Align with Scorpio Season

In this episode, business strategist Kristen Jett the @profitpriestess & Lauren Poppins @cosmicbizwitch talk about Scorpio energy to align with the powerful energy of Scorpio Season as a biz owner. ♏️🌑⁠ Check it out!

🌟 Seeing through the bs to get to the heart of real healing⁠

🌟 Cultivating the foundation to sustainably create results⁠

🌟 Feeling into the limits of depth you & your clients are actually ready for⁠

🌟 Acknowledging the shit we’ve inherited from our lineages⁠

🌟 Scorpio Season as the time of year to face & cleanse what you’ve been ignoring⁠

🌟 Attraction marketing as a multiple course meal⁠

🌟 Similarity between Scorpio people & Human Design Projectors as “doulas”⁠

🌟 Keeping your witchy rituals simple & relevant, including with your tech!⁠

Ready to dive in? You can find the full episode here.

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