Every month, I reflect on what I accomplished the previous month, what I wanted to accomplish, and feel out the energy for how I want this month to feel.

This month? Especially important. We’re approaching a Mercury Retrograde – and we’ll be ending the year on a Mercury Retrograde. If that isn’t the perfect time to start clearing out what isn’t working, what you’ve outgrown, and what no longer is working for you,

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Since I started posting my monthly intentions, I keep hearing just how much of a difference people are noticing in their own businesses once they set their intentions.

What Happened Last Month

I was in the midst of website launch prep last month so I didn’t post my intentions anywhere, but oh hey I rebranded! Which you know. Because you’re here.

I’d also set intentions surrounding the business retreat I attended –

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Hey! This post was originally on my old blog – I’ve brought it over and updated it with all the info I know now.

You had a plan – maybe even a great plan. But then something happens.

A big new client. A sick kid. A spontaneous holiday (isn’t that why you started a business anyway? For the freedom to do these things?) Maybe you simply forgot – life is hectic as an entrepreneur,

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Hey! This post was originally on my old blog – I’ve brought it over and updated it with even more important tips on finding the perfect business coach for you!

Here’s a question I get asked a lot: how do I know who I should be working with to help me achieve my goals?

Well, there’s no easy formula to figure out if someone’s the best choice. Some of it will be personality –

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Hey! Do pieces of this blog look familar? I’ve brought it over from my old blog  and given it a makeover for my life now.

I used to run my business from my phone. Seriously. In a dark room, with a baby sleeping on my lap.

See, the thing they don’t tell you about newborns is that like a business, each one is different. Each needs new things, and a different strategy.

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