2018 could change everything…

if you’re ready to receive it. (Are you?)

Strategy is great.

Energy work is great.

…but isn’t it time you focused on both so you can actually RECEIVE the business you’ve been dreaming of?

One of the things that’s made me SO excited about 2017 is watching the big shifts and changes my clients have made. And the more I opened up to new clients, the more I knew that I wanted to KEEP working with them, to keep helping new clients make these same shifts.

Which left the question: what do I want to do in 2018? I sat down with my journal (this is where the magic happens!) and this is what I discovered.

⭐️ I want to help women create strategy that makes SENSE for their personality, is super fun to do, and gives them a strong foundation to trust their gut and go with the flow when they want to.

⭐️ I want more women working WITH the soul of their business so there’s less questions about what they should do next, fewer blocks, and a whole lot more ease.

⭐️ I want to share my favorite rituals + energetic tools that I use in my own life and business, so they can receive the same support. (Because when your energy is aligned with your goal, it’s SO much easier!)

⭐️ Anddddd obviously, I want these women to have more money in their bank accounts so they can support themselves + their families.

So finally, I asked my guides for a little nudge on what to create next. Their answer: a sacred, intimate community of high vibration women who are ready to put magic in their business at ALL levels. Strategy. Energy. Mindset. The full shebang – but with tons of intimacy and connection with me.

Viola, Abundance Alchemy was born!

Let’s take your business off your vision board and into reality. 

Let’s make 2018 the year alllllll your big and magical biz dreams come true. Let’s spend 6 months releasing your energetic blocks, and creating the strategy for real – and entirely obtainable! – business profits.

Are you ready to cross off your big goals with ease?

Are you ready to KNOW what to do next…instead of doing alllllll the things, hoping that one of them will work?

Are you ready to step into the business you’ve been dreaming of?

Your business should feel magical. (Hell, so should your bank account!)

In Abundance Alchemy, you’ll:

⭐️ Discover what’s been holding you back – so we can energetically release them and move on to success

⭐️ Visualize what you REALLY want in your life to feel good – so you can work towards those goals and not the fluffy distractions that keep you stuck

⭐️Map out your entire 2018 in a way that feels good to you (you know, you actually WANT to do it), increases your profits, and allows the freedom for more free time, vacation time, or whatever time you’ve been longing for

⭐️Get more in tune with the soul of your business so you can allow the natural energy of your business to manifest for you (because you shouldn’t have to do it all!)

⭐️ Perform regular mini rituals to keep your energy aligned and clear as you step into expansion. (Think: big impact, little time!)

⭐️ Receive intuitive insights from me – to learn exactly what your business, ancestors, and guides want you to know, do, or be.

Why am I the right person to guide you?

Kristen Jett, Business Profit Priestess

I help purpose driven women (like you!) tap into their power to grow their business – and their profits.

See, the thing we all get stuck at? Balancing action with intuition. BOTH are necessary to run a successful + sustainable business, and most of us have been trained to only use one half of our power. Buttttt by blending spiritual and strategic energies, and learning to tap into your business, you can get better results with less work.

I’m going to be your business’s High Priestess – leading you to the success and goals in your visions through actionable steps + attraction marketing techniques.

I’m formally trained in attraction marketing… but I got tired of helping million dollar businesses hit their goals and targets. Well, why should they get all the help? Especially when they wouldn’t do the energetic work to SUSTAIN their success. Your business deserves the same attention and love  – and I thrive on helping you create the freedom you long for through actionable steps – that aligns you with the energy of success – soulfully + strategically!

I’ve always been that girl who’s really good at making things happen, whether you call that magic or manifestation.

From attracting my soulmate in less than a year after leaving an abusive relationship, to a Porsche Cayenne at an unbelievable price, to meeting + working with my biz idols.

It took me years to consider incorporating this into my business, and things changed instantly. A faucet of dream clients that turns on and off depending on my schedule and needs. Free photoshoots. (Say what?!)

Five figure months without hopping on one sales call! Six figure launches on less than 10 hours a week. It all really IS possible when your strategy + energy are aligned. 

I’ve helped my clients:

⭐️ double and triple their sales numbers 🙌🏼

⭐️ fill their group coaching programs

⭐️ create + launch their own passive income line 🗝

⭐️ get super clear about what the soul of their business wants them to create 🦄

⭐️ discover how to receive bigger results…while doing less 🙏🏼

Ready for those results in your business?

Darling, Let’s Make magic together.

Know this is the place for you to transform your 2018?

Claim your spot now.

Abundance Alchemy is about transforming the way you strategically and energetically respond to making money.

It’s about creating action plans that are strategically sound…and includes the spiritual work to anchor you into success.

It’s about clearing the blocks that are keeping you swimming in quicksand (or, you know, busting your butt to make more money but still earning the same amount.

It’s about shifting the way you respond to selling – and receiving money.



Abundance Alchemy

⭐️ biweekly Facebook Live lessons (Value:$111)  – we’ll be starting off with getting your strategy and energy aligned for 2018. Have no idea what you’re going to do to reach your goals? I’ll be helping you figure it out.

⭐️ monthly mastermind call (Value:$300)  to get personalized feedback on whatever’s challenging you + mini energetical clearings to shift and release everything that’s holding you back

⭐️ monthly intuitive call (Value: $555) where I tap into the soul of your business to give you the guidance it wants you to know most

⭐️ weekly office hour posts (Value: $111) to ask me about anything you’re struggling with – because who wants to have to wait two weeks to ask a question?!

You can join Abundance Alchemy for as little as 6 payments of $333 – or if you need a little more cushion – 8 payments of $255.

Abundance Alchemy VIP

Want to go get my eyes on what you’re working on? Go VIP! In addition to everything above, you’ll receive:

⭐️ biweekly Zoom calls (Value:$333) for questions about anything. You can ask for feedback on your sales funnel or sales page. We can break down your sales process to learn how to turn more nos into yeses.  You can show me your 90 day plan and get advice on if you’re taking the biggest impact steps. Whatever you need, I’m here for it.

⭐️ monthly Aligned Abundance ritual (Value $111) –  a short action ritual to help you align your energy with abundance and success. (Hint: the first will likely be to help magnetize yourself to clients!)

⭐️ weekly witchslaps (Value: $77)  to direct you towards action – this could be strategy action steps, mini rituals to align your energy, meditations, etc

⭐️ and chances every month to win 1:1 time with me (Whaaaaaat?!)🙌🏼 (Value: Up to $888)

You can join as a VIP for as little as 6 payments of $555 – or if you need a little more cushion – 8 payments of $422.

What do others say? see for yourself!

Kristen has the special ability to talk to the soul of your business, and to help you to do the same.

From here there is unlimited access to the exact (unique for you) guidance you need to:
-create sold out offerings at the perfect price point
– feel confident raising your rates
– know what to write in your copy
– What strategies to focus on

Her in depth knowledge of effective business strategy and genius intuition will support you in growing your business with total alignment and true magic.

Allison Braun

Business & Lifestyle Success Coach

As a fairly spontaneous, freedom seeking entrepreneur having someone support me in the strategic side of business has been CRUCIAL for my sustainability.

She blends the best of manifesting/magic and business systems to create massive results.

Jackie McDonald

Courage Coach

Kristen always leads me exactly where I need to be.

I totally owe it to Kristen for teaching me how to step back, stop ‘doing’ and start receiving!

Taiha Perron

Creative Mystic

After listening to your insights on the call, I feel awesome! So much more clarity and confirmation. I knew I wanted to do something like what you suggested…but wasn’t sure if people wanted it. Now I’m just doing it! Your channeling and mediumship skills are the clearest I have ever received! ❤️


Thank you for all the magic!

Kristen is SO gifted and such a blessing! If you need a soul business and marketing coach, she is absolutely amazing!

Jill Galano

Soulful Sales Leader

Kristen is so great that it would have taken me a decade to get to where she put me in just a couple of months! I get so much great insight every time I talk with her.

If you’re looking for a biz coach, this is the one. She’s been heaven sent for me & Vannasana. Straightened all the chaos & made me profitable! 💕

Savannah S. Blake

Intuitive + Chakra Coach , Vannasana Intuitive Coaching


Kristen has been a great teacher for saying yes to abundance. I have to remember that my work is valuable and I’m worth it. She’s really good at helping me with that.


Soulful Copywriter, Lucky Penny Solutions

Want an extended payment plan? You’re in luck!

Join Abundance Alchemy with an 8 payment option

But wait, there’s more!

Okay, but seriously, there is. I looooooove including bonuses, so everyone that joins will also receive:

⭐️ A goody box in the mail including Open To Receive oil, specially blended + charged by me ($$ value )

⭐️ Map Your 2018 workbook – to help you get a head start creating your vision for the year ($33 value)

⭐️ Stellar Dream Clients workbook –  a guide to the three energetic levels of dream clients +  ($33 value)

⭐️ Spellbinding Sales subliminal meditation ($22 value)

This is for you if:

⭐️ You’re ready to finally make your big dreams happen
⭐️ know you want to make more, but aren’t sure how you’re going to do it
⭐️ aren’t meeting your sales goals and wonder if it’s energy or strategy
⭐️ want the chance to ask me questions about your business each and every week
⭐️ have no idea how to plan your 2018 in a way that feels good AND makes money
⭐️ want lessons that come with suggested action steps after them – so it’s not just information being handed to you without you knowing what to do next!
⭐️ You’re ready to start communicating with the soul of your business
⭐️You’re ready to give up the hustle and grind for ease, flow, and magic.

This may not be for you if…

⭐️ An investment of $255 -$555 a month would make you or your family financially strained
⭐️ You don’t want to take action – you’d rather just focus on energy and hope the rest falls into place.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does it start? End?

Our time begins on January 13th – an astrologer sanctioned date! This is a 6 month sacred container – ending June 2018.

How many women will be part of the VIP Circle?

When I say intimate, I mean intimate. There’s only FIVE spots total for the VIP level.

Are there payment plans?

You bet, buttercup! You can choose which one is best for you.

Ready to make 2018 the year your dreams become reality?

Join me in Abundance Alchemy – 6 months of making magic in your business (and bank account!).

One of the biggest ways that we can block ourselves is by telling ourselves we have to wait to fulfill our dreams. That we’re not ready yet. That it will be too hard. I know myself, that those things AREN’T true – they’re the little pings ego gives us when we’re stepping into expansion.

And one of the best gifts we can give ourselves at that time is the support and understanding of someone who knows exactly what that feels like, when you need a gentle approach or some tough love, and has spiritual tools to push you past those barriers with ease. (Hey, they don’t call me the biz witch for nothing!)

Your dreams are entirely possible – and I’d love to help you anchor them into reality. xo