How? Manifesting + strategy = Biz magic

Marketing That Manifests

Business Strategy

I’ve spent decades planning corporate business strategy – let’s apply my experience to your biz.

Client Attraction Marketing

Want to stop hustling? Attracting in the right clients is the key.

Manifesting Guide

Manifesting isn’t just for your life – your business deserves conscious creation + intentions too.

Biz High Priestess

Let me guide your business into the successful vision you’ve created.

Kristen Jett, Profit Priestess

Hi, I’m Kristen.

(You can call me KJ, if you want.)

I’m here to bring magic + soulful strategy to your business. Your business doesn’t have to be icky. Your business doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. I promise. It only has to be just as spirit-led as you are.

It’s time to empower yourself and create that vision of freedom you’ve been longing for.

What can I do for you?

Good question. Are you tired of following the same marketing plans that everyone else is? Your heart isn’t in it…and you’re not even getting the results you want. You’re even starting to feel like the Universe is conspiring against you instead of with you.

Solution: your business needs a spiritual resuscitation.

Let me be your guiding light. It’s time to center the foundation of your business in spirit. To create action plans for your business that combine your personality, the energy of your business, and the co-creating powers of the Universe. To give up on all the “shoulds” and do what really works for YOU and your biz.

It’s time to structure your soul.

You’ve got the big visionary dreams. You know where you want to go. But you could use a little structure to help you step to success.

You may even have the intuition – you know what you’re supposed to create. It’s just the process of actually creating it and marketing it where you get stuck. What do you do next? I can help you break it down in a way that’s still flexible enough to shift with any Divine Downloads – but prevents you from being stuck in paralysis before you even get going. 

I have over fifteen years of experience being the woman behind the curtain for the big corporations. (And I still am – my second business is just that – providing attraction marketing strategies for corporate America.)

My creative clients have been coming to me for a mindset jumpstart + pinpointing the physical and spiritual action tasks that can help them reach their big visions.  I’m tired of watching big names tell you that you have to subscribe to fear based mindset to succeed – because you don’t.

I’ve helped other creative entrepreneurs bring forth these results:

  • 10K+ months – working less than 20 hours a week
  • A business strategy that led to $100K days
  • Going from being in debt to earning $500,000+ a year
  • Getting more time back in the day thanks to efficient systems – You might have as many hours in the day as Beyonce, but you may not have nannies, maids, and a team of PR people and business strategists.
  • Creating brand new passive income sidelines – in under a month

What does your big picture vision look like? Let’s realign your business with your soul and bring your business vision into reality.

Success isn’t just for the big boys.  It’s time for you to claim it for yourself.

Your success lies in spirit. Manifest those big dreams – on your own terms.

What have I manifested lately?

Dream Car (Porsche driving soccer mom!)
Attending Biz Retreats
New Business
New Headshots
Perfect Clients, at the Perfect Time
Six dream mentors!
10K+ Months
Spirit-led biz besties

So, what do my clients say?

If I had to look to someone to help me really get my business in order and make all the parts of my business a well run machine, so it essentially runs itself and I insert myself when it’s time for the essential tasks, then I would want Kristen.

Dee Fells

Tarot Reader + Intuitive Transformational Coach

Kristen is the best. I know art – entertainment, not marketing. She came up with a plan that I can actually do, that I want to do (all pictures + video, no words!), and that works.

Georgina Leahy

Actress & Musician, Georgina Leahy

Are you my dream client?

Are you:

  • positive minded?
  • a fan of receiving gifs? (Especially New Girl + TSwift.)
  • clear on what you do + why you do it?
  • super passionate about your business and your WHY?
  • tapped in to your own intuition and spirit?
  • aware of the power your own words have?
  • open to learning new things?

If so, hurray! You’re in the right place at the right time.

I can’t wait to learn more about you + your biz.

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Hey, what’s your why?

Glad you asked.

I decided I was going to run my own business when I was 11.

An eleven year old girl watches her mom walk in with tired eyes, coming home from her third job. Tired, but alive. Away from her abusive ex-husband and paying the bills, somehow.

The girl vows to create her own stability, her own independence, her own freedom and safety – and she vows to help as many women as she can do the same thing.

You’re probably not surprised to know that girl was me, right? Well, now I’m a mama, and my spirit for helping others build their way of freedom hasn’t changed.

I’m passionate about business – and your success.

Still curious? Me in a nutshell

Sun: Scorpio

Moon: Taurus

Biz Goddess: Hecate

Crystal: Crystal Quartz, Kunzite

Significator: Queen of Pentacles + Queen of Cups

Animal: Bee

Symbol: Hexagon, Crescent Moon