Find 25K With Human Design


Heyyyy Work It Witchers!

So excited to see you here! I’m Kristen, Profit Priestess. And I can’t wait to get to know you better.

Ready to discover how to find an extra 25K or more in your business…just by knowing your Human Design?

Find 25K in your business with Human Design

Inside you’ll find:

🌟easy + understandable advice on where YOUR type is leaving money on the metaphoric table

🌟 what to do next to keep raising your profits in an ALIGNED way

🌟secret tips and tricks

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The classic Generator problems were the story of my “acting like a Manifestor” life until Kristen corrected my approach – and now things are flowing way better! #bestmonthsince2015

Sonya Highfield

Intuitive Business & Mindset Coach, Real World Creatives