, it's one of the few...

Biz Confession: Resistance or a hell no?

Also known as why I decided to shut down a launch after just a week You guys know how I like to be open about business - well today is REALLY open. Recently someone asked me how to know whether you're just feeling resistance to something (and need to work through...

January + 2017 Intentions and Goals

It's a brand new year - are you feeling it? Your business needs big dreams. Intentions will help get you there. [clickToTweet tweet="Setting your intentions for the month allows you to focus your energy on your dream creations." quote="Setting your intentions for...

A Journey Through 2016

Do you recap your journey through the year? I LOVE this concept because it gives you time to really consider what you accomplished, what you learned, and what might be coming next...AND it gives you time to celebrate your wins again. [clickToTweet tweet="The more...

A look at 2016: what happened in both businesses

4 Ways To Profit During Mercury Retrograde

So, it's Mercury Retrograde...what does that mean for your business? If you're not familiar with Mercury Retrograde, this is the time when you'll hear people complaining of broken computers...or losing all their data...or having those pesky exes mysteriously...

Profit During Mercury Retrograde

How To Plan Your Soulful Business’s 2017

This is the time of year where everyone and their mama is talking about planning. And that's a good thing, right? Well. Kinda. There's a million ways to plan - but planning soulfully isn't always talked about. (You know how I feel about soulful strategy!) So, where...

Plan your business's 2017 plan - soulfully

December 2016 Intentions + Goals

Every month, I reflect on what I accomplished the previous month, what I wanted to accomplish, and feel out the energy for how I want this month to feel. This month? Especially important. We're approaching a Mercury Retrograde - and we'll be ending the year on a...

5 Lessons About Soulful Marketing

Confession: fifteen years ago, I didn't want to make a living based on marketing or business. I knew I *loved* it...but I also knew I didn't want a business where I had to spend 12+ hour days to make a living, like the woman I was working with. Obviously, sometimes...