5 Lessons About Soulful Marketing

Confession: fifteen years ago, I didn’t want to make a living based on marketing or business. I knew I *loved* it…but I also knew I didn’t want a business where I had to spend 12+ hour days to make a living, like the woman I was working with.

Obviously, sometimes the Universe has other plans for you. I ended up here whether I intended to or not.

And I’m not working 12+ hour days. Or 8 hour days.

Let’s be honest. Most days I’m working 2 hour days. (I’m planning to shift up to 4 soon.) How did I do it?

Two words: soulful marketing.

Soulful marketing can be the difference between an aligned business & one that sucks out your soul.

5 Things I’ve Learned About Soulful Marketing

1. Your energy is connected to the energy of your business.

This is why nonstop hustle doesn’t work. If you don’t eat, sleep, or just you know…enjoy life, you aren’t in a positive place. You’re tired, you’re hangry, you’re wondering why you’re doing all this and none of this is working. Then you start to regret what you’re sacrificing…and looking at your business with bitter eyes.

Guess what? That energy comes out. Your clients feel it. Your readers feel it. You get fewer sales. Not exactly the utopia you envisioned.

When you burn yourself out, your passion for your business flickers too.

2. Mindset is magic.

I know this sounds cliche – but the amount of profit your business earns is directly correlated to how much you believe you can earn.

The amount of profit your biz earns is directly correlated to how much you believe you can earn.

One of my clients had a breakthrough recently – with the simple question of if she actually believed she could hit her revenue goals. Surprise – she didn’t. Why? Her business didn’t feel like a real business to her yet.

Do you believe your business goals are attainable? Be honest. Don’t just say yes because you think that’s a positive mindset. Think about why they are. Think about what you’ve accomplished so far, what you’re going to change to hit higher goals, and what support you have.

If you don’t think they’re obtainable, do you need to adjust them? Do you need to adjust them and work on your mindset? Do you BELIEVE you can create a highly profitable business? Do you BELIEVE you can do it with ease?

3. Give up the shoulds.

How many things on your to do list are there because you feel like you *should* do them?  

Maybe they’re things you hate. Or things that don’t really fit into your marketing map or the energy of your business, but you’re trying to squeeze them in anyway.

Forget the shoulds. Shoulds are anchors holding you down.

Instead think about:

  • what lights you up
  • what are the most fun and creative ways to share what you do
  • what people respond to the most

4. Be willing to shift with the times. Be flexible.

Confession #2: This post was originally planned to be longer. So…yesterday was my birthday! A big one, actually. (Feel free to guess away.) I had intended to sit down and create a list of one reason for each year of my life, or at least 16 to cover my birthdate.

And then I had a talk with myself. WHY was I going to do that? To be cheeky? Because I could? Wouldn’t it be MORE value to focus on a few things in depth, rather than dropping a long list and running? Yup. So I went with that.

Maybe the longer list would do better on Pinterest. But I’d rather have people find extra value when they get here, instead of potentially being left wanting more.

Value is the most important gift you can give your audience. 

5. You don’t have to use fear to sell.

I know you see it all the time. I know many of the experts tote these techniques – I’m certainly not saying they don’t sell. I’m saying you don’t have to use them.  You don’t HAVE to feel like you’re doing something slimy or cheesy when you sell. You don’t have to pull out all the reasons why their business/diet/goals/relationship/whatever will fail without you or your products.

You can – gasp – sell the real benefits that you’re offering someone. Clarity. Direction. Ease. Joy. A new way of doing something. The answer they’ve been looking for. Accountability.

Think about the problem you’re solving for your client – and why that makes their life better.

Need an example? I help my clients reconnect their business to their spirituality, replace stress with ease, and create actionable marketing plans that are aligned with their business + energy. No fear there.

Want to try it? Leave a comment on what you do – with no fear tactics. Let’s put a little more soul into our everyday.


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  1. I am looking to find my authentic voice as a business and a soulful way to market myself. Monetizing what I do has been painful as 1) I’m unsure of my value and 2) it feels icky at times

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