January + 2017 Intentions and Goals

It’s a brand new year – are you feeling it?

Your business needs big dreams. Intentions will help get you there.

Setting your intentions for the month allows you to focus your energy on your dream creations.

If you’re new here, I set intentions – life + biz – every month to get clear on the energy I most want to be in for the month. It also helps me stay really focused on what I most want to achieve for the month. If you want to set your own, you can grab this workbook to help you start out.

How I did do in 2016?

Pretty well! Some of my intentions took me a little longer – I just got that nanny this month…and it’s only a couple days a week to start with. But designated work hours! Woohoo!

Overall, I feel like it was a really good year (you can see how it went here!). I started two new businesses (counting this one as a second business and not a rebrand per se, because it feels new). I took off…most of November and December. No exaggeration – Mr. KJ was working shifts that made work challenging, so I went with the flow. Existing clients got full attention, but I didn’t try to squeeze much else in.

2017 Intentions

Word of the year: Allow

Maybe this is a remnant of being in the very masculine energy of the corporate marketing world for so long, but my greatest discovery of 2016 was I push way more than I thought.  To no surprise when I stopped pushing and let things flow, that’s when the magic happened. This year I want to be more intentional of allowing myself to go with the flow, allowing myself to receive support, allowing myself to be fully me.

If I’m going to be 100% honest, Queen of Inbound (which will eventually be rebranded as my corporate offers) felt a bit like a facade. Like the red lipstick and stiletto armor someone wears to feel confident. Which…isn’t entirely me these days. Right now, I’m more of a big crystal jewelry + red lipstick + 9 of Pentacles oil + cozy sweater girl. (And really, maybe that’s who I’ve always been in one form or another.)

Basically, I’m if your High Priestess was Jess Day…not Gloria Pritchett. And my Scorpio energy is becoming more and more okay with that.

Phrase of the year: Aligned Abundance

I realized after I picked this phrase that it coincides with a service I want to launch later in the year (whenever I have time, honestly) – Abundance Alignment. And that is entirely accidental.

This phrase just kept calling to me. And I realized that a lot of what I’m releasing this year is on aligning your energy with abundance on both a spiritual and pragmatic level. It makes sense that this energy would carry into my own life.

General intentions

More balance

I did a LOT of things last year. And it was great to do them while still staying in the energy of ease, but I never really found my ideal day schedule. This year will be about finding that sweet spot with enough work time, fun time, and family time. I really want everything to have designated times so I don’t feel like solely a stay at home mom (nothing against SAHMs – it’s just not for me. I need activity beyond Baby), or like just a entrepreneur.

Shine bright/be fully present.

Confession: I’ve totally been neglecting any social media besides Twitter. In all honesty, Facebook and Instagram were giving me PTSD so I dropped them for awhile. Once I realized what issues they were triggering – and the connections to the abusive relationship that were coming up with those. I worked really hard on clearing those in November and December of 2016 (another reason I worked less – I was clearing SO much out!), so I feel better about trying it out again with new energy.

This year I intend to be fully present – to let the light shine from all parts of me. I know I talked about it earlier…but I’m really tired of compartmentalizing myself. Woman particularly do it all the time. We don’t talk about certain things at work. We keep this part of our life out of that part because “what will people think?” That’s too exhausting. No time for that. You’re getting me – which includes strategies and plans, crystals and oils, energy work and candles, Stevie Nicks croons, and TSwift gifs. And hopefully you’ll love it.  And if you don’t, hopefully you’ll find someone else that you resonate with more.

January Intentions

Word of the month: Grace

Choosing my word for the month was surprisingly tricky. BUT I’m doing some BIG things for the month…like starting a big launch so grace seems fitting. I want to enter the year with grace. I want to enter my launch with grace. I want to enter my mastermind with grace. Grace, grace, grace.

Oracle Card of the month: Holy Amethyst/Divine alchemy (Keepers of the light deck)

Holy Amethyst: Keepers of The Light DeckHAHA.


Holy Amethyst is all about clearing. Something I’ve been doing a lot of, something all my clients have been doing, and something we all clearly need to keep doing! Let go of what no longer serves you. Make space for what you truly DO want. Want to find the love of your life? Let go of that person you only call when you have nothing else better to do and don’t feel like sitting at home alone.

This is a month to work with amethyst. This is a month to focus on what we want to manifest. This is a month to move past our fears.

Absolutely perfect for the New Year.

Main intention: begin cosmic roots launch

I’m focusing so much of my energy on supporting this launch (with grace!).

You’ll see more of this later in the month – Cosmic Roots is my new group program on aligning yourself with success on a spiritual level. How to infuse spirituality into the core of your business. How to bring yourself and your biz into the vibration of success – while also working on the tangible marketing side in a soulful way.

So I’m creating a bunch of BIG fun free things to celebrate this launch. The first one will be this month and I’m super duper excited. Hint: it’s another quiz! 

Lesser intentions:

Create guidelines for new ideas

Over the past few days, a lot of really awesome new ideas have hit me – my VA even got a huge hit of divine inspiration about something! – things that I want to create or implement and I really want to spend this month getting clear on how they should look. To meditate on them and get answers.

Honestly, I’m not even sure all these things fit into my year, but I’m going to trust that if I’m getting the vision now it’s for a reason!

Have you set any intentions for the month? For the year? Let’s hear them. If you haven’t – now’s the time.

Focus on the energy of what you want to bring into your business, and what you want to achieve.
Kristen Jett

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