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Are you ready to fill your flagship + signature program in a way that feels good and is aligned with your energy?

Learn how to recode your client’s energy around success, facilitate their quantum leaps, and support them through epic transformation.

Step inside the Revolutionary Recoding Certification, where you become a revolutionary leader in your business, and known for leading clients through quantum leaps daily.


Content Conjure

Six months of energetic + strategy recoding so you can easily connect with the right clients, show up in your mastery, and step into your next level life. 


Spellbinding Sales

Twelve months to increase your profits, grow your audience, and align your business without having to use sleazy, unaligned sales methods.


Revolutionary Recoding Certification

In twelve months, fill your signature program, become a revolutionary leader in your business, and step into the spotlight for leading clients through quantum leaps daily.

Content Conjure

Create content that conjures up aligned clients , more profits, and more free time.

Let’s get your life back. Most business leaders think just educating clients + sharing their offer is what connects. (It’s not.)

Stop using all your time to create content that doesn’t connect. With the Content Conjure framework, create the content that conjures in the right clients.  

Hi, I’m Kristen

I help conscious leaders attract high level dream clients by mastering their energy + creating marketing that manifests.

When I shifted into the coaching industry, I was taught to question everything I was doing. Everyone had different advice for me…and none of it felt like me.

I decided to rebel a little – to go back to my background, blend in Human Design to truly know myself, and find what works best for me -and my clients.

Before all of this, I spent over fifteen years creating + facilitating million dollar marketing strategy, sales funnels, and launch campaigns for companies whose names you hear daily.

Before working with conscious entrepreneurs, I even owned a marketing agency focused on attraction marketing through content, sales funnels, and social media.

And through that process, I realized your success is really about this: mastering your own energy, and truly connecting with your clients.

Your Energetic Empire:

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Spellbinding Sales

Connect + sell confidently while becoming financially and energetically secure. 

You have a big purpose in the world. …and is the way you’re selling actually supporting that?

I’m here to change that. Step into an energetic (and strategic!) shift to master connecting + selling in a way that feels good to your Human Design.

I went from a space of despair to a fully successful high ticket launch in 6 months.

For the first time EVER, I launched a fully successful program, with more people flowing in to join before I EVEN LAUNCHED, than I have ever had flow into my previous programs.

This has been the MOST aligned, easiest, and in flow launch I have ever experienced. Never would have I imagined I could earn 2x my normal annual income in just one launch.

It takes an incredible business coach to help me see that which is literally right in front of my face the whole time & she brings it together so smoothly.

Kristen is my favorite business investment ever!
Safra Turner
Kristen and Spellbinding Sales came into my life at the perfect time. I was wondering if biz would ever work out for me. I took the leap and was held in this container during the onset of the pandemic.

It’s hard to imagine what I would have done if I didn’t have this community and mentorship. Selling felt scary and hard, and I wanted it to feel good.

Those shifts happened for me. What surprised me was how the program trained me to be a better mentor and how to facilitate transformation in a more tangible way for my clients.

I left the program finally feeling empowered to talk about who I serve and how I do it. I highly recommend Spellbinding Sales and working with Kristen in general. I am forever grateful to the stability and growth that this experience offered me.
Meghan Lockhart
Womb Priestess

become a revolutionary leader

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