Hi – I’m Kristen.

I help spirit-led and purpose-driven entrepreneurs create soulful strategy that aligns their business with joy, ease, and more profits.

If you’re spiritually led, why isn’t your business?

“You have to hustle to succeed.”

“Nothing good in life comes easy.”

“You can’t take a vacation from your biz in the first few years.”

Errrrr. WRONG.

Your biz doesn’t have to be soul-sucking, time-sucking, or any other sort of vampire. (Seriously.)

I know, I know, all the “experts” are saying it. But that doesn’t make it right. Maybe it works for them, but that mindset comes from a lot of fear. Fear that you can’t have everything you want without huge pain and sacrifices. Fear that there’s not enough for everybody. Fear that you’ll fail.

Ick! Your business shouldn’t be built on fear.

Who wants to work in fear every damn day? Why not replace that with ease + freedom + joy?

How do you do it?

  • Upleveling your mindset
  • Including your own spirituality as part of your daily structure – helllooooo, manifestation!
  • Focus on attracting + connecting in the right clients
  • Easily, joyfully, successfully.

Ready to give up the hustle? the time is now.


Stars have always guided the way. Constellations tell you where you are.

You follow the North Star when you get lost.

I’m going to guide you to greater success, to be the shining light that leads you down your journey. It’s time to give up the soul sucking hustle – let’s attract dream clients with ease.

Let’s put a little magic into your marketing, a little soul and spirit into your action plans.

Kristen is a magical miracle worker for your biz!

Kris Oster

Brand Mystic + Marketing Coach, Mythic Rhythm

Working with kristen is truly magical

I joined Constellation Coven because I’ve been trying to figure out strategy + systems on my own and I know I need help to speed up the process. Plus, with her intuition Kristen guides me in what to do when, which is like a secret weapon!

The truth is you need systems in your business at every stage. You’re going to be so much more successful if you have them at the start (I wish I did) –  it would’ve saved me time and money. In my eyes it’s equally as important as attracting ideal clients.

I’ve been spending time with Kristen for the last 6 months and we have so much fun together! Since tapping into the soul of my business I now know where I need to be investing my time and energy effectively (which is super important to me as a sensitive person).

Jackie McDonald

Kristen Jett, Marketing That ManifestsHi, I’m Kristen.

I’m going to help you manifest your dream biz.

I’m a business success strategist – and hey girl, I’m going to be your biz BFF.

You manifest your life dreams – doesn’t your business deserve that love too?  I’m going to help you attract in the RIGHT clients, connect with them, and grow a relationship where sales naturally happen.  Are you ready to make your business #bizcrush worthy?

Flowers don’t chase bees down – bees come to them, right? Let’s make your business that blossoming bloom.

I’ve spent the last decade plus (a lady never tells her age, right?) working with the big corporate guys – including clients who spend $2 million a year on marketing. Over the years, I’ve learned how to blend those skills + manifesting magic to lead you to the vision you REALLY have  –  not the hustle and bustle everyone tells you must have.

It’s time TO gain your freedom back.

Kristen is the best thing to happen to my business

I have never felt more grounded or more confident in what I do. I used to feel like I was a swimmer watching someone a full lane ahead of me – but now I don’t give a damn where other people are. I’ve stopped my comparing my start to their end, and with that I can get more done. I’m able to plan my business strategy with direction, going from ideas to launch of new concepts in just a month.

Dee Fells

Intuitive Mindset Coach, Dee Fells Tarot + Intuitive Coaching

This is who you’ve been looking for.

It would have taken me a decade to get to where Kristen put me in just a couple of months! I get so much great insight every time I talk with her.

Savannah Blake

Intuitive Chakra Coach, Vannasana


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