Do you recap your journey through the year? I LOVE this concept because it gives you time to really consider what you accomplished, what you learned, and what might be coming next…AND it gives you time to celebrate your wins again.

2016 was a 9 year – all about completions. Closing the door. Clearing. Maybe even reaping what we sowed. How did this play out for me? Well..let’s see.


Working from 9-5….

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So, it’s Mercury Retrograde…what does that mean for your business?

If you’re not familiar with Mercury Retrograde, this is the time when you’ll hear people complaining of broken computers…or losing all their data…or having those pesky exes mysteriously showing up.

Mercury retrograde is when Mercury appears to be going backwards in the sky. Since Mercury rules communication and travel, anything related to this can go a little…haywire. Don’t fret  – it’s NOT solely a bad thing.

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This is the time of year where everyone and their mama is talking about planning. And that’s a good thing, right?

Well. Kinda.

There’s a million ways to plan – but planning soulfully isn’t always talked about. (You know how I feel about soulful strategy!)

So, where do you start in planning out your biz for the New Year? Here’s how to plan your business’s year in four ease filled,

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Every month, I reflect on what I accomplished the previous month, what I wanted to accomplish, and feel out the energy for how I want this month to feel.

This month? Especially important. We’re approaching a Mercury Retrograde – and we’ll be ending the year on a Mercury Retrograde. If that isn’t the perfect time to start clearing out what isn’t working, what you’ve outgrown, and what no longer is working for you,

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Since I started posting my monthly intentions, I keep hearing just how much of a difference people are noticing in their own businesses once they set their intentions.

What Happened Last Month

I was in the midst of website launch prep last month so I didn’t post my intentions anywhere, but oh hey I rebranded! Which you know. Because you’re here.

I’d also set intentions surrounding the business retreat I attended –

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