Behind The Scenes of a Spiritual Upleveling

Confession: This message has been trying to evolve out of me since August – and if you’re on my mailing list, you’ll recognize pieces (and see new things) – but the whole message needed to be expressed.

August was me busting out of the chrysalis, and realizing that the world didn’t look the same at all. I’ve been running out most of the year knowing that something was changing, and feeling a little bit in limbo because I wasn’t sure just what was around the horizon.

Playing small has been the big message delivered to me over and over for the last year or so. And I will admit that I’ve been getting tired of it – I mean, how much does the Universe want me to grow? And why does Kali have to be the one always delivering these messages? 😂

So I knew the underlying message – but the little nudges I kept getting were to…pretty much just chill and do my thing. I trusted it – even though everyone else was telling me to PUSH. Sell more. Launch more. Serve more. Notice all that focus? On doing more – not alignment.

Hint: alignment is always the answer.

Yes, I could have pushed. I could have made more money by doing so, which cool.

I could have served more women and helped them get to where they wanted to get to…but (yes, there’s a but) I wouldn’t have SPACE to allow what I was supposed to receive in.

And when people don’t have enough space to receive what is meant for them, what happens? Well, you get a community where we learn and learn and regurgitate what we learned from someone else, and create a cycle where we constantly need more, push more, have to be more…in order to keep our status quo. (Not to mention the spiritual ramifications of that, but that’s a soapbox for another moment!)

I don’t know about you, but that feels like exactly the paradigm we’re trying to shift out of.

We’re not supposed to just repeat what someone else has taught us.

We’re supposed to create our own structure – using our own soul purpose, our own gifts, our own experiences.

Otherwise, we create this place of stagnation masquerading as spiritual lessons. We create a plateau where truly how could your mentors want you to grow – even if it’s subconscious? If you do, you’re teaching what they’ve passed on to you, and then how can they get clients?

I don’t know about you – but we don’t need more stagnation. We don’t need more pushing. We need more people putting their own pieces together, falling into their soul purpose, creating their own way of doing the work.

Which brings me to August. Into the middle of a retreat that was supposed to be solely focused on writing…and having all the pieces fall into place. Realizing they were so much bigger than I would have seen earlier in the year.

I’ve been hiding. I didn’t realize I’ve been hiding – but man, have I been hiding.

Behind the woo, behind the ritual, behind the magic.

Forgetting that there was more inside me to be expressed, more inside me connected to my purpose.

When I think of who I am, it’s all the things – Witch. Mystic. Badass priestess. Mentor. Strategist. Writer. Coach. Visionary. CEO.

…but how many of those were getting the light shined on them? And which things were getting shoved into the dark crevices of myself, promised they’d be taken out to play when there’s more time, more freedom, more success, more [insert excuse here]?

We all do it. And now is the time to let that shit go.

In order to rise, all of us has to be expressed. In order to soar, we have to be 100% connected with our soul purpose.

I’ve known this – it’s exactly why I invested in my writing this year. Plus, being expressed creatively is literally a piece of the human design puzzle of how we receive abundance in all forms. (Feel free to catch the live on creativity + abundance in Intuitively Wealthy!)

But I couldn’t see how they all came together until that moment where I sat on a train mapping out an annual half a million dollar service flow.

Because my business isn’t just ritual. It isn’t just human design. It isn’t just strategy. And it isn’t just writing. It’s all of them together.

It’s healing through creative writing and quantum energy work. (Because yes, you can literally use the process of writing a book to heal past life wounds, this life wounds, or manifest in your soulmate. AND on top of that healing, then you have a book to publish.)

It’s knowing your energetic blueprint through human design, aligning your life and business with it, and then layering on solid strategy of the same frequency.

It’s knowing your dream client’s energy so you can call them in energetically and strategically. Because sales are a whole lot easier when you’re selling to someone who already has an energetic contract with you.

So, hiiiii. I’m Kristen, badass attraction marketing strategist , and founder of Mystic Writing™. I bring Human Design, ritual, and million dollar attraction strategy to help you tell – and LIVE – your true story. That means attracting the dream clients, selling and launch sacredly, and living mystically. Because it’s time to do the damn thing. It’s time to tell your story and create the life you really want. It’s time to heal those past life wounds. It’s time to let the Universe truly support you, instead of you swimming upstream against your purpose.

It’s time. Truly. For all of us.

If you’re reading this and trying to decide how connected to your soul purpose you are, great. That’s a great place to be at – we all have to ask ourselves those questions.

For now: what’s ready to be birthed within you?


Want to chat about what’s been expanding + shifting for you, and get clear on how to ride that energy wave successfully? Curious about how to explore your soul purpose through Human Design? I’d love to chat with you! Grab a spot on my calendar, and let’s see where we’re led.

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